Diodes and Ignorance

September 19, 2002

THERE IS AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE KNOWN AS A DIODE. It has the function of being selectively conductive. That is, it will conduct electricity flowing in one direction through it, but will not conduct in the reverse direction. If you attempt to pass Alternating Current (AC), which has current flowing in both directions during each of its cycles, through a diode, what you get out the other side is a form of Direct Current (DC) which only flows in one direction. This device is used singly or in groups, to convert AC to DC for all sorts of power supplies used in electronics.

Now, think of the news as being like AC current, having some stories that are positive towards Whites and some that are negative towards Whites. In other words sometimes news stories would cover Whites doing bad things to members of other races, and sometimes they would cover situations where bad things are done to Whites by non-Whites. Assume for a moment that all of these things balance out equally. Now, think of the news media taking that equally balanced alternating series of stories, and running it through an "intellectual diode," which only passes in one direction. The consumers of the news media will be exposed to a whole series of stories that only have one polarity. All of the stories will show White people doing good to non-Whites, and at the same time having evil returned -- creating a positive White image; or all of the stories will show White people doing evil to non-Whites, and only having good things done in return, creating a negative White image. The result would be that White folks would appear totally good or totally bad, in their dealings with other races, depending on the orientation of the news “diode.” All stories that did not orient correctly would be blocked, and only those which agreed with the "correct bias" would be passed on to the public.

The assumption in the mental exercise above was that the number of the stories that could be covered concerning cross-racial crime between Whites and non-Whites was totally balanced, with Whites and non-Whites committing about the same number of crimes. That would mean that the diode was distorting reality only half way. But it doesn't take an even 50-50 split to allow a diode to do its work! If you assume that 90% of the time Whites are the victims of cross-racial crime, and that 10% of the time they are the perpetrators of cross-racial crime (which is the real case in our society), the diode will still do the very same job! A diode will block all input of the “wrong” polarity and pass all input of the “correct” polarity. That means for 100 cases of cross racial crime, if in 90 of those cases a Black rapes, robs, or kills a White, but in only 10 cases a White rapes, robs, or kills a Black, the diode will reflect 0 Black-on-White crimes (blocked), and 10 cases of White-on-Black crime (passed). This is exactly what you now see in your national news coverage!

A prime example of this “diode function” in our news media is the coverage, given by all of the national news outlets, to the story of the dragging death of James Byrd, Jr., in Jasper, Texas. This story was covered into total saturation by "our" news media. It was a story about three White ex-cons, who dragged a Black ex-con behind their vehicle to his death on July 7, 1998. A grisly story, but hardly something that would keep the national news media tied to it month after month, except for the fact that it was the only story they to work with that was oriented the “right” way. On August 1, 1998, nearly a month after the Jasper, Texas media field day began, and while it was still going strong, there was another cross-racial dragging death that occurred, in Streator, Illinois on August 1. In this case, which was opposed to the media diode polarity, a Black man named, Christopher Coleman, was accused of tying Patricia Stansfield, a White Woman behind a car, and then dragging her body for 2 miles along Illinois State Road 18, while she screamed for her life, until she couldn't scream any longer, because her torn and shredded body had mercifully died. There was not a whisper from the national news media on this atrocity.

The diode had blocked coverage of the grusome death of Patricia Standfield, just like it blocked the story of little Jake Robel(1) being dragged to death by a Black carjacker on February 22, 2000 in Independence, Missouri. Blacks are 200 times as likely to rape a White woman(2) as are Whites to rape a Black woman. Blacks are 56 times(2) as likely to commit violent crimes against Whites as is the reverse to be true. Yet, if you look at the output from the “diode filtered” media, you would think that White folks were racial monsters attacking Blacks far more often than the other way around.

That is what a diode can do for you. It can make things appear completely the opposite of what they really are. If there is any White-on-Black crime, that crime is given national covereage. If there is Black-on-White crime it is only covered locally and the coverage is killed as quickly as possible. I cite, as an example of this, the "Wichita horror" murders(3), said to be perpetrated by the Black Carr brothers. It was only because of a massive effort of dedicated Whites calling in, that Court TV decided to cover the trial. (Visit www.courttv.com for details on when the trial coverage will be.)

However, the news media is still keeping its diode blinders on for the case. The Sedgewick County District Court spokesman Kirk Longhofer stated that he knew of no out-of-town media organizations that plan to attend the trial. Get it? The diode is working.

If you think you are getting the whole unfiltered story on race from the media, you are sadly mistaken. It is time to rip out the diode and start getting the unfiltered truth for yourself. You will be shocked!(4)


1. See Innocent Blood.

2. See Black Crime.

3. See Remember Wichita.

4. See    Who Rules America?

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