Peace and War

IF YOU BREAK LOOSE FROM THE PROPAGANDA SWIRL that surrounds you, and you step back and look at what is happening in America today, you will be left with a very disquieting feeling about what you see. First of all you look down through all of history and you find that the nations that were homogeneous, were the ones least likely to have internal problems. The diverse nations, would find that in the nations surrounding them, there would be people who had common ethnic ties with one part of their society, and often would use those ties to create discontent and subvert the nation. With homogeneous nations that chink in the armor does not exist. The people within the nation will tend to have common goals and feel kinship with all of the other members of their own society. They will share a relatively longer common history, and they will hence, build a stronger unity between themselves.

You do not even have to go way back in history to find useful examples of this principle. Even today, if you look at the European nations, you will find that the ones that are over 91% homogeneous, have no civil wars, no guerilla wars, and no terrorists wars going on inside of their borders. (1) For those countries that are less than 91% homogeneous, about half of them are currently plagued with external wars, or internal terrorist wars, civil wars, guerrilla wars, or are occupied by the UN or some other foreign power. Other diverse nations are on the verge of one or more of these things breaking out.

Moving back to the United States, it would appear that we have been moving from the safe zone towards the extreme danger zone for the last 35 years. We have fallen from being 90% homogeneous to about 70% homogeneous. We have been growing two large minority segments of our society and are working on introducing a third. For a reality check, you should know that there are only two European nations that have made a similiar mistake, and one of them is fighting a civil war and the other is occupied by a foreign power.(2)

When diversity hits a country, the ripping and tearing forces are great, pulling the government this way and that, which is trying to avoid open conflict by attempting to keep everyone happy. Unfortunately, that is impossible and there are only two real possible solutions: 1) an iron fist from above, crushing all those who would struggle for their own rights; or 2) a civil war that will break the nation up into homogeneous pieces. This was known clear back in the days of the American Revolution. John Jay laid it out plainly. (3) Homogeneity is strength and diversity is death to any society. As you can see the iron fist "solution" is the destruction of our way of life, and our complete loss of freedom. The partioning "solution" is merely returning to our former homogeneous nation, only with smaller borders.

Since the destructive nature of diversity was known before we even started this "project" we are left with a very nagging question as to why it ever was started, and another question as to why the government and the media are still openly lying to us, claiming that diversity is wonderful and that it is one of our "strengths." (If diversity really were so wonderful, would they have to spend so much time telling us that it is?)

It is easy to see where the partioning "solution" will lead. We will have a smaller White nation, and one or more new Nonwhite nations will be born, upon a portion of the soil that now belongs to America. That means that White Americans will have had to give up a portion of their land, their birthright, in order to retain their way of life. There is no "up" side to that. It is a pure and simple fact that we have been robbed of a portion of our land for no reason other than to make some small number of people very rich in the process. Does that outrage you? It should!

The iron fist "solution" however, is not so easy to see the end of. It could flop around this way and that, until it finally comes to rest. Assuming that the powers that be wish to continue the lucrative rape of our nation, and I see no reason why they would want to stop now, the destruction will be complete. The third world will continue to pour into our country and the first world will continue to recede until White people will finally reach the point where they cannot run any farther. Take a very close look at Brazil today and that will give you a very good feel for what America in the 22nd century will be like. Small walled fortresses will protect small numbers of wealthy White folks, and the rest of the nation will be living in racial confusion and abject poverty. Is that what you want for your children's children?

It is clear that things are already bad. White parents are packing their little White kids up and sending them to schools where Black gangs are running around, selling drugs and mugging White kids. Their White kids are being taught that White folks are oppressive and European culture is inferior to other cultures all around the world. They are seeing their property vandalized and they are seeing their government ignore them completely, with the lone exception of demanding most of their paychecks, as "contributions."

If they are too young to remember, with just a bit of effort these same White folks could find out that before the enemy took over our land, White folks could live in nice safe White neighborhoods, without paying big prices for their housing. A man who was not even a high school graduate, could easily make enough money to support a wife, several children, AND pay for his house and a car. He could send his kids off to a White schools, with White teachers, where his kids were taught that White people were really okay, and Western Culture was the best thing available. See the difference? It would be obvious to even the most casual of observers.

Unfortunately, White folks today are not even casual observers. They are not watching at all. Oh yes, they fuss and they fume when something really outrageous and new comes along, but it is just a knee jerk reaction, barely discernable, like the twitch of a corpse. They do not understand. They are not looking. It is like one of those pictures with "hidden" pictures inside of it. If you look closely at the main picture you can see that the forest scene has little mermaids, horses and houses, creatively drawn to look like leaves and branches or clouds in the sky. However, in this particular case the "hidden" pictures are drawn in bold lines, with heavy shading and using a completely different color. But still White folks do not see them, because they are just not looking.

I am taken back to the contrast between the White nation of the 1950s and the third world infested nation of the 1990s both depicted in the movie Pleasantville.(4) What is it that allows that contrast to go on unchecked? How can White folks today sit and watch their land, their way of life, and their children's future all be taken out from under their very noses without rising up in arms?

We are not going to be able to pretend that all is well much longer. Our economy is teetering over the edge of a cliff of pretend products, and inflated dreams, while our productions factories are either closed or are closing. The few factories remaining are being filled up with third world workers. Can you imagine what would happen right now if we went into a 1930s type of depression, even with no more diversity than we have today? Think about it. Do you think all of these "instant Americans" are going to help you or your starving family out? Do you think that the crime level will remain constant during such a crisis this time, like it did in the 1930s, when White people were nearly the only ones here to go through it? You would be crazy to expect that. This country would fall into chaos and war. The Blacks and other minorities would see their free welfare checks dry up, and they would be angry about it. The Whites, who have been using credit all of these years as if it were as free as air, will be financially wiped out. Things would go from bad to worse. And the racial homogeneity that bred brotherly compassion for those in need back in the 30s will no longer be available. You will see an "every man for himself" mentality, and it is not going to be pretty.

And now you have that picture clear in your mind, remember that each year that goes by moves the gauge even farther away from a "full" White America to an "empty" one. Each year millions of Nonwhites enter our land, legally and illegally, and not enough Whites are being born to even replace the ones that are dying. In other words, the longer we have to wait for the crisis to come, the less will be our chances of a happy outcome. The powers that be are banking (pun intended) on the White folks just sitting tight, holding on to their little houses, cars and boats, while their national land is taken from them. Remember that is what happened to the Indians. They just sat and watched until it was hopeless. Then they decided to fight, but it was too late. They were overwhelmed.

Even though we cleverly invented all the significant technology you find around you, it appears that in the end, we are no brighter than the Indians were. If White folks do not wake up soon, that appearance will become undeniable fact.

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