The Myth of Feminist Waves

October 8, 2018

Something that I have noted today on YouTube is that all the so called anti-feminists are just the opposite of what they claim. They almost universally (MGTOW and a few other exceptions exist) accept as fact that all the damage done by feminism in the 20th century is a good thing and only the current insane antics of the radical feminists of today are to be condemned.

This is done by people who are otherwise sharp witted and intelligent. But as I have pointed out before, if you start from an invalid set of assumptions, even using impeccably sound logic will only lead you to false conclusions.

All feminism is one movement, not waves of movements. The radicalized women who pushed through the insane 19th Amendment were cut from the very same cloth as the morons marching naked in slut walks today crying about rape culture, the wage gap, and the patriarchy.

What everyone seems to be missing is that there is no real goal for these feminists. There is no point you can reach that will satisfy them so they will sit down and shut up. They will continue to whine and complain about the state of affairs as long as there continues to be a state of affairs that retains enough structure of Western civilization to sustain their existence. What they want is the collapse of society, and once they have attained that they will be left with a pile of rubble which the Marxist hope to shape into a pile of power for themselves. The fact that both women and men will be left in chaos, poverty, and oppression doesn't matter to them and it never has.

When the United States came into existence even men didn't have the vote universally. Only male land owners could vote. Why? Because you want educated men who know something about how the government works, and who are able to vote wisely to choose your leaders and to decide what goes on in your country. Over the years this sane and correct approach was cast off, and they insanely gave the vote to all men. Today, the moron and the genius are treated as having equal say in how the government should run, and that is demonstrably unworkable. The quality of men who have been elected, since this change occurred, has fallen into the dirt, and it remains there.

Giving the vote to women has in no way improved the quality of government, and anyone who inspects the history of the US knows it. A Marxist minded man like Franklin Roosevelt would probably never have been elected if not for the mistake of giving women the vote. This jerk glibly referred to the greatest mass murderer of all time in Europe as "Uncle Joe," and proudly was shoulder to shoulder with Stalin during World War II, and did his best to help make all of Eastern Europe safe for communist rule.

If you look at the women who were marching for "women's suffrage" you will find them to be the same collection of man-hating scoundrels that today are behind the marches, and who make up the collection of random noise machines laughingly called feminist thinkers and philosophers. This is not a new wave of feminism; it is the same old incoherent package of feminist lies.

No one can honestly say that having the vote for anyone today is going to make things better. If you look at the path the country is on, there is no way a happy outcome is possible, no matter how you vote. There is nothing positive left to vote for, so your vote is meaningless. Feminists get their back up when intelligent women like Ann Coulter state for the record that women should not have the vote, but most of them don't understand why she said it, or truly why it upsets them.

The feminist movement was set back by World War II, because there was no way women could go out and fight like men could. This was a real war against a powerful enemy and Barbie Doll soldiers would have just gotten in the way. The leaders of the feminist movement were more interested in destroying Germany than they were about domestic power for the moment, so they shut up and let the Marxists win the war. The one area they were continuing to work was to try and get as many women as possible working in factories to set a precedent they thought they could use later. The jerks are still using that moronic poster.

Once Stalin was safe, they set back to work to undermine our society, and its sound traditionial sexual roles once again. They couldn't know that television was coming to their aid, but when it was clear that TV was about to flood the country the scoundrels grabbed onto it immediately. Every one of the three major networks were in their hands from day one.(1) And bit by bit they used this incredible propaganda machine to promote the ideals of marxist feminism ubiquitously.

Today virtually everyone buys the lies the media has sold them, including the one that says feminism is a good thing. One of the clear indications that this is strictly brainwashing from propaganda is the way it is unassailable. To question the propaganda is now termed hate, and, also thanks to the propaganda, everyone "knows" that hate is inherently evil and must be crushed. You actually hear people say that free speech is good, but hate speech should be censored. They actually can say that without seeing the incredible irony of that position. This view can't be sustained because anything can be labeled as hate speech. Therefore, if you can ban speech simply because you label it in some fashion, then free speech by definition is also banned.

Today nearly all commentators of all stripes, agree to the insane proposition that things have progressed since the 1950s for women. If you define walking up the 13 steps to a gallows as progress, perhaps this position could be defended, but otherwise it is pure rubbish. Women in the US in the 1950s were having more than 3 babies each on average and our society was growing in a healthy fashion. Men were marrying women and they stayed around to support the family and join in with the rearing of the children. Mothers were home supervising the raising of children and even the neighborhood was a better place for children because mothers were home up and down the street, so a child would be watched wherever he might be at play. To say these women were any less happy than the women of today is an assertion put forward without any supporting evidence, and as Christopher Hitchens pointed out, anything that is asserted without evidence can be safely rejected without evidence.

But let's cut this all the way down to the foundation. The raw assertion that all this nonsense is based upon is that men and women are equal. Are they? No they are not. And everyone knows this. You know it yourself. If men and women were the same thing there would be no such thing as feminism would there?

Sports are a good example of the differences in the sexes.

Decades ago I was disgusted by feminists using a grammatical term incorrectly to discuss the sexes. Sex is a biological fact. Gender is not. Gender studies is not an accurate name for women's studies or studies concerning the sexual roles in society. Mountains and chairs have gender in some languages. But they are not biologically male or female. It was merely incorrect usage of English at first but today it has become clear why they did it. Now they can discuss having more than two genders, because they are not talking about sex, but mental aberrations. Gender is a state of mind to them, while sex is clearly defined and can't be debated. But I digress.

From the Olympics to professional sports you see that they have separate events for men and women. Why? Because men and women are not equal in sports. Men are better and everyone knows it. If men and women were equal, there would only be one category for each event. If you had a 100-meter race, that would be it for that event. But you have the men's 100-meter race and the women's 100-meter race. And the medals for the two events are counted as being equally valuable.

Women are paid huge amounts of money to compete with each other in tennis, when even the best of them couldn't play competitively with the top two or three hundred men. If they are equal, then why do we pay them such high salaries for inferior play? Most men watch women's tennis to see women running around in skimpy outfits, not because the play is top drawer. Online you can find incredibly numerous sites and YouTube channels dedicated to showing pictures of the sexiest female athletes taken with the women in compromising poses as they play whatever sport they are engaged in. If you want to see the best play, you watch the men, but if you want to see sexual beauty, you watch women play. The female sports that are the most popular are the ones that show the most skin. This is not equality.

Even games that require no physical strength leave women in the dust. Both Chess and Go are games of the brain alone, and yet women are unable to compete effectively against the top men in either one. They have women's events, and titles and they get paid for playing at a lower level as though they were playing at the same level as the men. Women can play in men's events but men can't play in women's events. And of course everyone knows why. The sexes are not equal.

Everyone knows this and at some level accepts it. They live in cognitive dissonance where they know that the sexes are unequal, but at the same time continue to demand that everyone accept that they are. It is absurd but they demand it just the same.

Men and women have different strengths and different weaknesses. They are complimentary not competitive. Men compete against men for women and women compete against other women for men. The methods of competition are different but they are fought with a great deal of energy in both cases. Feminism claims none of these differences exist and we are all the same. It makes these claims without evidence for their position and in the face of a prohibitively large amount of evidence against it.

Think of this analogy, you have a bar of gold and a large diamond. The market value for each of these items is identical. They are equally valuable. However, they are not equal. Equality means you can swap the two and one could supply all the qualities of the other. If you have one, it is the same as having the other. However, only their market values are equal. You can use gold in electronics to conduct electricity, and you shape it easily into many shapes. It is far superior to the diamond if you used it for a paperweight. The diamond is hard and can cut glass and other things where a cutting utensil of gold would fail miserably.

Feminism is effectively making the claim that the two sexes, which are clearly different, like gold and diamonds are different from one another, are absolutely interchangeably equal.

If it were just feminist noise we had to deal with, it would be a non-issue. Freedom of speech allows for stupid speech as well as intelligent speech. So, feminists would do little harm if they were held to merely publishing their silly ideas in whatever format they chose. Why feminism is truly a problem is the fact that they have been able to hijack our government and to change the laws to line up with their insane, wrong-headed ideas. They are marxists at heart, and like all good marxists they want to undermine the society. A great deal of their rhetoric is clearly aimed at this very thing. If you listen closely they are talking about change, constantly, and whatever change has already occurred is mentioned only in passing, before they demand more change. They have more than they asked for by the suffragettes or even the radical jerks in the 1960s who burned their bras in protest, in a logically flawed and truly insane attempt—at least this was their claim—to stop men from looking at their breasts. Somehow wearing underwear was considered oppressive.

What is called First Wave Feminism, changed the constitution to give women the vote. What is called Second Wave Feminism, forced laws onto society that destroyed the freedom of employers to hire whomever they wished to hire, and unleashed a tidal wave of lawsuits and harassment claims upon our society. Suddenly, the Fragile Female was shoved into the man's world of business and they couldn't take it. So, one after another court rulings, followed by legislation that post-dated the rulings with laws of the same bent, and today you can't go to the bathroom without some law or ruling being either complied with or violated.

If you take away all the legal damage that feminism has done, including the legal slaughter (since murder is a crime, and abortion is legal it can only be called execution, not murder) of literally tens of millions of innocent children in the womb, then feminism is just harmless noise. But because the government was taken over on this issue, today feminism is one of the most destructive forces to ever hit any country in history. It has killed far more people than the Black Death or the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition. The number of aborted babies is rapidly passing up the number of people killed in both World Wars, and soon will rise above the number of all people killed in all wars for all time.

Beyond the simple murderous brutality of feminist activists, there is the fact that women in the 1950s were creating the next generation of Americans, English, Germans, French and even Japanese. American women were producing babies, and they were at home raising the babies into adulthood. Today, thanks to feminism the birthrate has fallen off way below replacement levels and all the countries that have embraced feminism are either dying of population anemia, like Japan, or immigration invasion like the US and Europe. Once the formally White nations are predominately non-White the entire culture will be wiped away and replaced with the culture of the invaders. Why should they want to live like us, when they have the power to live in their own culture? Why speak English (or German or French) when the invaders have become the majority? And of course you can easily see the hatred that all the new arrivals have for Whites, especially White males.

Who do you suppose benefits by pulling down the very ones who created this wonderful country and its wealth? Why do you vilify White males? In order to take their power away so you can overthrow the system. This is basic, and clearly stated Marxist ideology.

Feminism is not made up of different waves, in the sense that there are different feminist movements and you can pick and choose which one you support. If you support what is called First Wave Feminism or Second Wave Feminism, then you give support to Third Wave Feminism as well because they are all based on the same foundational premise: women are exactly the same as men. It is absurd and everyone who is sane knows it. If you suddenly forced women to compete with men across the board equally women would almost completely disappear from sports. If you forced them to take charge of their own lives rather than having the government subsidize their existence they would find that being a wife and mother is a really good deal, and that the women in the 1950s were not oppressed after all; they were privileged.

How many women do you suppose would want to be drafted into the military and have to go off and fight wars against their will, the way men have done for centuries? How many women really want to jump into manual labor jobs, working in the sewers, collecting garbage and dying as steel workers and doing other hazardous jobs? Feminists don't care if men are doing almost all of the dying in the workplace. They still expect men to pick up the check for dinner and they want men to let women and children get on the lifeboats first. Even they don't believe a lying word they are saying.

As with all Marxist drivel, feminist rhetoric is intended to follow the dictates of their perverted daddy, Karl Marx in his communist manifesto:

"In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things."

Read it and weep, because that is what all the movements these people have put over on us are about. They don't care about women, Africans, homosexuals, transsexual people or anyone else but themselves. They support these movements that undermine the normal functioning of the society, the "status quo" because that will weaken the society so that it can be taken over.

I just wish people would for once get it. This is not about all these causes. The causes, all of them, are only tools that these creeps use to take you down. America was apparently unassailable in the 1950s. It was easily the most powerful nation on Earth, and through the Marxist agitation for all these causes, we were destroyed from the inside out. The West is in decline because it was pushed into decline on purpose. If you have had your mind twisted into thinking that unequal things are truly equal, then you are part of the problem, and you will remain so until you wake up and smell the coffee.


1.    Who Rules America

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