If you Hate Racism

This one's for you!

December 12, 2003

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY IT IS that racism is considered such a bad thing? Why are hate crimes worse than other crimes? What is it that makes the desire to keep the races separate, hate?

Whenever you think about it (you know, think -- instead of just letting the gut emotions that were brainwashed into shape for you by the media, and other forms of propaganda programming that you have been exposed to so many times in your life) you have to be amazed. Racial crime by White people against non-White people is not even a blip on the radar screen of crimes committed each year. It poses very little threat to anyone. Non-White crimes against Whites are far more common.(1)

It is more than passing strange that we have special laws enacted by our masters that hold it to be a more serious crime, no matter what it is, if it is committed because of racial hatred, and if, and only if, it is committed by a White. Such crime is considered to be more serious (and is punished far more severely) than any other crime, committed for any other reason. Even more shocking is that it is considered far more serious than the very same crime, committed for the very same race-based motives, if the other crime was committed by a non-White, against a White. Decades have been added to a single sentence(2) just because a White man did what was done, and he did it to a non-White. When non-Whites do the very same thing, for the very same reason, the extra punishment is not to be found. Very strange indeed.

When you consider that far more crimes are committed because of drugs, than because of race, you might think that drug-crime laws might be enacted, where if you commit a crime either because of, or under the influence of a drug, the penalty would be far higher than for any other crime, including "hate" crime. Since drug crime is far more common, and it therefore poses a far greater risk to all of us, why do we not have an all-out media blitz in favor of stomping out druggies instead of all racists? Please note the difference in the amount of negative media attention that the average Black athlete receives for drug crimes, or even rape and assault, compared with what happens to any sports figure (such as John Rocker(3)) or sportscaster(4) (like Jimmy the Greek, or Rush Limbaugh) who even brushes up against a mere statement about race. Note I did not say someone who commits a crime because of race. I am speaking of someone who even mentions race in a non-Politically Correct manner. Shake out the cobwebs from between your ears buddy, because that is the kind of land you are living in today, and it's your fault!

The reason is that hate crime legislation is not in place in order to protect legitimate White Americans, or even the interloping non-White "Americans." It is instead put in place to further the political agenda of the small oligarchy(5) that runs our country these days. That oligarchy views the old style USA -- where the cities were White, and the rural lands were White and what few non-Whites there were kept to themselves -- as being a threat to its power. A homogenous America stood as a threat to the members of that oligarchy. They knew that one day our White nation was going to get fed up with being manipulated, and it would take charge of its own destiny. When that happened, these alien rulers would be run out of the country, as they have been by every other country in which they have lived as parasites.

The only reason that hate crime is treated if it were actually worse than drug crime is because what is labeled as being hate crime might lead non-Whites to feel uncomfortable in America, and they might leave. That might allow the White nation of America to be reestablished. That would be unforgivable to those who are in charge, and who hate White folks. They have all their eggs in the basket that says White America is dead.

Of course you have to remember that these parasites don't care a lick for the non-Whites either. They just use the non-Whites to weaken America. They grease the path for the non-Whites to enter the country and breed like flies. They hand out free benefits to all non-White aliens, generously paid for by the tax dollars of the White Americans who are too brainwashed and groggy to even see what is happening. (That would be you.) All that money pays for education, medical, and even paychecks to people who have no more right to be here than a Martian would. Of course all the non-Whites out there who live in poor non-White countries are drawn to that free loot, like a moth is drawn to an electric light.

Hey you, the one who is so busy crying about how bad racism is, take a look dummy. The borders are wide open, and the welcome mat has been laid down, and your home is under full-scale invasion. It is just a matter of time before you and your children are going to be asked to leave, because this land will then belong to the squatters who know better than you do how to protect their own property.


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