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October 27, 2010

When you have a free press, you will find published material that you completely agree with, material that you totally disagree with, and everything in between. Freedom allows you to express views that are not popular, and to do so freely. Americans no longer understand this simple fact.

Long before I created this web page I realized that there was no such thing as a free press in America. I could easily find large amounts of material being put out in the mass media of all types that I completely disagreed with—TV, including evening news, documentaries, entertainment programming, talk shows, etc.; Newspapers, including stories covered, opinion pieces, editorials, etc.; books, including both fiction and non-fiction; magazines of all kinds, etc.—but the traditional American view, was being completely suppressed!

In 1997, I found that the Internet was the only place left that was truly free. Traditional American views on many topics, including the topic of feminism, were banned in all the mass media outlets. How could this be? Banning any topic completely is a problem, but banning the traditional American view is so outrageous, that it should shock and anger any American.

I realized at the time that, as a simple point of logic, while you could not expect everyone to agree with the traditional view of things, there was no possible way that suddenly all Americans had thrown out their own history, traditions, and way of life willingly. Something else was at work!

This should give us pause. It takes a force of incredible magnitude to block the opinion of the majority from free expression in the most powerful "democratic" country on earth! That formidable enemy is going to have to be faced and beaten, if we are going to make positive change. (With the insane use of the word "change" in politics today, one must identify the direction of change that is desired, because you can be sure that when a politician says he is going to provide "change," it is invariably destructive change that he has in mind.)

I had a glimmering idea of the problem in my mind in 1997, but it took years before I fully understood how bad it really is, and how strong the enemy is that enforces PC thought orthodoxy upon us all, which stops you and I from discussing our own views openly on feminism and many other topics.

A dozen and one years ago, I did see that the media was totally in support of the deadly feminist doctrine, and there wasn't a single effective voice speaking out against it. Even Rush Limbaugh, with all his bluster and use of the term "Feminazi," supports all the major tenants of the feminist movement. He verbally opposes abortion, while supporting the real cause of most of those abortions: feminist ideals.

So, I set out to create a place where someone could come and see that, while the media controlled the printing presses and airwaves, they did not control the minds of all Americans; there are those who are willing to think for themselves. And, if one man could speak out, my hope was that so would others!

Let's look at what it is that I have been speaking out about. Why is your view on feminism important to you, your family, and your country?

The Results Of Embracing Feminism Have Been Pouring In

The media monopoly has done its dirty work well, and, as bad as things looked in 1997, things are far worse today.

What is marriage? Marriage is the joining together of a man and woman until death parts them. That is the traditional view of marriage. But today it has been watered down into a game of playing house until the players get tired of the game. The traditional view is seen as being old fashioned and unworkable.

What really is the point of marriage? Even if you accept the traditional view of what marriage is, it still doesn't explain why.

Is it just to make you happy? We have come to put a lot of stock in the idea of happiness. Parents say, "I don't care what my child does when he grows up, as long as he is happy." Taken literally, that view means that their child can grow up and rob banks, and if he enjoys his work, and is happy at it, they are satisfied with that. Clearly this is absurd. Happiness is important, but it is not everything! There has to be more to marriage than that.

There are standards that lie outside of yourself that are more important, yes even more important than happiness. While marriage can, and should, bring a lot of happiness, you get married primarily to create an environment where you can produce and rear children effectively. Now, if you can't have children, of course the other aspects of marriage have to take over for you, but generally, children are the real point of marriage.

It is children who need their real mom and dad to be together as they grow up. They need both kinds of love the entire way as they pass through the stages of childhood, right up into becoming an adult. The protection and softness of a mother cannot be replaced by a father. The strong fatherly adherence to standards and rules of life cannot be replaced by a mother. The father's love is tempered by the mother's, and the mother's by the father's. The blend is something that neither can supply alone.

Common sense tells us that children are the single most important thing that any society produces! Remember, your society will not exist in just a few decades, if you don't produce children to carry that society on, and pass our culture on to them. Therefore, marriage has to be the most important goal for all people in the society, but, thanks to feminism, we have forgotten this. Our children are paying a terrible price for our misguided path, and that cost is being handed down to the entire society as the years go by.

So, What Are We Doing Instead of Marriage?

High schools have been the traditional dating grounds for Americans, where future marriages were shaped. Girls and guys of earlier generations often got married right out of high school. But what is going on today?

It isn't like girls have forgotten about boys in high school. Their clothes are skimpy and scream "sex" and "come take me now!" And, who paid for those clothes the girls are wearing? Who said it was okay to leave the house dressed like that? You know who, and we will return to them a bit later, because they are where the problem begins.

Girls no longer spend their younger days dreaming of becoming wives and mothers. Barbie, symbolizing the single life, is the preferred doll, rather than a baby doll, symbolizing motherhood. Everyone from parents to teachers, and even preachers, are pushing girls to "wait for marriage," while they go to college and start their careers.

However, even though they are not looking for a husband "until later," girls still go on unsupervised dates, simply because it is fun. Dating has become an end in itself, and thanks to the media propaganda, sex and dating are almost interchangeable words today. Girls are programmed to think that sex is the entire point of dating. Sex is fun; it is expected, and everyone does it. So, it is all okay.

Worse, parents almost universally expect their kids to be having sex, not only before marriage, but with no intention of marrying their partners at all.

One of the side effects of this is that around 90% of all kids today are not being raised by both their own mother and father living together. If you realize that kids need that traditional arrangement, like plants need good soil and water, you must see that a disaster is in the making, the size of which has never been seen before by mankind.

Vampires and Marriage

Marriage is viewed as a guaranteed failure by many young people today, even before entering into it. The media constantly beats that drum, and kids growing up are told over and over again that marriage is risky at best. Of course the ones who are telling them that are the primary reason why it actually is risky today. It is in fact, the priorities that children learn while growing up that set the standards by which they live, and it is these that make marriage easy, difficult, or impossible.

Here is an example of the poison that is being pumped into kids minds these days in movies: the 2010 movie entitled Twilight Eclipse. It would be truly ludicrous, if it were not so serious. The lead character is a confused girl who is in love with two guys, one who is a vampire, and the other a werewolf. Hey, this is "real life" okay? She loves the vampire more than the wolfman, but continues to lead the werewolf on, just because she can, and it lets her use him to get things she wants. This itself is a really sick message to send out to the young girls entangled in this series of movies and books. But there is more, and worse.

Aside from the silly mythical side of this story, and the fickle way she is treating the "men" in her life, a point was driven home in one scene where this girl—a girl mind you, who had already made the decision that she wanted to become a vampire, in order to spend eternity with her vampire lover—was struggling with the dilemma of whether or not she should marry the vampire, who set that as a condition of the deal to turn her into a bloodsucker.

Now understand, this girl is all excited to give up her humanity and become a vampire for this guy. She wants to spend forever with him. But she doesn't want to marry him. Why? Because "too many marriages end in failure." You would have to think that this was real life, because surely nothing this stupid could be passed off as fiction; it's that absurd: Become a vampire yes…get married no—because it's "too risky."

This is what is being pumped into the minds of girls and boys being raised today by the feminist media. Is it any wonder that these girls are wandering around without a clue?

Parents Are The Worst Offenders

I already referred to them above when I asked who it was that was dressing the girls for school, but we need to focus more closely upon the parents of today. Sadly, they are greasing the path of failure for their children's marriages, on purpose! They teach their children that feminist ideals are correct: career women are better and happier women. Right from the womb, they expose their kids to a constant stream of feminist propaganda from TV, books, magazines, and computer games. And then send these kids off to the care and feeding provided by a school system that does all that it can to destroy marriage as a goal for the kids. Parents deprecate marriage in the eyes of their children by word and often by their own example.

Think about this for a moment. These are the same mothers who once agonized over what to feed their babies when they were born. They bought books to learn how to not make a mistake in caring for the precious lives that had been placed into their hands. They worried and fretted over the smallest detail of infant rearing, and then, they turned around and put them in front of a TV set, and ruined the brain that is the most important part of that child. They personally pushed the poison propaganda into their babies' minds, and when the kids were old enough, they hired professional mind poisoners for the classrooms, where those teachers will continue the process for them, doing an even better job of it than they could have done for themselves.

These are the same parents who dress their little girls like street walkers because all the other parents are doing it. These are the same parents who send their boys to school dressed like pimps and ghetto rat gangsters because all the other parents are doing it. Parents today have no standards of their own. None. If the other parents are doing it, it is okay. As a child, when I tried to use what other kids did for justification of my own actions, my folks had a reply, which I must pass on to these parents, with a slight change in wording, "If the other parents were jumping off a cliff, would you do it too?"

The Net Results

Now we have suffered under the yoke of the feminist taskmasters for 5 decades, giving time for a couple of generations to grow up, what have been the results of embracing this venomous way of life?

The result that most clearly jumps out at us is the utter destruction of the institution of marriage. Kids age, without growing up, and live with mommy and daddy until they are 40. Girls start having illegitimate babies, expecting their mommies and daddies to raise both themselves and their offspring. Marriages are happening later and later in life and still they fail far more often than they succeed.

Since the number one point of marriage is to produce the next generation, when marriage fails, so does the next generation. If that doesn't horrify you, you are not paying attention.

When you look at kids today, the outside indicators are all flashing red:

While it is unforgivable for parents to dress these children, their own contribution to the next generation, like criminals and moral degenerates, and to allow them to disfigure their bodies, what they have allowed to be done to their children's minds is even worse…

Boys are trained to be lousy husbands and fathers.

When you look at similar peoples around the world, you can see some similarities of course, because nature cannot be denied forever. But you will also find that people who look alike, can also act very differently, because of the way they were brought up. That is the nurture part of the equation.

A very clear indicator of this can be found by comparing different generations of the same people. What is different about kids today? When they look just the same, aside from their attire and body mutilations, it has to be nurture that has changed. The reason that marriages fail today is because the training children have received growing up has changed. The environment that they are living in has been manipulated into a far less friendly one for marriages and children. The reason that men are not making good husbands today is completely dependent upon their upbringing.

Girls are trained to be lousy wives and mothers.

What is truly amazing, is that as a society, we have allowed the single most important part of our civilization to be cast as being inferior and even evil. Women, in the traditional roles of wife and mother, have formed the foundation of our civilization, but we allow our girls to be taught that all of that was sexist and demeaning.

It is incredible that any people on earth could be so stupid—especially after all these years of watching the preponderance of indisputable evidence accumulate, and grow into a crushing pile. However, even after all of this proof of the damage that feminism has done to our families, our children, and our society—most Americans still don't see it. The very idea that our whole civilization may be on the wrong path, and that our own leaders are sending us to the gallows, is so alien to them that they refuse to see it, even as the noose is being put around their own necks.

Can you imagine a teacher today standing up in the classroom and saying, "A woman should primarily aspire to becoming a good wife and mother"? That teacher would immediately be shown the door: a one-way exit.

And yet, that is how it is with all of the Politically Correct dogmas that have been allowed to infest our school system. Teachers know that, no matter what their personal beliefs are, they will be forced to lie to the children and to promote the PC doctrine. No traditionally minded American can be comfortable with that.

Since the school system is forbidden to teach girls to be wives and mothers, what is it teaching them?

We can't cover all the topics here, but I will mention a couple of important ones.

A very important lesson that is taught is that a woman should never depend upon a man for her security.

I hear this line spouted out of mouths too young to even understand what the words mean. It is a plague that has infected all of the kids in school, and any attempt to inoculate these precious minds against this virus is dealt with harshly.

Movies and TV shows beat this drum constantly, with the PC writers coming up with more and more creative ways for men to let women down in their story lines.

Another destructive lesson that is taught, and one that is closely connected to the first, is that a girl should aim for a career first, before thinking about marriage. What is wrong with a girl going to college and getting her career started before getting married?

In this day and age, girls are exposed to sexual ideas early and often. They are allowed to consume content in their entertainment that is drenched in sex, and almost none of it occurs within marriage, unless it is adulterous. All of the media offerings for role models dress in near nudity and have few if any inhibitions about going to bed with any guy that comes along. In other words, the role models for girls all push them into having sex early and often.

If girls living like unpaid whores is what you want for your daughters, this is not a problem. But it does nothing towards building a solid foundation for the future of your civilization. The point here is that having a girl wait to get married only delays commitment to a life long marriage partner, but it does not delay all of the potential problems of a marriage! And it adds a great many other problems as well.

Considering the upbringing these girls have, by pushing them to wait, what you are really pushing for is their having multiple sexual partners before marriage. What's wrong with that?

What happens as you age? You develop lines of thought, habits, and ways of doing things. The longer you travel down this road, the more deeply are the tracks cut into the path you are walking. You become less flexible and less able to change. Not surprisingly, when you get married later in life, it is far more difficult to adjust to a spouse who has his own set of habits, and ways to do things. Instead of two young people learning about life together, adjusting and creating a joint path to walk, they are in contention about many little and often truly insignificant things. The later they marry, the worse this problem is.

The fact is, by waiting to marry a girl will, just as will a boy, be significantly less flexible, which will increase the level of general irritation for both parties, and multiply the odds of having a failed marriage.

In The End Feminism Destroys Your Society!

It is easy to see how feminism destroys the future of any society that embraces it, with just a bit of thought. Think of what your contribution will be to this society after you are dead. You will be lying in the ground with no voice, no possible method of contributing anything at all to making things good in this society. Clearly, if you live only for your own life, and you only focus on fulfilling your own goals and dreams, even if you are wonderfully successful in what you do, once you die, your contribution is over, completely over. Now what?

If you did not produce children, or at least instruct children in becoming like you, whatever you had to offer dies with you. Your life was a zero, a complete nothing, as far as the society and its future is concerned. You came, you lived, you died, and you were forgotten.

It is the children of our society that matter the very most! It is they who will become the entire society in just a short while. And yet, it is the children who are under the severest attack by feminism!

Kids and feminism are mutual enemies.

What would you say about a group who has conspired to kill tens of millions of people? Even more telling, is the fact that this group has aimed at the most innocent and helpless humans that have ever existed on planet earth? This group has been the cause of the death of more humans than any other group that has ever existed.

Do you want to know why the media talking heads, and the newspaper headlines are discussing the need for immigrant workers in your country? It is because feminism has killed the ones who would have been born, and who would have filled those jobs with Americans. This process alone, at the rate it is currently going, will completely remove our society and replace it with something entirely different. In fact it is already well on the way towards happening in many parts of the country.

If killing tens of millions of innocent people doesn't horrify you, it is a clear sign of how feminism has had its way with your own ethical system. To put that number into perspective, remember that we lost less than 417 thousand men from the US during World War II. Every year in the United States we kill twice as many unborn babies as the total number of men we lost in the Second World War. We make movies about World War II over and over and over again, but we live our lives each day without a thought about the far greater tragedy that is going on right now on our own soil: and every one of those deaths is of a helpless, unarmed, utterly defenseless, and completely innocent child. It is distilled murder, in its purest form, if you define murder as the taking of an innocent life.

Clearly, feminists hate children, but why?

It is obvious that children are in the way of all of the proclaimed feminist goals. How can a woman do a good job as a mother if she is working? Or, looking at it from the feminist point of view, how can a woman do a good job in her career, if she is tied down with a child (or worse, children) to raise? Children will always impact a woman's career, because children have needs that only a mother can fill. Daycare centers and schools cannot replace mothers, and most women know this. Indeed, children, and their needs, highlight the differences between men and women so clearly that even a feminist cannot ignore it.

So, the only choice, if you wish to promote feminist ideals, is taking the children out of the picture anyway you can: even killing them in the womb. Failing that, you will arrange to send them off to the day care center, and since you are in power with the government, have the taxpayers pay for the internment of the next generation during its formative years.

Since the children will be the society in just a few short years, by killing them, or destroying their mom-based education, it is easy to see that feminists are dismantling our society's future.

By destroying our families, feminism has removed the positive influences that a strong family brings to the shaping of children's characters—the same characters that they will take in to work with them one day.

Finally, if we do not produce children in sufficient numbers (2.1 per family minimum to sustain current population levels) and then hand over our cultural values to them, our society will die, and some other society will replace it. There is a growing amount of territory in the USA today where those who were here before are no longer welcome to safely walk the streets. The growth rate of this territory is staggering, but without our children, there is nothing for the future but displacement and dispossession from our lands and way of life. In other words, as a people, we will be wiped out.

Today is under attack as well!

We don't have to wait for future generations to suffer all of the ills from the feminist attack. It is already a plague upon us, even if the murder of millions of babies doesn't bother you at all.

Look at the young adults of today. They are completely confused about life and marriage. Most of them are terrified of marriage itself, not just marrying one particular person. The average young adult is waiting much longer before getting married today, and then, with the training they have received, and the insane expectations that training has created for them, as well as the many bad habits they have picked up during the time they spent single, when they actually do get married, they are getting divorced almost as soon as they finish with the honeymoon. You can thank feminism for nearly all of this.

Sadly, their personal relationships are no deeper than a text message and they are not spending any time at all in focusing on what it takes to be a great spouse or parent. They are only worried about what makes themselves happy (remember what their parents taught them: "We only want you to be happy.") and don't look very much beyond that egocentric view of reality. This is how an animal often behaves, or a new born infant, but adults should have a wider view of things. But not the ones we have raised recently, and the ones who will be arriving next will be even worse off.

Perhaps the most frightening part of this is that even the parents of the young adults today have no clue how to help them, having been themselves saturated in the feminist propaganda for their entire lives. Each minute that goes by moves our people farther away from the good examples of what a marriage should be, and how to raise children who will carry on your values and who will perpetuate your way of life into the distant future. Face it, the parents of these poor confused young people, are the very ones who pushed their kids into this dilemma in the first place, by following the feminist lead.

Feminism Is Poison - So Now What?

Okay, you get it. You see the problem, but it looks insurmountable! The feminists hold complete power in our government: