We Fools

IT IS UNBELIEVABLE WHAT IS GOING ON! Yet our people sit idly by. Every day, every hour, and nearly every minute a White man sits in front of a television set that is showing a White woman, with a Black man. In the commercials, in the television shows, at the news anchor desks, anywhere and everywhere, it is continually happening. If you see a Black man in any of the media, you will never have to look far to find a blonde woman around him.

I have had a number of people tell me that once I had pointed this out to them, they are awakened and slapped in the face with it constantly. They see it on billboards, in magazines, in ads in the airport, anywhere there are photos of people being used for promotion of anything, there are blonde women, shown with, or very near Black men. And what do the idiot White men do who see this outrage? Do they throw a brick through their television screen? Do they write letters to the television stations? No way. They do not turn the set off, and they do not even change the channel. The death of their race is being promoted right in front of them and they do not even care.

This absurd behavior is perhaps the most amazing thing that I have ever been witness to. Here we have an entire population of White people who have been conditioned to think that it is moral to sit still for extermination. They actually believe that living together only with their own people is somehow less ethical, less caring, and less feeling than is the alternative.

And what is the alternative? Take a walk on any given day, or even more instructive, on any given night, in one of these "better" neighborhoods. Find out what it is that is in store for your grandchildren and their grandchildren, if we continue this lunacy. Go and see the hate bubbling against White people. Go and see the crime, the filth and the misery in the areas of our country where the White folks have been driven out by our conquerors. Is that really what you want for your descendants? Do you really want them to live in Brazil, rather than the United States? Do you think that throwing your children into such a land of chaos and misery, is ethical? Do you really think it is caring? Do you even think it is sane?

We have a long history behind us of what chaos is like. Most of humanity's time on this planet was used in just crawling out of the jungle, and finally learning how to write its name. It is a walk into insanity to let all that effort simply evaporate in a puff of smoke, caused by the Leftist propaganda. What city, town or neighborhood can you think of that has been restored to it previous calm, cleanliness or even educational level, once it has been given up to diversity? Look far and wide and you will see that once something becomes racially diverse in America, it is permanently changed. It becomes alien. The music, the dress, the standards, the language, and every tiny aspect of that area is no longer a place where Americans like George Washington, or Benjamin Franklin would feel a part of it.

We are absurdly told that all these non-White immigrants love America, and they are just wishing for an opportunity to join in the pursuit of the American dream. Is no lie too outrageous for these people to tell in support of their demented plan? Look at these non-White immigrants. What are they striving for? They are working hard to get their language accepted in place of English. They are striving to promote their culture, under the guise of multiculturalism, over the American culture. When we reach the final analysis, there will be only one culture allowed in any given area of the land. Either it will be White American culture or it will not be. Wherever there are non-White immigrants in abundance, you will see that it is not American culture that rules. Look at the signs in the store windows as they speak to you in Spanish, or an Indian language like Hindi. Ah, but wait. It is not you to whom they are speaking. Do you see? It is not you whom they wish to speak to. They do not care about you. They do not care about your children. They do not care about your history or your culture.

Then why do they come to America? Well, let me see. They were earning a few hundred dollars per year where they were living before, and they are making more than that in a week here. There is no surprise to be found in the fact that people, who could not care less about America, would come here in a hurry. White Americans built up an extremely high standard of living, and created a tremendous amount of wealth. That wealth, which belongs to the White Americans who created it, and to their rightful heirs, their White children, is of course coveted by those from other lands, just like the poor folks living on the poor side of town covet the wealth of the rich folks living on the hill.

The two situations are quite similar really. If a man has "made it rich" we have a number of government institutions that assist him in retaining what he as earned. If someone decides he wants to steal what the rich man has, we have a police force to either stop him in his efforts, or to track him down and punish him if he is not stopped beforehand. No real American would begrudge anyone his justly acquired personal wealth. If you hit the lottery, everyone applauds your luck, and wishes you a happy life.

When we were invaded in the 1960s, it suddenly became the accepted "wisdom" that somehow earned wealth was no longer something that could be, or should be protected. The Marxist (and therefore un-American) idea that wealth only belonged to the masses, and never to an individual, was promoted evermore strongly. And then a mutant variation of that lie, began to surface and infest the land. America no longer belonged to the White folks that built her! No, now America belonged to everyone, and that included those who did not live in America, had nothing to do with building her, and had no love at all for the European ideas that provide the very foundation of American law and society. According to this myth, those who wanted to come to America to drain the wealth, but who continued to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, are just as good Americans as those whose ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War.

Of course as you draw near to the source of these ideas you can smell the hatred, provided by the scoundrels promoting them, a mile off. They hate traditional America. They hate the idea that the White man, and yes any honest historian will tell you that it was the White man who, conquered the Indians and took this land from them. They hate the fact that the White man was so strong in his belief that his race was exceptional in building civilizations, that he proved it by making America a super power. The whole package of events where the White man took charge and created a marvelous White society, makes these enemies of our country absolutely livid. They spew hot rage and vitriol at anyone who is brash enough to stand up and say, "My White ancestors were right in what they did! I am proud of those brave White men and those wonderful White women who took a nearly unpopulated land, brushed aside the savages who stood in their way, and erected a civilized, and marvelous White nation upon that land."

You can smell the smoke generated by their rage whenever the topic of White America is raised. You can now safely substitute the word "hate" for the phrase "White America," without fear of being misunderstood. How did this come to be? Our Leftist Overlords, who have foisted the phrase "Judeo-Christian" upon us, along with providing complete immersion of the public mind into the murky world of mind control and White self-loathing, generate a never-ending stream of filth and lies for our "viewing pleasure" and our "reading pleasure." They have defined "Current Events" as those events that they deem worthy of our interest, while defining everything else as either the "lunatic fringe" or, if it comes too close to home, "hate."

All the while, as they have vilified our White ancestors, opened our borders to continuous invasion, destroyed our school system by turning it into an indoctrination camp for Leftist ideas, they promote, with hideous and deplorable effectiveness, the idea that White America was designed to be raped, pillaged, enslaved and exterminated. Today, many Whites actually believe that America being destroyed by this invasion is a good thing, and exactly what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they created this land. Of course they did not come this "awareness" through studying what the Founding Fathers actually said. (See a John Jay Jewel and Eternal Vigilance.) They listen to their anchorman tell them this fable, after they have had years of their teachers lying to them about it.

The Media Overlords are patient, working for centuries, not just the moment. They long ago became aware that the rudder of any democracy is the media, and have long since taken total control of that tool. (See Who Rules America.) They have been thorough in their work and if it had not been for the Internet, springing open an unexpected and unfettered channel of communication, thousands of people who today realize what is happening, would have gone to their grave completely ignorant of what these evil men have done to our society. Of course they are scrambling like energized demons, creating "filtering" software, and trying to create "hate speech" laws that will close this wide open door soon, but there are many people today who are already aware, and who are angry at what has been done to America.

If you are one of those people, do not be silent. If you are confused as to what your next step is I would recommend that you read Activism and You, The Plan, and What Can I Do? Join an organization like National Vanguard, Northwest Front, EURO: European American Unity and Rights Organization or Stormfront. The one thing that you cannot do, if you are a honorable man, is to sit back and watch, thinking that there is nothing to be done. There is plenty to be done, and not enough motivated people to do it. If we are going to throw off our taskmasters before it is too late, we have to get moving now.

Every time you see a poster, a television commercial, a movie or program, a magazine article or ad, or a billboard, where they are showing our women with non-White men, or our men with non-White women, it should be like a cattle prod, jolting you with thousands of volts, moving you off your behind, and into action. Speak out. Write letters, and never, ever sit still for "entertainment" that is promoting the destruction of your race and your way of life. A man will stand up for what he believes in, and he will stand up for his people. The time for watching, whining, and wringing our hands is over. It time to get things moving towards Restoration.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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