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Record 117

11/30/99 02:51:36 PM  
Name: Hillari Hunter
Do you consider yourself a feminist? Ever since I was a child.
How did you find out about my site? Surfing the net.
Where are you from? Chicago
Comments: The economy is not, or ever will, be booming for most folks, that's why most women work. You make a bad generalization when you think it's about women trying to be independent (which is not a bad thing), or wanting to buy more luxury items. Love alone is not providing clothes, food, and roof over the heads of the families of the married women I know; it's the extra (and essential) paycheck she brings home. Besides, my mother, a domestic abuse survivor, always told me to have my own money. Husband get ill and/or injured and can't work; husbands divorce their wives and ignore their kids; some husbands refuse to get and/or keep steady employment; husbands die. This is reality.

The economy is booming quite well today. The problem is not that most families do not bring in enough money. The problem is that the government takes half of the money that is brought in. That is caused by the very ones who have brought you the feminist movement. The socialist who thinkS that the government is our “Daddy” and must take care of us, telling us who we must hire and promote and where we will spend our charity dollars - as well as how many of our dollars will be given to the government charity system - is the very one who claims that feminism is a just and worthy cause, and should be promoted by our government. If we returned to the free society that we had in the 1950s you would find that women in general, would once again have no reason to go to work to support their families.

For thousands of years husbands have gotten sick and died, or been crippled and unable to support their families. Somehow families managed to get along without feminism. Anyway, feminism has done little to fix that problem! In fact there are more kids abused and abandoned than ever before in our society thanks to feminism. The divorce problem has been multiplied many times over because of the feminist movement. You cannot use divorce to justify the promotion of feminism! That would be like killing your parents and then asking for mercy because you are an orphan! Feminism caused the problem and will never be the solution for it.

Abuse often causes phobias and the phobia against dependence for women is growing larger every day. Why? Because more women are abused and abandoned than ever before! Why? Because feminism has opened the door to it! Women, it is said, can take care of themselves, so a man that abandons his wife is not doing anything seriously wrong is he? If a woman were helpless and dependant, it would be criminally negligent to abandon her, but not now. So, men cut and run today when things get tough in a relationship, because they can. The insanity of the feminist apologist is such that divorce is used to justify more feminism, when feminism only causes more divorces.

Women who “have their own money” are still suffering from want because they end up raising kids alone. That takes all of their time and money, and they are left with, little money, frazzled nerves, and unruly children. You may call that an improvement but I call it a disaster.



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Record 116
11/29/99 03:42:48 PM  
Name: None of your business
Comments: I find your website to be very insulting. First of all, you said that you don't hate women, but then you've got that lovely picture of the cave dude with the big head dragging that girl around by her hair. I wouldn't let ANYONE, man or woman, drag me around by my hair. Second of all, don't assume that every single woman on the face of the earth would make a good mother. I know I would make a terrible mother. I would rather be dragged around by my hair than have to stay home and take care of little brats. There are LOTS of things that I am a LOT better at than being a homemaker.

Dear Miss Business,

So nice of you to drop by and share with us your personal shortcomings. I have no doubt that you would make a terrible wife and mother. That is neither surprising nor relevant. What you personally do, or are capable of doing, means nothing to society in general, since it has over 230 million people in it to counteract your limitations.

What is important is the effects of having a small group of lesbian led feminists, using the federal government to promote their personal opinion and desires, via propaganda, laws and court rulings, over the desires of the mainstream of America. Today, we are suffering the effects of having our children brainwashed for a generation and a half, with the feminist lies both in school and in the media. As a result divorce has become the norm and children no longer know what it means to have both of their real parents living at home with them throughout their childhood. As I pointed out on my web page the effect of this feminist phenomenon is to force children into single-mother households, where they are 20 times more likely to go to prison, 5 times more likely to commit suicide, 20 times more likely to have behavioral problems, 14 times more likely to become rapists, 32 times more likely to runaway, 10 times more likely to do drugs, 9 times more likely to drop out of high school, 33 more times likely to be seriously abused , 73 times more likely to be killed by abuse, one tenth as likely to get A's in school, and have a 72% lower standard of living. I know that to the typical feminist there is no chord of sympathy felt for such suffering by children, since these feminists are perfectly happy to slaughter their own children and have others slaughter their children in the womb. But there are many people in the USA who do still care about kids enough to provide a solid family situation for them, without the abuse of daycare or divorce. It is for those people that my web page exists, not for you.

If you would have clicked on my main logo you would have found out all about the little caveman and his woman. If you had browsed my guest book you would have found out that other feminists with no sense of humor have made the same mistake as you have. But education and understanding is not what feminism is all about. It is agenda, propaganda and totalitarianism.


Record 115
11/28/99 01:50:02 PM  
Name: Beth
Website Title:
Do you consider yourself a feminist? sometimes
How did you find out about my site? looking up info for an essay
Where are you from? Oregon
Comments: I know you're going to pick this apart with some stupid line about how women should be at home baking pies, but I truly don't agree with you. I think it's wonderful that you believe so strongly in something, but pick something other than feminism. You must have had a very bad ex perience with one sometime in your life. I apologize if that is the case, but you need to let it go. I really hope you're getting paid for doing this and it's not just for fun because GE T A LIFE!! How would you like to tell your daughter that she has to cook, clean, and take c are of the kids for the rest of her life even though she's brilliant and talented and can make something out of herself? That's what I got out of your website. I am truly sorry that ther e are people like you out there.


Since feminism is one of the great destructive forces in our society, it would be quite negligent for me to “pick something other than feminism,” to talk about. Of course I do not limit myself to feminism, it is only this one web page that is directed at the leftist feminist cause. If you saw your country falling into chaos because of some fanatical cause being supported by your federal government, perhaps you could turn your back and ignore it, but not I.

I have been married for 23 wonderful years and have raised two sons to adulthood. Lady I have a life and it is a good one! My wife, who agrees with what is on my web page, has a very happy life as well. So, as is the case with most feminists, you do not have a clue as to what you are speaking about.

I happen to think that brilliant and talented women make the best homemaker wives and mothers. Who can better home school a child? Who better to leave the little minds of the next generation with? One thing that I bet you never even thought of is that when all the brightest women have careers, only the dumb ones will be reproducing in quantity. That will lower the average IQ of the entire nation, not that you probably care at bit about that, since you seem to care only about yourself. Go have your career, and forget about baking, cleaning, cooking and children. All of those things will be taken care of by your friendly Big Brother government I am sure.

People like me are what made America in the first place. As you live off the fat of the land, selfishly forgetting about the future and taking care of yourself alone, try not to think about the harm you are doing to the future. I doubt it will strain you too much to do so.


Record 114
11/26/99 06:21:17 PM  
Name: Sarah
Comments: Plain and're an a__h___.

This is the deep and thoughtful sort of response that so well indentifies most feminists.

Plain and simple, I am right and that makes you crazy.


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Record 113
11/20/99 03:05:07 AM  
Name: Brooke
Do you consider yourself a feminist? Not a superior one.
How did you find out about my site? Someone posted about how much of an ass you are.
Comments: This is crap. If you had your brain, placed in a woman's body, with the choices she has, you would be singing a different tune. Especially seeing how one-sided you are. You think,"Wow, woman have totally different morals than we do, they can't even juggle a job and kids, THAT is the problem with society." You want to know what the problem is? Because of "woman opression", we are just now learning the joys of having a job. Men may have gone through the war, done their duties, woman have stayed at home, done their chores. There is a pyriamid by someone ( don't quite recall ) and it talks about the 7 steps to self-actualization. One of them is "the quest for learning". We also have that thirst. I am just wondering if you realize that. As for another thing, you expect woman to be at fault for the child violence. You stated your point. I understand it. *puke* What I'd like to know is, how do you expect little girls to grow up "normal" with slutty bimbos on TV. Yuck

It is ever the wish of the feminist to have the male brain in the female body. It is clear sign of how confused the proponents of this twisted philosophy are. As I have pointed out on numerous occasions, the male brain and the male body are irrevocably joined together. The male brain is part of the male body, and develops biologically as a male brain completely independently of the cultural inputs imposed upon it after birth.

Your statement about "morals" and juggling did not really make sense as it stands. Speaking to the first half of the statement, women have different natural tendencies than men have, in regards to sexual relationships. The experts are agreed that men are more focused on the physical side of such relationships and women on the emotional side. This leads to different wants and needs between men and women. It is part of what makes marriage such and interesting process. If you wish to call that "different morals," so be it.

The second half of the statement was essentially correct. However, to imply that not being able to handle two full time jobs at once is something which should be referred to as something that "they can't even" do, is like saying that a weight lifter who can bench press 450 pounds, cannot EVEN bench press 900 pounds. Rather absurd. The fact is that raising kids is more than something you can just "juggle." It is a project that takes decades to complete. It takes all day every day.

The fact that women have abandoned their kids to day care centers, and when the children got older, left them to take care of themselves after school, is a major problem in our society today. It is A problem, not THE problem. On this web page I am focusing on the problems created by feminism, of course there are other forces at work in our society that work hand in hand with feminism to pull our society down.

The oppression of women? In our society? Women in the USA have been treated better than women anywhere, anytime. Women in the USA have not been oppressed at all. Women who have been all fired up to go out and drink in the "joys of having a job" have been able to do so all this century. The fact is that, before the 1960s feminist revolution, most women quit their jobs when they got married, by choice, and stayed at home to raise the children. They expected a man to support them, and they expected to have the right to raise their children. Those expectations and rights have been stolen by the feminists, without so much as a by your leave.

Funny you should remember that men have sacrificed their lives on the battlefield to protect their women. Interesting that you should remember that men have supported their families. Duty drove men to do these things. They are part of the responsibilities of being a man. What you forget is that women have responsibilities as well, and the foremost of these responsibilities is to reproduce the next generation, and see that the morals, and culture of the society are passed down to the future. They are the focus of the family, and if women do not do their job, families, and therefore the society, will collapse.

I wonder if you realize that no one, especially me, is denying women the opportunity to learn? Obviously not.

I do not "expect women to be at fault" for anything. I expect women to hold up their responsibilities, just like I expect men to hold up their responsibilities. Feminists, not women, are the root cause of many of the ills of society today. One of the ways that they have done their damage is by forcing women out of the home and into the workplace. That has left children unsupervised, where they spend a great deal of time watching slutty women on television, most of who are slutty working women by the way. When a mother is doing her job, little girls (or little boys) won't be watching television at all, but will be doing far more constructive things with her time.


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Record 112
11/19/99 04:16:31 PM  
Name: Marissa
Website Title:
Do you consider yourself a feminist? Yes.
How did you find out about my site? A sexism rant.
Where are you from? Indiana.
Comments: This is sad. In all sincerity, I pray the poor soul that actually thinks he has made any points with this some day takes a few steps out of the Neolithic Age.

What is truly sad is what feminism has already done to this country, and even worse what it will do to the country in the future if we do not stop it soon.

Take heart oh dreary soul, your wish was fulfilled before you even made it. What self-respecting resident of the Neolithic Age would cast aside his polished stone implements in favor of a keyboard?


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Record 111
11/12/99 06:21:09 PM  
Name: Judy (again)
Comments: Then why do you think it's wrong if they want to exercise their minds and get a job? By the way your condescending manner is really annoying, I will try not to sound that way when I speak to you. Raising children is rewarding, but not all women are predisposed to do it. If they will make bad mothers, why should they have children? I also disagree with your views on overpopulation. Everyone has the responsibility to keep the population growth from skyrocketing, do you realize how terrible a place the world will be when there is not enough living space and food for the people living on it?

Frankly, I don't care if you are annoyed. You chose to come to my guest book and attack what you think I am saying. You then go on to tell me how very, very smart you are. Each point you made was erroneous. Now you are annoyed. If you don't like the conversation, don't let the door hit you on the backside on the way out.

As I have said over and over and over again to the intellectually lazy feminists who come to my page, I never said that a woman could not get a job. I have said that there are many negative consequences to having women in the workplace. I have outlined them extensively on my web page and will not repeat myself here on that score. I have made an appeal to common sense and reason to show how destructive feminism has been to our society. But I have never called upon the government to ban women from the workplace. On the contrary I have called for the government to get out of the employment game completely. Where I am furious with feminism is where it has used the government to force companies to hire people based upon factors other than their personal qualifications, and the companies' desires. If a company chooses to not hire women, that is the company's choice not the feminists. Is that clear yet? I have made this point repeatedly but all you "very, very smart" women just can't seem to grasp it yet.

On a societal level, I don't care about bad mothers. Setting your norms based upon them is like basing your society upon one legged people, or mentally retarded people. Sure they exist but society must base its norms upon the normal person not the abnormal person. The normal woman will make at least an adequate mother, and she will be an exceptionally better mother than nearly any man could be.

There is nothing you can do to stop the population explosion, except perhaps to stop supporting organization like "Feed the Children." (Not a step that I would recommend by the way.) Right now, in America we are at a rate that is below the replacement level and still the world population is spinning out of control. While we are no longer having children, we are bringing in huge numbers of immigrants, and illegal aliens, (who come from countries where birth rates are high AND WHO CONTINUE TO HAVE A HIGH BIRTH RATE ONCE THEY GET HERE) which has kept our population growth rate at a level at least as high as it ever was. (Notice how traffic and congestion continue to worsen in our cities, even though our birth rate is low. It will only get worse!) Your view is short-sighted and narrow. We could cut our birthrate to zero and you would still see the world population continue to go through the roof, but you would then lose all power to defend your own land, and it would be taken over by the ones who have not restricted their growth. (As you are already beginning to see today.) Guess what happens then? America will slide into the third world and have a population explosion to match anyway. You need to wake up and smell the coffee. Until you can find a way to control the birth rate of other lands, the US birth rate is completely insignificant to world population problems. Perhaps a better solution for our nation would be to direct our resources away from social programs and towards developing space as a frontier. Then population would be a problem no longer.

At the very least, your personally having a small family today is nothing but a symbolic gesture that will merely contribute to the decay of the American civilization. -Al-

Record 110
11/12/99 06:16:18 PM  
Name: David
Comments: Feminism is the belief that women have a right to choose what they want to do. You are misrepresenting it.

It is nice of you to come, make your claims and leave. Unfortunately for you, what you said is in complete support of what I am saying, and proof that I am not misrepresenting feminism. You say that feminism claims women have the "right" to do whatever they want. (Naturally enought, you phrased it in the typical sloppy feminist fashion. Of course all people "choose what they want to do" it is only a question of whether they get to do what they want to do, which I assume is what you really meant, giving you the benifit of the doubt that you intended some meaning of consequence to what you stated.) No one has the right to do whatever they want to do. Since feminism demands that females be given the "right" of doing what they want, a situation is created that is destructive to society. To clarify my point, take these examples:

1. I must go to work and earn a paycheck, when I would much rather be doing other things for my family and myself. Unfortunately, life imposes certain requirements upon us all, regardless of our wants. -- Note that the law does not (and should not) move in to force society to pay me to sit at home and do what ever I want.

2. Children require a great deal from their parents. If you want to spend your time and money on other things, you are ethically required to not "do what you want" as feminism insists you can. -- Note that, unlike what the feminists claim, the law has no obligation, or moral grounds, to support you in your neglect of your children, or forcing others to take up your obligations for you while you choose to do what ever you want.

3. In order for you to be hired, you should present yourself as the most qualified candidate, who can take the position without inflicting serious change upon the working environment. -Note that , unlike the absurd position taken by the feminists, the government has no legitimate role in making that process one bit easier for you. No employer has any obligation to hire you, even if you WANT the job.

4. Children need a mother specifically in their younger years. That means a woman who does "what she wants" by having a career instead of giving the children what they need is harming those of the next generation. - Note that the society has no obligation to take up the role of "mother" for children. It certainly has no obligation, or even any justification, for assisting mothers in abandoning their children while pursuing a career.

5. Most psychiatrists agree that men naturally tend towards having many sexual partners. However, despite this want, nearly all experts agree that fidelity is better for society. So decent and civilized men must give up their natural wants in order to have a solid and happy marriage. -Note that men have no right to expect that the government will assist them with any difficulties that they encounter by following their wants, any more than a woman should in following her wants.

These are just a few items that show you that what you want is not necessarily your "right". Just because you wish to live like a king does not give you that right. Just because you want a job doesn't give you a right to that job. The most important right you have is the one taken away by the feminist movement: the right to be free of government influence, as much as possible, in your lives. The primary evil of feminism, is its use of the government to force those who would otherwise not accept it into pretending to accept it. For many, that is the equivalent of forcing a religion upon them which they do not believe in, and find repugnant.


Record 109
11/12/99 01:56:00 PM  
Name: Judy
Do you consider yourself a feminist? yes
Comments: One thing you seem to have forgotten is that women have brains. Yes, they are more nurturing and emotional, but many are also very, very smart. Like me. I've always done better than most of my male colleagues in school, and I am well-respected. It seems very immature of you to declare yourself better than everyone else, just because you think you are.

I hope you don't break your arm patting yourself on the back so hard. Somehow with your "massive intellect" you managed fumble every point you tried to make.

1. I never anywhere on my page said that women do not have brains or that some of them are not very, very smart. My wife, for example is very intelligent, with an IQ above the average doctor.

2. The fact that you can handle school work in no way runs counter to anything on my web page.

3. Contrary to your assertion, no place on my page have I mentioned my own IQ, or said that I was better than anyone else.

Thanks for dropping by and signing my guest book, for whatever reason you chose to. -Al-

Record 108
11/11/99 07:25:59 AM  
Name: Esmeralda
Do you consider yourself a feminist? No
How did you find out about my site? Word of mouth
Where are you from? NY
Comments: This site doesn't make any sense. Many of your statements are erronous , misinformed ,one sided. The whole site lacks research and depth. Everything is very superficial. You don't have anything to back up your statements other than your own personal opinion, which does not go very far. You also lack logic and you contradict yourself many times in your various articles. I was going to respond on the issues but I figured what's the point ? My advice to you is to be more tolerant and for Crying Out Loud ,EDUCATE YOURSELF , try to go past your little world and see what other people think and try to open your mind to other lifestyles a little bit. This site cries ignorance !

It is amazing how consistent the feminists can be on certain things. They always hide behind name calling and insult when they can't find a substantial thing to support their deluded point of view. You gave a great summation line for your post, " I was going to respond on the issues but I figured what's the point?" The ultimate cop out. But what else can you expect from a feminist who claims she is not. Talk about being erroneous, shallow, ambiguous, uninformed and superficial, your post has it all. Not one issue! Only whining and your personal reaction to the facts on my page.

Perhaps if you could have put your haughty delusions of goddesshood aside for just a moment, you might have found an issue to show your ignorance on. But it is so much easier to have a hissy fit and think that it will be irrefutable. WRONG!

BTW, I have educated myself, you should try it sometimes. It will open up whole new horizons to you. Even better still, you should try thinking for yourself instead of relying 100% on what "other people think." Of course if you don't have the confidence in your own mental ability to do so, keep on being a sheep. Whatever makes you happy.


Record 107
11/11/99 04:02:59 AM  
Name: Paul
Do you consider yourself a feminist? No way!
How did you find out about my site? Been before
Where are you from? Scotland
Comments: How's it going Al? I have been touring the web arguing with feminists on their webpages and all the ones I talk to either delete my entry's or spout off at me saying I am a fascist and that feminism has "liberated" women for hundreds of years! I assume this includes the period before women had the vote, before they could allow themselves to weaken the armed forces of the west, and most importantly before they could murder and/or abandon their children! I will continue to battle against the feminist lunacy. I also saw a notice at my university a few weeks back in which a company was advertising positions for new graduates. The only catch was that you had to be a woman to get any of the positions available! Is this "equality"? Or just political correct fascism in action?

Hi Paul, welcome back! You must understand that to a feminist, giving a woman preferential treatment is called "equal opportunity." In fact if they could do away with men altogether they would feel that they finally had a "level playing field." If there is one thing that we should have learned by now, you gain absolutely nothing by appeasing liberals of any kind. The more you give them, the more they demand. It never will change. Sooner or later the folks on the right are going to have to grow some backbone.

Keep up the good work! -Al-

Record 106
11/10/99 09:52:08 PM  
Name: R
Do you consider yourself a feminist? no
Comments: Okay, first of all, let me start by saying that your site did not anger me. I could even go as far to say it amused me. You proudly display pictures of women being dragged around by their hair and then spout out some phony line about women needing respect. I don't know about you but I'd feel quite disrespected if anyone, a man or a woman, decided to drag me around by my hair. Did you ever stop to consider that women are more than incubators? Personally, I do not feel ANY desire to have a child of my own. The world is overpopulated as it is without me selfishly bringing another life into it, while millions of unwanted children are born each year. Well, what I'm trying to say here is that you portray a very stereotypical view of women AND men. There are billions of each on this planet and there is no way to label them all. In order to make this world a better place let's stop blaming and scapegoating and start trying to cooperate.

You may find this hard to believe, but I would never even dream of dragging any woman around by her hair, even a feminist. If you click on the main picture of the little caveman, there is an explanation for the pictures. The caveman image has been around for a long time. The old story of a caveman clubbing his mate-to-be over the head and dragging her off to his cave predates you and me. It is a symbol of the masculine and feminine at its more basic level. The strong male and the submissive female, going off to live together for the rest of their lives. A symbol meant to laugh at, as you agree with what lies behind it.

Did you read a single word on my page? Apparently not, for if you did, and you have a reading comprehension over 10%, you would never ask if I thought that women were only incubators. That is a very important role that women have, for our entire species relies on that function, but nowhere on my page do you find any indication that women are nothing but "incubators."

Your ignorance on the subject of reproduction is astounding. Your willingness to admit that you have no concern whatsoever for the future generations by contributing to them is candid if nothing else. One less child programmed by a feminist mind certainly has its advantages. However, your comment on the world population is just plain dumb. It is not selfish to reproduce yourself and maintain your nation. The people in the "first world" countries of this world are not, I repeat, ARE NOT contributing to the overpopulation of this world. I am sick to death of hearing that lie! Today in the United States, the native born citizens are not reproducing even at the replacement level! Virtually all our growth comes from immigration. That is a dangerous situation that must be faced. While the third world nations are busting at the seams with their overpopulation we are not even breaking even. Does the word "overwhelmed" mean anything to you? Probably not.

While liberals like you keep crying for cooperation, and understanding, they use all their political force to squash their opposition. That is not cooperation, that is war. Those who wish to live lives according to the traditional sexual roles are forced by law to modify their behavior to accommodate the liberal point of view. It is not enough to ask to be left alone for the liberal, he instead demands acceptance of his dogma and physical conformity to his religion of egalitarianism. The attempt at deception is so obvious that it is amazing that anyone listens to it for a moment. Liberals only wish to "understand" that which tears down traditional roles. They wish all to accept that which is contrary to traditional life, while doing all in their power to destroy traditional life for those who wish to practice it. The liberal defines "cooperation" as giving in to liberal demands. If you stand for anything at all you are not cooperating, unless it is something liberal that you are standing for.

You are quite correct that with 6 billion on the planet there is a lot of room for variation. However, even with over 3 billion women on the planet, there is not one female good enough to play in the NBA. That is a fact that applies universally to women. Not one of those women can father a child. Another fact which cannot be ignored. Beyond the absolutes, we have the norms, the averages and the window of normality. Here we find that women, on average -- including the prohibitive majority of women, though not all of them -- are less aggressive than men are. They are more nurturing than men are. They are not as good at math and science as men are. They are better spellers, and find it easier to find the correct word in conversation than men do. There are many other items in this category. It is a fact of life that the average man and the average woman are not interchangeable in life. There is sanity and order in the ideas of male leadership and the female being family oriented. There is insanity and chaos built into the ideas of feminism because they severely go against the normal male and female tendencies.

Yes, there are macho lesbian females who wish that they could do all the things that men do. They are terribly angry that women have traditionally had different roles than men. In order to pacify them, our society has essentially outlawed what the majority of women wanted in life. Any company that promotes masculine leadership today can, and will be, sued for discrimination. That is what feminists call "cooperation" and "understanding". Anyone with an active brain will call it by its real name: tyranny.



Record 105
11/10/99 03:36:23 PM  
Name: Simp
Do you consider yourself a feminist? nope
Comments: You are doing a great job Al! I don't know where you get the patience to respond to some of these people that sign your guest book. They obviously don't even bother to read your articles before they think they know what you represent. They spout the same BS each time and don't even bother to learn the facts.

I have been watching a trial on court tv. A female prosecutor has used her own discretion to try a 13 year old as an adult for a murder he allegedly committed when he was 11! The defense attorney has shown that the prosecution doesn't even have enough evidence to prosecute him in the first place. During her closing argument she makes a statement to convince the jury that he is competent to stand trial. She sais that she left her 11 year old home by himself to take care of her 2 other children while she is at work! Not only does this feminist abandon her own children but she prosecutes 13 year olds and attempts to put them in prison for life.

One of my (adult) students listened to me answer, what could be safely categorized as a very stupid question, by another student for the umpteenth time. I answered it quietly and with respect, as I always do in my classes. He walked over to me a little later and said, "Al you are a very patient man." I try to treat all people with respect but I am human, and the intensely ignorant, or the intensely arrogant, sometimes generate more rudeness in me than I would like in myself, but even rudeness can at times be appropriate when a guest is rude themselves.

The subject of child criminals is a little beyond the topic of this web page, but the admission by the female lawyer that she is abandoning her children in order to pursue her career speaks loudly in support of the need for my web page and a thousand more just like it! Thanks for dropping by and signing my guest book!


Record 104
11/09/99 04:51:36 PM  
Name: Trina
Comments: I don't agree at all with your webpage. But all I have to say is that the way parents raise their kids has nothing to do with the way we turn out to be. I'm 17, and a troublemaker…. You said that every kid whose raised by a homemaker grows up to be wonderful adults, well, my mom is a homemaker. I'm very bad, I get bad grades in school, and I do drugs. So you're assumption that everyone whose raised by a homemaker grows up to be perfect adults is wrong. Gandhi and Mother Theresa could of raised me and I would still be the same.

You are completely wrong. The way parents raise their kids is the single most important factor in how most kids turn out. Notice the word most in the previous sentence. You must learn the meaning of that word, for it is the difference between truth and error. When the vast majority (not all!) of mothers were stay-at-home-moms there were far less kids like you. There were no school shootings and almost no kids using drugs at all. There is much evidence to prove that stay-at-home moms produce more (not all!) solid citizens than career women.

Now, for the failures, there are usually reasons for that as well. Many parents are afraid of impressing their own value system too strongly upon their children. So, instead of supervising their kids, and keeping close watch on what they are doing for entertainment (music, television and movies) and who they are hanging out with for friends, they let the kids do what they want. That will negate much of the good of having a stay at home mom.

Parenting is a tough job and even the best parents may get a bad apple that they can't do anything with. That is unfortunate when it happens but it does not negate the principle that caring, stay-at-home-moms, produce a much higher percentage of good kids. That is fact, not assumption.

Hopefully, if you manage to stay alive long enough, you will outgrow these crazy adolescent years and the attitude you have right now, and you will come to your senses. Where there is life, there is hope.

Thanks for signing my guest book. -Al-

Record 103
11/08/99 08:27:57 PM  
Name: alicia
How did you find out about my site? someone said it was a very hateful site, so i came here.
Comments: hmmm women want to be at home with the kids? wait a minute, are you a woman? do you know what goes on inside of a woman's head? personally, i WANT to work. i want to get out and discover things on my own. sure, i want kids and a husband, but i want a career as well. this site is very twisted. you have a right to express your beliefs, but some of this stuff doesn't make any sense. cave man pictures? I am sure as h___ not gonna let my husband drag me out by my hair. what makes a man more matcho? i doubt it's a [sexual organ] which makes a man able to life heavy weights or support a family. the [sexual organ] does not work at a job or lift weights. therefore, men cannot be matcho just because of being men. sure, my point may seem childish in a way, but there are several women out there who want to work because they want to get off of their lazy asses and learn something! divorce isn't always a woman's fault. sometimes it's the man who cheats. i don't know what kind of enviornment you were brought [up in.]

It is funny how the leftist can always find a way to label anything they disagree with as "hate."

There is something about the masculine minded feminist who has the same inherent trouble spelling that men seem to. There must be a connection there somewhere. You might try typing up your posts in a word processor with a spell checker and then copy and pasting it into guest books in the future. It is a trick that I always use, and I am passing it along just as a suggestion.

You certainly feel strongly that it is your right to go to work and leave your kids unattended so that they can grow up poorly raised. It is your right of course. (That is unless you expect the government to assist you.) However, if you cared at all for your kids, you would realize that you must make choices in this life. Either you are going to be a mother or you are going to be a career woman. If you try to do both you fail at one or the other, or both. But that is your choice. My page is not for the abnormal, hate-their-kids kind of selfish woman. My page is about women who actually want to do a good job at raising their kids by being there at home when the kids are home. I know that is an alien concept to the self focused feminist but that is how it is.

I am not a woman, but I am not a cat either and I can tell that cats like to be petted. I never said that all women like to be pampered, or protected or provided for by a man. I only said that most normal women appreciate that sort of treatment. There are women who actually love pain, but they are not the norm and when I speak of the general term "women," I am not referring to them.

Part of becoming an adult is realizing that you have responsibilities that go beyond what you want. You may want to lay in bed all day, but things need doing. Or you may want to run out and go to work, but the kids need watching. If you want to be self centered, do so. No one is trying to stop you. Just don't expect to be praised for doing the selfish thing.

Caveman pictures. Yes my site has some of them. Why? If you had clicked on the main one you would have had an explanation for why those pictures are there. If you read any of my web page you would know that I would never drag any woman by her hair. It is a symbolism that you will not understand but that is okay it was meant to go over your head.

You have displayed a most unfortunate ignorance. You would do well to read the book Brain Sex, or at least the article on my page, The Unavoidable Bottom Line where I discuss this topic. Men are macho, and strong because 1) they have masculine brains, 2) they have a supply of testosterone that is between 20 to 40 times that of the average woman. This male hormone creates a competitive drive in the masculine mind that women just do not have. It also causes the physical changes in the male body which produces the increased muscle mass that only males have. If you doubt it, take a look at a muscle magazine. You will see pictures of men and women who spend equal time at the gym, but the men have arms as big as the women weightlifters' legs. That is biology baby!

Your implication is that stay-at-home moms are lazy. You act as if they are sitting around all day doing nothing. I am sure there are some lazy stay-at-home moms. However, any mom at home who is doing her job is working just as hard as any "career woman" is. It is a full time job and then some. And the eager ones go out and help their community with volunteer work when the kids are in school. Many "career women" go to work and sit on their backsides at a desk all day. So don't try to belittle the homemaker. There is nothing lazy about the traditional wife and mother. She serves a role that is demanding and important.

How little you read and understood of my page is clear by your inane statement, "Divorce isn't always a woman's fault." Duh! I never said or even implied that women were the cause of divorce. Divorce can come from many causes. What I said on my web page is that feminism has caused the divorce rate go from moderately low, to outrageously high. Men cheat more today because of feminism. The attitude that is created in boys in school, by promoting the twisted feminist philosophy, makes it seem just fine to go chasing skirts. Boys are taught that females are "sexually liberated" today. They are all free game, thanks to feminism. Another lie that boys are taught is that females can take care of themselves, they don't need men. All this lying propaganda has been setting up the males in our society for divorce. Also, thanks to feminism, there are women all over the workplace today, so men can have 10 times the opportunity to cheat as they did before. So, yes, men do sometimes cause divorce, but feminism is the root cause of the huge number of divorces today, even when a man caught cheating is listed as the grounds for divorce. Many women today are focused on career instead of family, and that produces weak relationships, cheating, and divorce on her side. Feminism is again the villain. There is no denying that increased feminism has caused increased divorces. That is not women's fault. It is feminism's fault.

I was brought up in a loving home with my real mother and father together in the home for my entire childhood. That may be hard for a feminist to understand, but it was really a great place to grow up. Unfortunately your kids will never know that feeling.


Record 102
11/07/99 02:12:08 PM  
Name: Jamie
Do you consider yourself a feminist? No
How did you find out about my site? from
Where are you from? Michigan
Comments: I am a 14 year old girl. I think that feminists (99%) of them are lesbians whose main goal is just to turn all women against men. Your site is cool and I don't think that women are equal to men. Men are so much stronger than us in a lot of ways. And it is true that women or girls need physical and emotional love from men and that is what makes us truly happy. Feminists die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by Jamie! It is nice to see young ladies who are sticking up for traditional values, and who can already see the phony side of feminism. Please come back again.



Record 101
11/01/99 10:55:48 AM  
Name: Cathy Dawon
Do you consider yourself a feminist? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How did you find out about my site? Exite
Where are you from? NB, Canada
Comments: I can't beleive that there are still uneducated disgusting people like you in the world. It was only by chance that you were not born female. Women are just as capable as men and women who choose to be dominated by any man are in need of some serious soul searching. You're intitled to your opinions but don't convey them as fact when they are indeed fiction!

Cathy, your hypocrisy is showing. The facts on my page are quite valid and it is your point of view that is pure fiction. Each person is entitled to their own opinions, even feminists, as long as they do not use the government to enforce their opinions on the rest of us.

The fact is that it is absurd to say that I could have been born a different sex than I was. If my sex were different, I would no longer be me, but rather someone else. There is certainly no doubt that I could have missed my opportunity for existence, and instead a female child could have been born to my parents at that time, but that child would have been someone else, not myself. (It would have taken a different sperm cell than the one which actually started my life to create a female, and so I could not have been the same person!) The point is that sex is a basic quality of an individual. It affects the construction of the brain as well as the rest of the body. A human female is quite different than a human male. I am a human male. You are therefore in error. (Of course, with your admitting that you are a feminist, it is quite redundant to point that out.)

Your first sentence identified you as a liberal. Note the immediate use of the derogatory adjective, "uneducated". I certainly am not uneducated, and if you read my page you would know that. The fact that I interpret the data of this world differently than yourself, you assert is a sign of lack of education. That is quite arrogant, and it is the type of delusion that seems to walk hand in hand with the feminist philosophy. If you cannot out think your opposition, call them names.

You continued in that same vein, showing how weak your position is, by calling me "disgusting." Now that really accomplishes a lot doesn't it? If I just loaded up my web page with a string of all the hateful words that I could come up with that match how I feel about feminists, that would be just about as intelligent as your post here.

You followed the typical approach to grammar that the feminist usually takes. You stated, "Women are as capable as men…" That is an incomplete thought. Just like the statement, "A woman has the right to choose." (Choose what?) Is all your thinking so incomplete as that? A woman is as capable as a man at doing what? Your assertion is completely false on the face it. Just for an easy proof of that, contemplate this true statement: No woman is as capable as a man at impregnating a woman. A second example is that obviously no man is as capable as a woman at having a baby. Or a third example: no man can nurse a baby. It is therefore clear that men and women are not as capable as each other for all things. So, your statement as it stands is ambiguous, incomplete and of no value whatsoever.

No doubt each one of us could put some "serious soul searching" to good use. There is nothing about a woman who has accepted the leadership of a man, that sets her aside as anything other than normal. Men are naturally the leaders and it is the female leader who is abnormal.

For those who mindlessly use television for their entertainment and news source, there is no doubt complete surprise to find that there are those out there who actually are capable of thinking for themselves. You may be deceived into thinking that all the little sheep in America are going to follow their PC masters wherever they will lead. But if you think that all the normal folks who are happy to live as traditional men and women have gone away because of your twisted little movement, you are deceived indeed. We are still here, and we are here in numbers that should frighten you and all your little feminist friends.

Thanks for dropping by!


Record 100
10/30/99 11:52:18 AM  
Name: Mike and Francesca Williams
Website Title: POOHONEY!
Do you consider yourself a feminist? no
How did you find out about my site? yahoo
Where are you from? San Diego, California
Comments: So far, the ONLY thing I disagree with you on is that men must be the sole bread-winners in a family. If a stay-at-home mom admirably meets her domestic responsibilities and still brings in side income, I see no problem. Stay-at-home moms have had money-earning ventures for millenia--the problem arises when the children come second. I think that Proverbs 31:10-31 supports this view. However, the woman's value lies in her duty to her family, not in her economic exploits. Congratulations on a nice site! It's nice to see that not everyone is spinelessly obedient to "political correctness."

Mike and Francesca, thanks for dropping by the page. Unless you disagree with the idea that a man should be the primary bread winner and a woman is primarily responsible for the home, I don't see any disagreement at all. If you read my article on Proverbs 31 you will see that I never said a woman should not work at home and make a little extra money. It is leaving the home and children, in order to earn a paycheck where the trouble begins.

As far as Political Correctness is concerned, I am utterly at war with it.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!


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Record 99
10/20/99 02:37:29 PM  
Name: Elizabeth York
Do you consider yourself a feminist? no
How did you find out about my site? through lycos
Where are you from? U.S.
Comments: I thoroughly enjoyed your web site. it is refreshing to find people that are not tainted by feminist ideas. I was especially glad to read the comments posted by women, because sometimes it seems that I am the only woman who is conservative and antifeminist. I especially enjoyed the essay about feminism and Christianity. I couldn't tell you how many times I've argued with liberal-so-called-Christians about biblical femininity, and a woman's role in the church. Popular mentality has a complete disregard for the authority of Biblical teachings. My mother and brother and extended family all agree with the liberal thinking, and I am considered to be eccentric, and close-minded, because I condemn homosexuality, abortion, divorce, and the like. Your page was a joy to visit.

Elizabeth, thank you for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts. I thank you, as I do all the traditional women who have done so, for taking the time to sign my guest book. It is important to see that there are others out there besides ourselves who do not march in lock step with the leftists.

It is truly amazing today to see how far away most people have traveled from the things that they claim to value and honor. The Christian forgets what Christianity was originally about. He ignores what the Bible teaches, while seeming to forget that the Bible is where he has his only written knowledge of what Christianity is. The American has completely forgotten what it means to be an American, or what the Founding Fathers originally had in mind. Instead he is concerned only with what the leftists have been saying for the last half century or more. It is quite depressing to see how many conservatives today are only "conserving" the destructive changes that occurred in our society in the 1960s and 1970s.

I wish you the very best. Your (future?) husband and children will be very lucky that you will be the center of their lives!



Record 98
10/20/99 11:12:45 AM  
Name: AC
Website Title: n/a
Do you consider yourself a feminist? not by your definition
How did you find out about my site? surfed onto it
Where are you from? Lincoln, Nebraska
Comments: I am interested in your opinion of the following scenario: A woman works for 14 years as a successful, professional, software development programmer and analyst, often beating out men because she was the more qualified for a particular job. She makes 100K a year. She is not married nor has any children. She loves and respects men and finds a wonderful man and becomes engaged to be married. At age 33, she marries the wonderful man and when they start a family, she chooses to be a fulltime mother at home. She completely fulfills herself and her family's needs. She is a highly intelligent (genius level IQ), fun, engergetic, loving, compassionate person and makes a safe, loving, and educational home for her children for 18 years. She is 100% faithful to her husband in every way and they are very happy together. When the children go off to college and begin their independent lives as well-adjusted, confident adults, she decides to go back to work. Her work as a fulltime mother is done so she goes back to work, realizing such a lapse (18 years) will take it's toll and adapting accordingly. What's wrong with that? Isn't that the best of both worlds? Look at the record low unemployment rate: women aren't taking jobs away from men even when women make up 1/2 of the work force. Women DO make a significant contribution in the work force in many, many ways. Teaching, medicine, science, politics, art, information technology, etc. (and I don't just mean the "masculine-minded" women and lesbians as you stated). Thoughts?

Always! :-)

1) The most important point I have to make is this: I don't care what any woman does as an individual. The only thing that I care about is how the feminists have used the government to force their agenda down the throats of Americans. They have used the courts to sue companies into submission, and to ruin men's lives. They have forced our military to lower its standards, and thereby lessen its ability to protect this nation, just to allow women entry there. They have polluted our entire school system from top to bottom with their twisted world view, and that was done with the aid of our government. Women in the workforce is a destructive and wrongheaded concept, but if we, as a democracy had chosen it for ourselves, on our own, then that would be that. But that is not the way it happened at all. We had it forced upon us by the strong arm of the law. That makes the destruction being wrought upon our citizenry an intentional and outrageous atrocity, put upon our nation, upon our people and mostly upon our children.

2) This woman you discuss is genius level, which places her into a group so small as to be insignificant in the discussion of societal sexual roles. Female geniuses have always tended to be involved in areas outside the norm for females, but according to the book Brain Sex, even the female geniuses tend to be less independent than male geniuses. Of course, any other fact you mention will be "anticlimactic" after you have mentioned her IQ. Shall we base our society on what less than 1 or 2% of the population will share in? I think not.

3) You obviously have missed the point of my web page on going through this scenario. No matter how Pollyanna like of a story you come up with, it will not change the fact that divorce has increased directly as a result of women going into the workplace. The average child today does not live with both of his real parents. Close to two-thirds of children in our society come from broken homes. The child who lives with a single mother or with a step father is far more likely to be abused. No contribution of women, even in the area of medicine, has been significant enough to justify what we are doing to our kids today because of feminism.

4) Women strut around today talking about the contributions that they make in the workplace, but men have been making contributions like that for thousands of years, and they would have continued to do it on their own, and at least as well, without any women trying to "improve" things.

5) At the same time, it is extremely important that children are raised with a mother at home. Nothing that a woman could possibly do in the workplace will make up for the abandonment of her children. (Even the most gifted of men with children, and there are very few of those, do not have the temperament to do what the average mother does.)

6) Feminists worry about creating "power" for women, and as a result, turn their guns upon their one real and natural enemy: defenseless children. First they try to keep children from ever existing at all, by promoting a philosophy of life that puts women in search of a career instead of a family, pushing marriage off into the distant future. Next they try to kill the kids (abortion). Then they attempt to steal their mothers by getting the most important person in that young child's life back to work as quickly as possible after birth. The feminists steal the children's normal home life and replace it with a day care center. Then, as a direct result of the practice of feministic ideas, the children have their fathers taken from them through the act of divorce. Of course now the mother has to work harder than ever and the children see even less of her. After having most of them postponed into non-existence, many of them aborted into very short existence, and the rest treated as if they were nothing but an inconvenience that has to be taken care of, preferably by someone else, is it any wonder that what is left of our children are turning out badly?

7) One last point. There are men who have lived through playing a game of Russian Roulette. Their opponent didn't but they did. Does highlighting their stories, depicting how well they survived the game, in the most vivid detail, make the game any more sane to play? Neither does reciting glowing stories of women who go to work, and everything turns out well, because for every one of those women for whom things work out as well as they did for Cinderella, there are a hundred where working women find their lives in shambles. Every divorce is a disaster, and when children are involved, it is a totally unacceptable event.


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Record 97
10/18/99 07:16:30 AM  
Name: Eric Weaver
Do you consider yourself a feminist? NO
How did you find out about my site? wandering around
Where are you from? DIXIE
Comments: A grand site indeed! Im sure it is a huge hit with the feminist crowd. Gasp! Women stay home and tend to thier children! Such horror, its just unthinkable. Yet the liberals wonder why our children run around and kill eachother. Feminist 1 Children 0 It is fast becoming not only acceptable but rather preferred by the liberals that women are single mothers and it is even viewed by many that men are a danger to the home. With the continued push of socialist views and the liberal agenda this once great nation is going to have a rather ugly new face!

Eric, thanks for dropping by my web page and for sharing your accurate and insightful remarks!


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Record 96
10/13/99 02:08:51 PM  
Name: NOYB
Do you consider yourself a feminist? Yeah and I'm pround to be one
How did you find out about my site? Just from looking at anti-women's rights sites
Comments: UGH, this site really makes me mad. I would really like to know why you are so hateful of women. And I can't believe the nerve you have to suggest that women shouldn't have the right to vote. Do you think that men are more intelligent or something? And so what if men are more athletic and can lift heavier stuff than women. It doesn't make them supieror, and the world does NOT revolve around sports. And women are NOT weak! Who are the ones who live longer? Who are the ones who give birth to children? Who are the ones who can endure more pain? Women have fought hard for years to be given the respect they deserve. If I ever have a daughter, I will teach her that as a woman she doesn't need to sit back and allow a man to take care of her. Hell, it's damn nice, but we were given voices for a reason and it wasn't to scream our mate's name during sex.

Dear NOYB,

So nice of you to drop by and share your frustration and anger with us. It is clear that you did not spend much time on my site or you would realize that I am not hateful of women at all. It is feminists who are hateful of women, and they have proved it over and over again by forcing women into the workplace, even when they would rather be at home with the kids.

It is not so much having nerve, as it is having facts, as to why I suggest that women's suffrage was (and is) a terrible idea. See Ban the 19th. Women are far too prone towards socialism for a free country. We will all be living in a gulag somewhere if we do not stop listening to the votes of women. It is not a question of intelligence but of temperament. See The Unavoidable Bottom Line.

The world may not revolve around sports, but sports are specifically designed to highlight the same skills as war uses. It is for that reason that the poor overall showing that female athletes have made when compared with males, clearly precludes females for any consideration for military service.

As a matter of fact women are weak. Would you like to compare what the world weightlifting records are for men and women? Have you seen any women even competing, let alone winning a world's strongest man's contest? Most feminists even admit this point. Anyone who doesn't is just plain brainwashed beyond intelligent conversation.

Yes women have more longevity and they are mothers (funny as a feminist you should even mention that fact since that is the thing you are running away from the most), and I keep hearing how much pain women can take, even though the labor room does have a lot of yelling in it. That has nothing to do with strength. You can be small and petite and extremely weak and still live a long time and endure a bunch of pain. You are still weak when compared with a man.

Women had respect a long time before the modern feminist movement came along to take it away from them. I knew two of my great grandmothers, who died before the radical feminist movement trashed our women. They were highly respected women and even today their names are spoken of with honor in our family. My grandmothers were the same kind of women and they were honored, and respected for their entire lives. My mother is a big fan of my web page and just can't understand how women like you could get that messed up in your thinking. She, along with all 5 of her sisters are also very honored and respected. If you don't know that my anti-feminist wife of 23 years is honored and respected, then you haven't read much of my page, especially: A Woman's Place. Feminism was never about getting respect for women. It was only about trying to make the lesbians who never fit into our society before, appear to be normal. Feminism has been to try and force our society to forget that there are both men and women in our species and there are big differences between the sexes. Feminism couldn't care less about women. It only cares about power.

What you do during sex should be a private matter, although feminists seem to relish wallowing in crude and obscene conversation. Women have found something to use their voices for, for as long as there have been women. The feminist movement certainly did nothing to increase the use of the female voice. It probably doesn't concern you any more than it does any other feminist, but as women have been more and more "taking care of themselves" they are being murdered, raped and beaten at a far greater rate than ever before. You see when you don't have mothers at home raising their boys, and fathers have been kicked out of the house by divorce, many of those boys grow up to be selfish out of control monsters. Congratulations feminist. You win the prize for contributing to the extreme abuse of women. Enjoy it, because the price for your insane movement has only barley begun to be paid.


Record 95
10/09/99 11:38:27 PM  
Do you consider yourself a feminist? NEVER - I'm a REAL WOMAN
How did you find out about my site? Watching my husband create it!
Comments: What a wonderful website that honors all women. I'm glad someone is speaking up for wives and mothers. Thanks for being the WONDERFUL husband you are - here's to another 23 years!

Record 94
10/09/99 11:15:10 PM  
Do you consider yourself a feminist? HELL NO
How did you find out about my site? wonderin if all men really fell for the PC crap of having themselves look like fools becuse of their gender
Where are you from? USA
Comments: welll,I heard about the battle of the sexes boxing match..and I WASNT surprised,Mcgregor is more skilled than Chow and bigger physicaly.I dont really think it was a match that was fair to show how much powerful males are to women in strength.I mean the woman was more skilled,she was a martial artist and I heard chow had problems with his sytem before the fight(wich I dont think REALLY matters though)this fight was balogna it was awkward and I bet there are alot of women outhere who now think they are just completly EQUAL to men in all ways! BAH! the match was like putting a grown woman against a 13yr old male who had no stamina wahtsoever! DAMN now if people want to play this game then it means its OK to HIT WOMEN? well they are EQUAL in ALL ways right? so just being a female shouldnt give her special rights that say becuse of her gender her body is worth more than a mans? HELL NO! hitting women is WRONG becuse they are WEAKER! I bet if I were to hit a woman it would STILL be worse than hitting a man. anyways chow is a stupid yo yo who even LOST his 2 previous matches what a joke,hey I agree with you somewhat about this website,I been here a couple months ago and disnt disagree with too much.I forget what you think about this but I dont really think being male or female makes you smarter its just men are more agressive so they pursue things more


You are right. Hitting a woman is wrong, because she is weaker, more prone to bruising, and emotionally less aggressive than a man. Women are to be protected by men, not beaten up by them!

This was the first I had heard of the match you referred to. I could see obviously it was a joke. So, I went out on the net and looked it up, and sure enough, it put a woman pro-boxer against a man who is today a jockey, and who had previously only fought 2 fights in his life -- that was over 3 years ago -- and he had lost them both. He has never won a professional fight, ever! He was not even scheduled to fight this one originally. He was the trainer of another fighter, Hector Morales (who incidently said his mother did not want him hitting a woman). Morales could not come, so Chow filled in at the last minute. Even so, she only out pointed him, apparently not hurting him at all. Even many members of the female boxing crowd called it a shameless sideshow!

When you see a woman win the world title in any legitimate weight category, there may be some point to this discussion, but that is not going to happen, because there is no woman alive who can stay with the best man in any weight division, or any of the top men in any weight division. I remember the Silver Bullets female baseball team running all over the country, with the very best female talent in the nation, and they played against second rate men's teams. Their record was abysmal, something like 4 - 37 in the one year that I tracked what they were doing. It would be like the World Champions of MLB playing against sandlot teams and losing almost all of their games. Female athletes are second rate. There are of course second rate male athletes too, and so some women can beat some men on rare occasions, but the very best woman will always lose to the best 20% or 30% of the best men, and 90% of women will lose to the average man.

You are right that men are more aggressive, bigger and stronger than women. If that were all there were to it, given equal intelligence, that would be enough to put men in charge, as they have been throughout history. However, there is also proof now of mental differences in normal men and women. The male and female brains are physically different and they view reality differently. The brains of men and women have different strengths and weaknesses, as well as different emotional characteristics. (See The Unavoidable Bottom Line. )

Thanks for stopping by my page and sharing your thoughts. -Al-


Record 93
10/09/99 09:42:36 PM  
Name: Caveman Al
Website Title: The Chauvinist Corner
Do you consider yourself a feminist?

No way!

I changed my guest book provider and saved my old Guest Book entries in a seperate file.

The First GUEST BOOK entries you can find at:



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