The GI's Dream

I RECEIVED THE FOLLOWING EMAIL FROM LINDA and I thought you should see it.

My dad, born in 1913 (deceased 1981) fought against Hitler in WWII. He was drafted at age 28, married my mother, and was immediately shipped off to Europe where he served for 4 years without respite. Then he came back, a withdrawn and silent man who went to work, came home and retreated into his bedroom every evening with a drink. He spent hours sitting in his armchair, staring into space. We quit asking him to "Tell us about the war, Daddy," because he never would. (At his funeral we learned for the first time that he had done underwater mine demolitions off the coast of France.) His four children grew up to hate him, and all of us became liberals, rejecting everything he stood for, like so many of the post-war "Baby Boomer" generation. Now, years after his death, I have finally returned to embrace my heritage without shame or apology, and have come to understand the monstrous deceit inflicted upon my father, our family and our once beautiful white, gentile nation.

This is the way America was when my dad, along with 15 million mostly all-white American servicemen, went to fight against the Nazis, incurring the loss of 405,399 dead and 671,278 injured:

a.. whites-only immigration policy
b.. whites-only naturalization policy
c.. whites and American-born blacks only were legally permitted to vote, while literacy requirements and discrimination effectively prevented most blacks from voting (Africans in Africa also could not vote)
d.. native-born American Chinese, Hispanics, or other non-whites were not allowed to vote (Chinese in China and Hispanics living in many Latin American nations couldn't vote either; neither could Mexican women in Mexico until 1953)
e.. segregated schools
f.. intermarriage forbidden by law
g.. whites-only residential zoning
h.. segregated military, transportation, hotels, restaurants, bathrooms, water fountains, etc.
i.. non-whites were not allowed to be policemen
j.. prayer was required in school
k.. we publicity professed to be a Christian nation
l.. anti-Semitism was forthright and socially acceptable
m.. President Gen. Eisenhower, our famous Nazi-fighter, was the same man who later authorized the army to implement "Operation Wetback" in 1954 which rounded up Mexicans and drove them back into Mexico

Today anyone who would dare suggest a return to these "draconian" policies would be called a Nazi. The question arises: if the America which practiced those policies was no different from the Nazis they were fighting against, then why the hell did we fight against them? Why were we trying to destroy people who were essentially like ourselves? In retrospect, it seems like we made a fatal mistake in destroying our own kind in order to save a wholly alien people who, in gratitude to their foolish Gentile saviors, are now doing to us what they did to the Germans.


So many of our warriors came back from World War II(1) with similar problems. The question must be asked, "Why?" Why did the men of America go over to Europe and kill their White brothers from Germany? Why did we help Soviet Russia in taking over so much of Europe? We stand in moral debt from that action. We are responsible for the millions of people who were murdered by the Soviets, and for all the misery that Stalin was to inflict upon Eastern Europe. Thanks to us, millions of Germans died AFTER THE WAR WAS OVER, and millions of German women were raped by the Soviets.

As you so correctly pointed out, it was a monstrous deceit that was forced upon the Americans, which was able to motivate them into the terrible mistake of destroying Germany. When we think back to what started it all, the invasion of Poland by Germany, it really seems quite insane. Especially when we consider that Russia invaded the same Poland, the same year, and we accepted them as our allies.

When you look at the Nazi goals, very few Americans would have been put off by the vast majority of them. In fact, for the most part the average American would have agreed with what the Nazis believed. The methods the Nazis used were necessarily drastic, and that is where most disagreement would have been found. But the methods were certainly no worse than those used by our "ally" Joseph Stalin, and what the communist believed, ran completely contrary to what the US citizen believed. Yet our American troops were deceived into believing that they were fighting for their own freedom, and the freedom of their families, even though Germany never threatened America. Instead, what has happened is that all that those brave American men held dear, and believed to be true, has been obliterated, and that which they hated and completely disagreed with has been forced upon their children and their children's children.

In going down your list of items is it important to note that our Founding fathers were unanimously agreed on their support for these items. This list of items is at least as American as apple pie. When I hear someone like John Rocker being lambasted for asking where all of the foreigners in New York City came from, what I hear is George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other great men of our past being held up to ridicule. If it is wrong to want a White America, then America is itself wrong for even existing. And you can bet those who are promoting the idea that diversity is wonderful, know full well that diversity is as un-American as it gets!

A whites-only immigration policy. Up until 1965 our government took an active role in maintaining the White racial make up of our nation. The only large scale immigration of Nonwhites was in the form of slaves, prior to the War Between the States. Those slaves were not citizens and were never viewed as being potential citizens, by any president of the US, up to and including Abraham Lincoln. America was White, and that was always considered to be a permanent situation by the American people. Even those opposed to slavery were also opposed to diversity and integration.

At the time of the Second World War, the prohibitive majority of Americans agreed with the policy of only allowing in immigrants that would enhance the nation, and part of that criteria included someone who would fit in with the racial make up of America that was already here. Or in other words, they had to be White. This was not hate, and it was not evil. It was a pure fact of life, known to any thinking individual, that diversity is disruptive and will attack a healthy society like a crippling disease. It is not just White society that this is true of. All societies are healthier if they are homogenous in racial makeup. To import large numbers of Blacks, or even Whites, into an Asian society, will cause that society to become sick. It will lose its natural resilience and will fall into a constant fight among its inhabitants. Those who lived in America understood this very well.

Today, we have a society that pretends that the facts of life do not exist and by wishing for something will make it so. Today we are trying to mix hay, iron and glass in a mixing bowl and hoping that it will all stick together well enough to form a strong foundation for a nation. Even a child knows that this is not possible, just as it was a child who proclaimed, "The emporor has no clothes!" We need more people today who will look past the constant lies being put out by the media, and see the clear reality before their eyes, just like that child did in that old story.

A Whites-only naturalization policy. This goes hand in hand with immigration, but it is even more important. You may temporarily tolerate an immigrant that does not fit in with the racial makeup of your society, for some service that they can supply, as long as they leave. Then no permanent harm is done, and no change is made to the demographics of your nation. However, if you naturalize such a person, you have created a permanent change to your society. Their children are going to fight against your children for a piece of the pie. Once you open the door to having Nonwhite citizens of this nation, you have then made it difficult to draw the line at including more of them. You have started down the slippery slope, which one day may mean the end to your people.

This is a simple and straightforward rule that will protect so much for our nation. If you do not create any Nonwhite citizens, you will never have a serious racial problem in your land. If you do not import Nonwhites, and you do not naturalize Nonwhites, you will maintain your White land with no anger, no fighting and no wars. How easy that is when compared with what we are now facing in order to return our nation to the state it was in prior to 1965. Those who supported the changes to our policy are the worst traitors that this nation has ever had!

Only Whites and American-born blacks were legally permitted to vote. One thing that was certain in the 1940s, when our men went off to kill the Germans, there were no politicians who were pandering to Nonwhite voters. Race was not a serious issue in any campaigns. The politicians running for office had to deal with the issues that were facing the White society in general, and maybe the local needs of a particular area of the country, but a candidate for a city, county, state or federal office had only to concern himself with the wants of his area. That might mean that he had farmers who wanted something different than the city dwellers from the next county over. But areas were made up of similar people, who were mostly pulling together for their local interests.

Today it is quite different. You see the national parties parading one minority after another across the stages of their conventions, trying to show how much they care about minorities, all the while making sure that they make no public statement as to having any sort of desire to meet the needs of their White constituents. Today all that is at least outwardly important are the minorities. If only White folks and the small percentage of Black folks who were born here could vote, there would be none of this avoiding White issues for the sake of promoting the issues of Nonwhites. That is the way it was in the 1940s and our soldiers agreed with that point of view.

Literacy requirements disqualified most blacks from voting. This basic concept of having some requirement to establish eligibility to vote is essential to having a workable democracy. If the illiterate, unthinking Black or White, is given the same voice in how things are going to be run, anything that is voted on, which is complex at all, will be crushed by ignorance. Voting is the only method short of revolt for controlling the government. Is it too much to ask that those who are going to cast a ballot, be at least able to read what it is they are voting for?

If most Blacks are unable to read, then those who want Blacks to vote so badly should work towards educating Blacks rather than forcing America to lower its standards. In every area where you see the effects of the Leftist onslaught in this country, the lowering of standards has always been the result! For example, in the military, where women are being forced in, the physical standards have continually been forced lower. Standards, are required for excellence, and the Leftists are firmly set against any possibility of excellence occurring in our society. Each year that we continue to allow them to have control of our nation, we see them dismantle more standards, and lower the level of every aspect of life that they have influence over.

One thing that Germany was never accused of was lowering standards or of avoiding excellence. They stood at the top of the world in those areas when the war broke out. We also valued excellence, and strove to produce it in our society. Yet we crushed the Germans, gave half of their country to our mortal enemies, and established the Leftist monster as our lord and master. Today, America is far more at odds with what our fighting man of the 1940s valued, than 1942 America was at odds with what the Nazis believed!

No native-born American Chinese, Hispanics, or other non-whites were allowed to vote. Once again this reinforces the idea of having a White nation, run by Whites and in order to make America a better place for Whites to live. While America was a tolerant land for other races in small numbers, it was clearly a White land, and real Americans were White. There was no place for any other race to have a say in how our nation was run, since they were not a real part of our nation. If you had taken a survey of the American fighting man in the 1940s you would have found that they felt exactly this way.

Segregated schools. This is a critical point. If you do not have the right, the unassailable, the guaranteed right, to control who your child will associate with, then you have no rights at all. If you cannot control what sort of ideals and ethics are being passed on to your child you are no longer free. The simple, easy to understand, and even easier to defend, idea of having your children being educated along side only others of the same race, is so basic to American thought, that it would have gone unchallenged by any of the fighting men of the Second World War. And the men on the other side that we were exchanging bullets with, felt exactly the same way!

As we have given up this basic right to control our own schools, we have seen the educational level of our children fall year after year. The man who only had an 8th grade education in 1940 was better educated than the high school graduate is today. Once again, the Germans had a high regard for education and they produced excellent results from their schools. America and Germany were far closer in goals and ideals than most people want to realize.

Intermarriage forbidden by law What could be more abusive to a child than to make a mixed-race confusion of him? He is not Black and he is not White. He can not grasp with gusto either heritage of either race, because he belongs to no race or people. His children will be confused as well, no matter who he marries. If for no other reason than this alone it should make folks understand that a law against doing that is sound, and fair. It is intelligent, and it prevents child abuse of this nature.

I remember reading a quote by Muhammad Ali one time where he expressed his disgust at mixed race marriages. He said, "Who wants to have red headed kinky-haired children?" It only makes sense to not sanction such unions through the legal system. Mixed race marriages are inherently harmful, and therefore deserve to be banned.

The American soldiers, fighting on our side in the war, understood this and agreed with it. It was the American view of things. The vast majority of American fighting men were fighting to defend this idea along with the other ideas on this list!

Whites-only residential zoning. Here is direct quote from a "covenant" of a nice American community's housing association of the period:

No persons except persons who shall be of the Caucasian race shall be allowed to use or occupy said property, or any part thereof, except in the capacity of domestic servants, chauffeurs, or employees of the occupants thereof.(2)

There was nothing un-American about this approach to creating communities. And if you research such communities, you will find that their crime rate is universally low, wherever such a community exists, when compared with any integrated community in this, or any other country. Most Americans who went to fight against Germany agreed with the right of a community to have an all-White clause in their housing association covenants.

The insidious and underhanded tactic of forced integration, has destroyed many of our communities all across the nation. In fact many new communities have been created by Whites trying to get away from the evil inflicted upon them by the supreme court, and congress. Our fighting men in the Second World War were not fighting in order to have their families driven from their homes by an invasion of members of other races.

Having a segregated military, transportation, hotels, restaurants, bathrooms, etc. Whites expected certain things in their society. It was what made living so wonderful in the USA, and that was much of the motivation for the GI in going to war, to protect those things. While he was fighting, he wanted to do that fighting, along with his dying, with those of his own race. It was natural and American to feel that way.

He expected for himself, and for his family, that public transportation should be safe, clean, quiet, and free from disreputable types of people. When John Rocker commented upon all the disgusting types of people in the New York subway cars, he was expressing the same basic feelings that the American soldier had in the Second World War. It is indicative of how far we have come away from what those men gave their lives for that John Rocker was so badly beaten in the press, for stating his American views.

Have you ever taken a multiracial train in New York, or bus ride in Los Angeles? Our GI's did not fight for that, and anyone who lived through, or studied that period of our history would realize it. White American fighting men, were fighting for a White America, where they could go to hotels, restaurants, bathrooms and live their lives entirely with White people. They realized what would happen to these things if Blacks were allowed to use them.

Things that were completely alien to 1942 American life, are now commonplace, because we ended these restrictions. You did not see much graffiti in 1942. In fact litter, vandalism and other uncivilized behavior was almost non-existent by comparison with today. And even in the year 2000, if you live in a nearly all-White neighborhood, you still see little of these disgusting activities. But, as minorities move in, there is a steady increase of graffiti and crime, that matches the increase in "color" in the community.

Policemen were White. No White soldier of the 1940s wanted his wife and children, or even himself, put under the power of Blacks, especially the life and death power of a policeman. He wanted his family protected by White policemen who came from his White neighborhood, and would be sympathetic to his families needs and wants. Today we often hear of Blacks complaining that they do not like White cops, because Whites are not sympathetic to their needs. If that is true, then Black cops are unacceptable for a White society.

You will find no clearer example of the danger involved with a Black police force, than what you see in South Africa today. White men are killed and White woman are raped, and the police do not come to save them, and they do not prosecute the criminals who commit the crimes. Instead of learning the lesson of South Africa, our people are ignoring it.

Prayer was required in school. Schools reflected the wants of the White community. The vast majority of Americans were Christians and they wanted their kids to be raised as Christians, and only sent to institutions that promoted Christian values. The average American soldier in the Second World War was fighting for that right as much as any other.

There is no basic right that is more fundamental than to be able to raise your children the way you see fit. You have the right to train your children up with your values and your ethics. It is a gross infringement upon your rights as a parent to have a school system teach your children a different set of ethics than the one you have yourself. In the 1940s, parents sent their kids to school expecting those kids to be trained in solid Christian ethics: honesty, integrity, hard work, earned esteem, and yes, faith. Whether today you personally are a Christian or not, America was a Christian nation when it went to war against the Christian Germans, and taking as allies the anti-Christian Soviets.

America publicity professed to be a Christian nation. Even in the military, Christianity was very much evident. I remember a song I heard as a child, called, "The Deck of Cards" where a soldier was called before his commanding officer for showing disrespect during a church service. The American soldier took religion very seriously, and America was proud to call itself a Christian nation. Many official agencies had admitted this fact, including the supreme court.

Anti-Semitism was forth-right and socially acceptable There were a lot of soldiers who fought on the American side who were anti-Semitic. There was never heard the phrase "Judeo-Christian." Most Christians felt that Jews were going to hell, and even the non-Christians knew that the Jews were a people apart, with an allegiance that was not to the USA first and foremost. Clearly, if you did not like Jews, you could openly and freely express that feeling without fear of reprisal. The American soldier was not fighting for a Judeo-Christian America, and he was not fighting for Israel, or intentionally for the Jews in way.

President Eisenhower authorized the army to implement "Operation Wetback." Even well into the 1950s Americans still treasured their White America, with its world class White schools, its crime free White neighborhoods. It was clear to them even then that the invasion of Mexicans from the south would disrupt and ultimately destroy the society we had created. It was not until later that the Leftist overthrow of our White nation took place.

It was an after effect of the war, and the war propaganda, that made the changes in our country, that the American soldier of 1942 would have been disgusted by. They put their lives on the line for their White America, only to have it taken from their children. They fought for their religion, only to have it displaced by others. They fought for their White communities, including the schools, hotels, transpiration, and government services, and over the years, the ex-soldiers who still are alive have watched all of those things crumble and die. The ones who died in battle, and did not see what happened, may have been the lucky ones. They at least held the dream in their breasts of a great White America, marching on into the future for hundreds or thousands of years.

As Linda has pointed out, you will see that anyone who now promotes any of these things, that our men gave their lives for, will be strongly attacked by Jewish organizations, like the ADL. They will be called, "Nazis." What these anti-White organizations and people are trying to do, is to make the deaths of the WW II soldiers, soldiers who died in order to crush the Nazis, cease to have any meaning at all. Those men died, fighting the Nazis, but through the lying Leftist's efforts, now what they believed in and fought for, falls under the definition of "Nazism."

We have been conquered and our society is being dismantled. We sent our fighting men out to destroy Germany, and have ignored the enemy within our own borders.(3) Our White nation is fast evaporating, and any who are bold enough to point it out are attacked unmercifully. To anyone who has been effectively exposed to the massive propaganda campaign in our nation, just reading down the list of things that Americans took for granted in 1942, will bring feelings of shock and loathing. Yet, it is not a thought-out reaction. It did not come from reasoning, but from programming. Our forefathers built a White nation on purpose. They knew that a homogenous people were a strong people.(4) That is not evil and it is not hate. It is plain and simple common sense.

It is also what Linda's father, and my father, and millions other fathers thought they were fighting for, as well as the hundreds of thousands of other men who died, never getting the chance to become fathers, thought they were fighting for. I am deeply sickened by what we have done with their bravery and their sacrifices. We have allowed the efforts of all those who have died in our past wars to come to nothing, as we have sat calmly by and watched our White nation be stripped of its rights, and its existence. Just think about our brave warriors of the past looking down on us, as America fades in to the death of diversity. Don't we owe them something?

1. See World War Two - Chapter 54 of March of the Titans.
2. I wrote on this topic at length in The Leftist and the 1950s.
3. See Who Rules America?
4. See A John Jay Jewel.

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