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IN ORDER FOR US TO BE EFFECTIVE AS A GROUP, we have to have a united front on the fundamental concepts that we all have in common. These fundamentals are things that we cannot compromise on, and that we all agree are critical to our cause. Here are the things that I see as the basics :

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  1. Promote having large White families.

  2. Congregate with members of our own race, by moving our families into White areas, and then striving to keep them that way.

  3. Deeply ingrain into our White children the importance of only marrying members of their own race, and only producing children of the White race.

  4. Teach our children daily about the importance of their cultural heritage, and the accomplishments of their race.

  5. Help the other Whites around us to understand the importance of THE BASICS.

If every White Nationalist accomplished these 5 things, we would be safe from racial suicide, and we would create a core of resistance to our extermination that would one day rise up and set us free to determine our own destiny once again.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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