Dude, Where’s My Country?

May 31, 2004

THERE IT WAS ON THE BUMPER of the car ahead of me, big as life. “Dude, Where’s My Country?" it said. Could this be a patriot complaining about what has indeed happened to America the last 50 years? Unfortunately, there are few patriots with guts enough to put their beliefs out in the open for others to see, and this certainly was not an exception to that rule. As I passed the car I noted that the driver was an Asian, someone whose ancestors were far to the east when this nation was created and nurtured into greatness.

What the bumper sticker referred to is a book by the same name, and written by an anti-American documentary maker, Michael Moore. This man is so filled with hate for America and the White race that created her that he wrote another book entitled Stupid White Men... and other sorry excuses for the state of the nation!.

White folks are supposed to just sit there and let whomever wishes to, spit in their collective face and do nothing. Any negative reaction to someone producing a racist attack on Whites, such as the one contained in that book title, is immediately labeled hate, moving our legitimate and necessary anger from the category of righteous indignation, to the completely incorrect category of mindless hatred. Don't even raise your hands to block the blows inflicted upon you, as you are repeatedly and openly slapped in the face.

People like the hate filled Michael Moore, who have had their way with this country for so long have no business asking "Where's my country?" They have created exactly the kind of third-world embryonic mess that they originally set out to create. Yet, even though things have gone even more to their liking than they had any right to hope for in the 1950s and 1960s, the Media Lord(1) puppets continue to whine and complain about how terrible America is for holding on to any of its traditions and culture. Walk through any mall in the country and you will see people, and pictures of people, who are non-White, in ever increasing numbers. You will see the number of White women with non-White men growing by leaps and bounds, in both the store window ads, and in the crowds walking from store to store. White America has slit its own throat, and still it is condemned for not dying quickly enough.

If White Americans had any sense at all, they would be asking the question, "Dude, Where is my country?" Look at the people who populated America when Route 66 was thriving as a main route of travel for so many. Where is that country, and where are those people? What happened to my country where kids were raised in White neighborhoods like the Park Cities were? Where is my country? What happened to the land where kids could read books that showed White folks living White lives among their own kind? Where is my White country, where advertising and magazines promoted the White race that populated America?

White folks are either going to stand up and fight for their nation, their land, and their children, or they are going to go the way of the dinosaurs. Either we hold our breeding grounds, safe and sacrosanct against invasion from other races, or we become extinct. Either we worry more about who is invading our country than who is dribbling a basketball or running a football, or we can curl up and die. It is up to you.


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