9/11 One Year Later

September 11, 2002

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS IT GOING TO TAKE to wake us up? Here are just a few things that the United States government has supported, instigated, and promoted, while White Americans have stood by and watched; not taking up arms, or even using their votes in their own defense:

  1. The dismantling of the demographic structure of our country. This has included:

  2. Affirmative Action, which is legal discrimination against the very people who created America. It is just like saying you don't have as much right to live in your own house as a stranger does. The fact is the stranger has no right to live in your house, and you have every right to live there, but Affirmative Action is saying just the opposite.

  3. Support of the nation of Israel, both financially and militarily, a nation that is racist, anti-diversity, routinely practices torture of its prisoners, and participates in terrorist tactics. The results of our country's support of Israel were seen one year ago today, in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon Building. (See Death of the Towers.) It has put our entire nation at risk, and created over 1 billion potential Arab enemies. We have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Arab lands, including women and children that our government dishonestly claims to be trying to free from "Islamic oppression." This puts us in a position of being guilty of murder, and at the same time, creating a reservoir of hate on the other end of our cruise missiles that may take centuries to defuse. All of this is as a result of our support of Israel, at the expense of our conscience, our honor, and our security as a nation.

  4. Support of attempts to overthrow our Bill of Rights. There is a continual pounding upon our rights as citizens of the USA. We have the right to bear arms, and the government is continually passing laws to limit that right, while doing everything that it can to avoid properly dealing with those who actually misuse arms. The criminal gets treated lightly, and put back on the street, and the law abiding citizen gets registered, and put under surveillance. The First Amendment is under extreme attack with the passing of "hate crime" laws, and with attempts to limit "hate speech." Of course as any thinking man knows, any speech that the government doesn't' t like, will become "hate speech" in time. If "hate speech" is not allowed, there is no freedom of speech, and the First Amendment is dead. The most obvious effect so far of the anti-free speech campaign has been to stifle any real discussion as to why the September 11 attacks came, and to discuss the only real solution to the threat of terror from the middle east: dropping our support of Israel. Telling the truth is stopped with cries of "anti-Semitism."

  5. The destruction of our homes and families, through the promotion of feminism. This has created an atmosphere where a new marriage will almost certainly fall into divorce and the children will be left in the extremely inferior position of living in a single parent home, or a step-parent home. This will have destructive multi-generational consequences that our descendants will have to dearly pay for.

Our nation has suffered nearly every ill effect, which any conquered nation has suffered in the past. Our people are being displaced, our women are raped at a rate of 20,000 per year by non-Whites,(1) and our ability to enjoy our own property and wealth that we as a people created, has been curtailed. We are becoming less and less influential in our own land, and our future is being taken from us and our children; and all by design of those who run our government at every level. The areas of our country where foreign languages have pushed English aside are growing rapidly, as our people have been repeatedly displaced from their homes and neighborhoods. Our national holidays, heroes, and music are being replaced by foreign holidays, heroes, and music. White Americans will be a minority in their own country in 40 years, and be effectively exterminated from the land within a century. What more damage could any armed invading horde do to us?

Just look at the areas of foreign occupation created in our land by our government policies. See the dark faces who are not happy to see your lighter face as you drive by. Hear the blaring music that did not originate with White musicians. Smell the different food aromas, that are not American. See the foreign language signs in the shop windows. Read about the high crime rates.

Then you are told to celebrate diversity!. Celebrate your own displacement. Celebrate the loss of your way of life. Celebrate the invasion of your space with the sound of stereos blasting hate of Whites with a driving bass accompaniment. Celebrate the fact that your children will not have a safe and sane White land to raise their children in. Celebrate the rape of your women, and the vandalism of your property. Celebrate the fact that larger and larger areas of the map are unavailable to you for safe travel or residence. Celebrate the end of your once great people as they fade from off the stage of this world.

I ask again, what is it going to take, to make White folks get off their television-fattened(2) rear ends, and do something to save the future of their children? What outrage will be sufficiently infuriating to make them say, This is enough. It stops here? If the displacement from their land, the elimination of their way of life, and the extermination of their race is not enough, what will be?


1. See Black Crime.

2.    Who Rules America?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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