The Park Cities Revisited

THERE FOLLOWS A TYPICAL EMAIL from a confused high school kid. After years of being programmed into believing the myth that diversity is wonderful, he is confronted with reality and it is too much for him. I thought I would share with you his thoughts and mine.

Your page disgusts me!

Disgust is a learned response. It is a defense mechanism that children take time to acquire. You see children pick up a bug and eat it, without a thought. They will eat dirt, play in their feces and other things that will later disgust them, once they have learned disgust. The thing to remember about disgust, is that it is not a rational response to something, based upon a chain of reasoning at the time. It is an emotional response based upon the programming that has gone on before. When you are disgusted by something, it is because you have been trained to be disgusted by it. Since there is nothing on my page that is evil, hate-filled or obscene, disgust cannot come from the content, but only from a knee-jerk reaction which stems from the mental manipulation this individual has gone through in his life. He does not simply disagree, but he is revolted and disgusted by the content of my page which runs counter to the brainwashing propaganda he has been exposed to.

It is people like you who give the park cities a bad name!

I was not aware that the Park Cities had a bad name. In fact I had never heard of them before I found that book which I based my Park Cities article on. There was nothing in the article that an unbiased reader could construe as giving the Park Cities a bad name. The fact is that the pictures show a society that was nearly all White at the time. That was the reality of the time. It was the reality of most of America at the same time. If that is giving the Park Cities a bad name, it is also giving the entire nation of the United States of America a bad name. That is what the programming our children are going through today is telling them. Their nation was evil and disgusting, and the only hope they have is to dismantle their White country, and replace it with a third world hovel.

There is a typical knee-jerk reaction displayed here. Thanks to a helpful reader, I discovered that the Park Cities are still predominately White. They of course have been invaded, as have all White towns and cities, but they only have a very small non-White population even still. That is something that the author of this email feels uncomfortable about. It makes his programming act up in his gut. He wants to end it right now, but since he cannot, in the meantime, he will lash out at anyone who would suggest that a White Park Cities might be a better Park Cities.

You are just trying to repeat the past all over again.

As I explained in my article Turning Back the Clock, I have no desire to repeat the failed past all over again. I use the past as an example of what good things can come from having a White society, and I think that we need to understand exactly what we are giving up by embracing the poison of diversity. In many areas, the society of the 1950s stands head and shoulders above our society today. It is critical that we educate ourselves on that fact rather than letting propaganda turn our minds off to reality. Returning to our roots and restoring our White nation, will not repeat the past, but instead will open up a whole new, bright and strong future, that will otherwise be crushed and destroyed by third world squalor, should we continue on our present course.

It is important to note that the White race has as much right to exist as an independent, and continuing race, as has any other people on earth. Other races have no inherent right to our lands, or to our societies. It is the sign of how complete the propaganda’s work has been, when we think about the fact that simple survival of the White race, in its own lands and societies has been classified as hate. Our own people are disgusted by our own survival!

What did you do fall asleep in history class? I hate to break it to you, but there are not only "white people" at Highland Park High school.

Of course to children in school, there is nothing that exists outside of what their teachers tell them in “history" class. The same morons who run around with “Celebrate Diversity" stickers on the bumpers of their cars are teaching our children their version of “history" and the kids soak it up as if it were gospel truth. How are they going to know differently, when their parents are watching the propaganda box everyday, and are terrified of appearing to be out of step with the party line, which says that tolerance is more important than eating? So, when Mrs. Jackson tells Johnny that the civil rights movement was the most important and positive thing to ever happen to American, of course Johnny is going to believe her. And then if anyone points out the destructive repercussions coming from that movement, it will make Johnny disgusted. He will not hear, or process the information. His stomach will turn and he will yell something angry and leave.

One of the things that is clear, is that the student who wrote this, spent most of his time in school absorbing the propaganda, and not the skill of reading. If he had actually read what was written in my article, he would have realized that I did not say that there are only White people in the Park Cities. I said that there were only White people living in the mainstream of the Park Cities when those pictures were taken years ago. That is the whole point. America was a White nation that is now being invaded daily with more and more non-Whites, transposing it from what it was, into something that it was not: Mexican, African and Asian. We are giving our land away to other people who are not American, and never will be American. America will cease to exist, as will the White people who created her, just as the Park Cities will continue to be have their White population replaced with non-Whites over time.

Wake up and smell the coffee it is the year 2001 and we are all seen as equal.

This is almost too much to bear. Someone who no longer has the mental ability to even perceive the world around him, whose mind has been taken over and shut down by the propaganda he has received in school telling someone else to wake up. How sad. If only he would wake up and smell the third world incursion into what was once a safe haven for the White people living in this land. Instead he mistakenly thinks that giving the White birthright to others will bring those others up to the same place his parents or grandparents were before this mess all started. What this poor sheep is going to learn too late is that the third world invasion of his land is going to make us like Mexico, Africa and China - poor and non-White. As they have learned in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, and are now learning in South Africa: White surrender to non-Whites is White suicide. The blindfold only works until it is too late to recover, and then suddenly wisdom comes upon them. As their women are gang raped, and their sons are murdered, enlightenment finally comes.

The old cliche, that the date somehow sets reality, is here once again put forward by a mind-numbed zombie. What does the year have to do with survival? Absolutely nothing. Either White people will have their own lands in which to reproduce and live in, or they will not, and will cease to exist. Whether it is 1901, 2001, or 3001 does not change that fact.

No two people are equal. Why do we have job interviews? If all people are the same, then anyone should be able to handle any job. No sort of filtering process should be required for hiring people. Why do sporting teams have try outs? Why are there contests for writing poetry or prose? People are not equal. No two people are equal, and it is only a fool who will view all people as being equal.

American thought, before we were conquered in the 1960s, and as opposed to the Marxist drivel this poor student is putting forward, has never accepted the ridiculous assertion that all men are equal. The same man who wrote the line, that is the only one most students today can quote from the Declaration of Independence, that all men are created equal, owned slaves himself! He did not for a moment think that all races were the same, or that we should view them as the same. The men that signed the Declaration also went on to set up a political system where only White male land owners could vote. Equality? Nonsense! Abraham Lincoln felt that diversity was an abomination and he did all that he could to kill it, before it indirectly ended up killing him. Right up into the 1950s White neighborhoods had rules that only allowed Whites to live there. America was a White nation and equality of race was never an American concept.

So, since we have been invaded, and those who have our destruction as their goal are in charge of our media and our schools, we are supposed to curl up into a little ball, and give up our land, our heritage, and our children’s future. It is 2001, and so reality must be scrapped in order to accept the lies that those who rule the propaganda machine are putting forward as fact. That is what passes for argument today. Things are not so because certain facts make them so. No, things are true because of the year we live in. Is that not the reasoning of the lemming? It is a statement that the crowd of this era believes something, therefore we must believe it too. Shut off your brain and follow the crowd. Please ignore the upcoming cliff, if you will.

If you could look through my eyes for one day and see what I see, and not just on the outside, then maybe you would not be so quick to judge.

I would be interested to see how this one’s eyes would view 20,000 White women being raped by Blacks every year in the USA, which is a rate that is 200 times as high as the number of Black women who are raped by Whites. (See Black Crime.) How would his eyes view the fact that Blacks are 56 times as likely to kill, assault or rob a White than to have the reverse happen to them? Of course he would close his eyes. He would be disgusted by the truth. That is the whole point of propaganda, to create disgust for non-party line thinking. His eyes see what he has been told to see. The White South Africans saw exactly the same thing before they committed national suicide. They were told that all were equal and so they saw it with their eyes. All appeared to be equal. Now what they are seeing with those same eyes, eyes that have finally lost their rosy glasses, are atrocities every day. They build compounds around their houses, hire body guards, and know that the Black police will not bother to come and help if they are attacked. They have found out that all are not as equal as they thought.

The sad thing is that I'm in highschool and you are probably middle aged and yet I know more about the world then you.

Indeed it is a sad thing indeed that this poor child is in a high school that teaches such absurd and misguided ideas. He has never had a chance. He has grown up in a world where he goes from a class room where the Leftist teacher promotes Marx’s idea of equality all day, to a home where his negligent parents let him watch more of the same, in highly entertaining packaging, all night. He sees well mannered Blacks in his area of the world, and never stops to realize that even he knows that he would never move into a predominately Black neighborhood, anywhere on planet Earth.

The one thing about high school is that the kids’ ignorance is only surpassed by their arrogance. What does this child know of the world? Does he know that one in three women have been raped in Johannesburg? Does he know that in Zimbabwe the White farmers who have fed that nation for decades are finally being murdered and run off their farms? Does he realize that the education that he is receiving today, since integration took place, is very much inferior to the one his grandparents were given in high school? No, he does not know, nor could he even comprehend any of these things if he did know them. A programmed mind will not hold within it a fact that runs contrary to its programming. Religious programming, or political programming act the same way. What you believe, will limit what you can believe. When you believe that diversity is wonderful, all the facts that show this belief to be absurd will be ignored.

It's the youth of America, not the racists of America.

I suppose this line was intended to convey some special meaning. It is an incomplete thought, which is right in line with most of the material these poor children have to absorb as “education." If he realized that all of the great Americans from history were racists by his definition, it would be a complete shock to his system. However, his teachers and his television have put such a realization out of reach for now. The youth of America have indeed been the target of the greatest propaganda campaign this world has ever seen, and this email shows how effective that program has been.

So tell your "white folk loving friends" that!

I suppose you can consider yourself told. However, what you have been told is that the terminal illness of racial suicide is germinating in our children and it has nearly come to full gestation. If we do not stem the disease soon, it will be too late to recover.

When I look up my school on the internet I want to see something to be proud of not this crap!

-Concerned reader

It is a defining mark of this point in our history that racial pride is only allowed for non-Whites. Blacks being proud is celebrated, although such a celebration would be considered obscene if the participants were consistent. Whites celebrating their history or wishing to maintain their heritage and birthright is “crap" to the White children of today, while all other races are willingly promoted. They call this unequal treatment “equality" -- another absurdity.

This “concerned reader" is only concerned with remaining PC and following the rest of the herd towards the goal that their shepherds have chosen for them. He is not even capable of the mental independence required to understand what my original article on the Park Cities was about. Not only is the history of his town unknown to him, it is obscene to him. The very idea of fine, upstanding, law-abiding White folks getting together and building a town (a city, a nation) is completely foreign to him. It is disgusting, and filled with hate, as far as he is concerned. He cannot look at it any other way. He certainly cannot be proud of it. He will turn away as quickly as possible and then he will be off to find something better. The only problem is, there is nothing better for White people than living in a White society, and there is nothing that even comes close to being as good. Unfortunately, for most of the brainwashed masses, such awareness only comes after they have lost all hope of recovering what they once had.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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