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Record 92
Name: Tracey Taylor
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-10-08 18:19:00
Comments: Great website! I am a woman, and do agree with everything here, including repealing of the 19th Amendment. (especially after reading all the pages on why women shouldn't vote!) Thank you for the informative articles.

Thank you  for dropping in  and sharing your words of support! Please come back often.


Record 91
Name: A radical feminist
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Canada
Time: 1999-10-07 09:05:00
Comments: Hi al, I just red some of your articles. I found them interesting and I respect your opinions even if I totally disagree with the largest part of them. First of all, I am a radical feminist but I am not lesbian and I don't hate men. In your article "I'm not feminist but..." you're asking feminists to make a sexist effort. I am comfortable with that. I can make some sexist efforts sometimes. For example, I can admit that the largest part of candidates for some physical demanding jobs are men and I strongly respect a woman who give up a full time job for taking care of her children. But I see that you and some other men will never be ready for a little non-sexist effort. For example, admitting the fact that many women who had skills for some jobs have been rejected only because of their gender, admitting the fact that many women have been forced into homemaking or admitting the fact that some ultra-sexist societies are far of being perfect. In history some women have done important contribution but this fact is also denied. The vast majority of women I know are very good and competitive in some area and, fortunately, they have the opportunity to make their skills useful. I can't see something wrong with that. As long as not all men won't be able of some non-sexist efforts, radical feminists like me will exist. A question came in my little feminist's head after seeing your webpage. Every young girl have some women for models. If you had a daughter, who would you want her to admire in the famous women you know? I'm sorry for my english and for making people's lives such a nightmare!

The fact that you admit that women are not qualified for all jobs, disqualifies you from the title radical feminist today. In fact any man who says that is labeled a sexist pig by the N.O.W. leadership. I have listened to the radical feminist state quite unequivocally that staying home "is no longer an option for women today" because it limits their horizons. You are a feminist but your only radical stance is your anti-feminist leaning towards supporting homemakers.

I admit that most men are forced into going to work each day. They would naturally much rather go out and play golf or go fishing than earning a paycheck. The absurd claim that women are forced into their roles and men are not is really getting old. Most men do not want to be soldiers. Most men do not what to be tied down to a 9 to 5 job every day. Wake up and smell the coffee. Life is tough and you have to do things that you do not necessarily want to do. If you are going to be a positive part of a family and a society, you have to give up some of the selfish tendencies that you have. A man has to give up chasing women, no matter how much he likes it, when he gets married. He takes on the responsibility of supporting a family. Many men take that responsibility so seriously that they end up dying young from the hard and hazardous work that they have taken on in support of the family. Look at all the graves around battlefield and see where men have sacrificed everything for their society and their families.

When a company chooses to hire a man who is supporting a family, over a women who is not, that is a good and honorable thing to do, regardless of the qualifications of the candidates. It is a pro-family policy to have. It is the policy that most companies had in the past. In addition to that, young women often leave their jobs to get married or to have and raise children. Women are a different risk for longevity and dependability on the job. The world is sexist because there are serious differences between the sexes.

Perhaps the biggest point you are overlooking is that it is contrary to a free society to have the government telling companies who they must hire and who they must promote. If a company should decide that it will be more profitable by hiring an all male staff then it should have that right. If on the other hand, it feels that an all female staff will do better, then it should be allowed to do that. If a company feels that it will be more profitable with a mixed staff of males and females, then it should have the right to hire them. The flaw of feminism, the thing which is destroying our society, is the fact that feminism is being enforced upon the population by the government. That is oppressive and an extreme infringement upon our freedom as a people. We do not choose whether we accept or reject feminism. The government chooses for us.

While feminism focuses on the small inequities of life for the abnormal woman who is actually more driven to career rather than family, they have created a nightmare for the normal, family-oriented woman. She is dragged to work, and taken away from her children, often going through a divorce and left with being a single mother.

The best thing in the world that the government can do is get out of the way! Let society go the way it wants to naturally go, rather than have some small special interest group enforcing their views upon all the others by law. There is where the greatest injustice will always be found.

If I had a daughter I would want her to admire the most admirable women in the world that I have known: my wife, my mother, my grandmother and great-grandmother. These ladies have all been exceptional women who were focused on their families, and who were there for their children. These moral and energetic women all had an input in making me who I am today. They are the reason that I admire women so much, and understand that a home is not possible without a mother there to run it.

Thanks for stopping by. -Al-

Record 90
Name: FeministBitch
Website: Feminist Bitch Speaks
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-10-03 22:23:00
Comments: Roles work well enough if you happen to fit them. But what of the men who don't fit the competitive breadwinner mold, or the women who are not social and nurturing by nature? And what of those who want to pursue work for neither "breadwinning" or "nurturing" purposes: the scientists, the artists, the poets, the scholars?

Also, regarding the "fragile" woman, this idealization was the luxury of the middle-to-upper classes. Working-class women always labored as hard as the men they worked beside.

As an antidote to your heavy nostalgia, I suggest you read a book called The Way We Never Were. If things aren't perfect now, they certainly weren't "in the good old days." For millenia people have been bitching that things aren't as good as they used to be; some things never change. ;-)

By the way, I notice a lot of references to Christianity and the Bible on these anti-feminist sites. Are you planning on eliminating atheism and agnosticism as well as feminism and the 19th Amendment?

I find it interesting that you call yourself a feminist-female dog in your name. The term "bitch," when applied to a woman, originally referred to a slut who was so sexually loose that she would mate with any man, just like a bitch (female dog) in heat. There was no greater insult then, or for that matter now, than to call a woman a dog. Yet today, thanks to the feminists, such a label is taken with pride. It ranks right up there with the other "accomplishments" of this insane and destructive movement.

As is typical of the feminist, your only concern is for the abnormal and the non-feminine woman. Those who do not fit the traditional roles of course will have a harder time of it, just as they always have in American society, or for that matter, in any other society. What the feminist fails to mention, or even give a thought to, is the vast majority of women who do fit the traditional roles, and because of feminism, are forced out of their normal role. Totalitarian governmental rule over the majority by any minority is not what a representative republic is supposed to be.

No matter what pursuit a woman desires, it is not, as the feminists demand, the role of the government to pave her path for her and force others to support that pursuit in any way. Businesses are not morally obligated to hire any women at all if they choose not to. (The only consideration should be the policy of the company itself as to whom it will hire or not.) We find that in the past when a woman was truly driven into science or the arts, she managed to work in those areas. Yes, she was a misfit, but she did what she wanted to do. The destructive interference of the government into our societal norms has been terminal for our families and is creating an egalitarian nightmare, where men have to walk on eggshells around women at work to avoid law suits and the loss of their jobs. Complete departments have been created in all large companies, specifically to deal with the problems created in the workplace by the entrance of women into it.

You completely missed the point of The Fragile Female article. The point is that the feminists claim women are interchangeable with men, that they can walk into the workplace and do the same job as men, but when you look at what has happened, it belies that claim. Law suits, and government regulations have completely taken over businesses in the United States, all to support the Fragile Female.

As far as women working hard, I never said that they did not! Any housewife with children today works as hard as her husband does. Yet, throughout human history there has always been the division of labor between men's work and women's work, equally hard but geared towards the strengths of the individual gender. That is not nostalgia but fact!

The leftist takeover of our country in the 1960s made real changes that were preplanned. Those changes have been very destructive to our society. To try and paint all commentary showing up those faults and negative consequences of that movement as mere nostalgia is absurd and dishonest.

I cannot speak for any other anti-feminist site. On my page, I have a section dedicated to overthrowing the absurd concept of a "feminist Christian." The Bible is completely against feminism and therefore so is any legitimate form of Christianity (since the Bible is the only source of knowledge about it). I am not promoting that religion on my page. My page attacks feminism upon rational, and biological grounds, and those grounds are sufficient to logically rip feminism to shreds.


Record 89
Name: Tariq Khan
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Australia
Time: 1999-09-12 22:31:00
Comments: Hi Al,. I think the current shape of feminism has the seeds of self-destruction firmly planted in itself. When a movement is based on a painful emotion like hatred it cannot last very long. In fact I have reached the point in my understanding where I no longer consider this issue to be worthy of my time. I consider it a passing trend. A fashion of times. Sure it can affect those of us who live in this time and we must take appropriate actions to guard ourselves against its vileness, but that is as far as I m gonna get involved. I will try to marry a girl who will not blindly subscribe to whatever current radical-feminism teaches, and if I have a daughter I will try to keep her from getting brainwashed by the all-powerful/all-mighty western media which currently specializes in teaching misandry. Hatred (especially for opposite gender) requires so much negative emotional investment and makes one so much miserable that even if it results in one’s acquiring some seemingly worthwhile “tangible” benefits, in the end that person is a loser. And that I certainly wouldn’t wish upon any woman I love. I sometimes read the feminist entries in guest books and I see so much pain behind the obscenities and cussing. Imagine someone desiring to “cutting up” members of opposite gender ( SCUM ). What criminal insanity! And what morbid, sadistic pleasure that thought must give to a sick mind. The sad thing is, that pain is based on the misperception and the distorted view of reality. Based on that alone I can say women 30 years ago were happier. You don’t know how lucky you are to be married to that fine woman ( and she doesn’t know how lucky she is to be so peaceful and happy with her husband in times when it is considered almost shameful to be happy with, or appreciative of, one’s husband). My respects to the respectable lady in your life—Tariq.

I think that, while it is true that feminism is doomed, and it will ultimately self destruct, we must still take a stand against it. We must speak out, and not just hide around the corner and watch the spectacle. Remember that communism has the exact same seeds of self destruction within it. It is just a matter of time before any communistic nation will fall into bankruptcy and chaos. Better than just standing by knowingly, and letting communism take over our society, and allowing it to run its inevitable course, is to fight it every step of the way. I am glad that there were those who stood up against it in the 1950s. While socialism, the maggot stage of communism, is growing rapidly, things are far better today because right thinking men have stood their ground. In a like manner, feminism must be opposed, in order to save our families and to protect our women and children from what will come if we do not.

You are absolutely right that feminists often display some serious psychological problems. To be filled with that much rage and hatred, is bound to take a serious mental toll. The vile language, the lashing out, the foaming at the mouth hysteria, are each a sign of complete frustration and a serious imbalance in their emotional state. They deserve pity, but they do not deserve acceptance of their insanity, by our society, our government, or our schools. Insanity should be treated, not followed!

Tariq you are wrong! I do know how lucky I am to be married to that fine woman. My wife and I often discuss the unhappy feminists and how lucky that we are to live outside of that whole diseased mindset. We are happy, and aware of how many other people are not, as their marriages deteriorate into divorce, while ours just gets better and better.

When you find the right girl, with your attitude, you will be assured a long and happy marriage. Your wife will be lucky to have such a husband, and you two, from your happy state, will look at that chaos created by feminism and shutter at how people could willingly choose to live like that, and destroy their own happiness, and the future of their own children.


Record 88
Name: Louis
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: (gulag archipelago) Canada
Time: 1999-09-01 14:48:00
Comments: Greetings Al; Just want to add my support to your very informative site. Isn't it funny that the founders of the modern feminist movement all hail from the same "tribe"? Just an observation which I know you can't really express.

There are a number of things about the feminist movement that should make Americans, and those who are following her, sit up and take notice. The movement is one that breeds self-destructive behavior, and anti-social behavior. It is focused on destroying the tradition family, which is in line with liberal causes in general which are focused on destroying traditional America. Why do Americans tolerate it? If they could ever pull their heads away from their television sets long enough to think a thought of their own they wouldn't tolerate it. Not for a second.

Your point is indeed beyond the scope of this web page. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! -Al-

Record 87
Name: Nicole
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-08-13 10:53:00
Comments: I don't agree with your webpage at all. First of all, some feminists may hate men, but not all of them do. That's like saying that civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King were racist because they wanted black people to be equal. Second of all, women are not weak. We live longer then men, and we can handle pain better. Also, who are you to say that all women like being sex objects? I do not consider myself a sex object, and most women I know do not consider themselves as sex objects. Yeah, there are some women who like dressing and acting like a whore, but most women are not like that.


Of course it is absurd to say that all people of any category have any characteristic. For example to say that all feminists have 2 legs is wrong because some have one leg or no legs due to accident or birth defects. So, to say that all feminists hate men is absurd. However the net result of the feminist movement has been to express a hatred of men and even more so a hatred of children. (Note the latchkey kids and an even more clear statement of their hatred look at the over 30 million dead babies.)

You are completely out of touch with reality if you think that women are not weaker than men. I did not say that women are short lived, I said that they are weaker. For your educational benefit, that means that men can lift more weight than women can. That is a fact that only a brainwashed ideologue would even consider debating. It has been demonstrated over and over again that women cannot compete with men on an equal basis physically. In each area where the government has forced its agencies to accept women into their ranks (e.g. military, police force, FBI, fire departments) the physical standards for that agency had to be lowered in order to allow women entry. That is documented proof that women are weaker than men are, for anyone so simple of brain to not have been able to figure it out for themselves.

Your use of the word "all" is once again inappropriate. The point of my page on the area of "sex objects" is that women who wear short skirts (short shorts, low cut blouses, skimpy bathing attire at the pool or beach, etc. etc.) are doing so because they are interested in being thought of as sex objects. This includes many of the feminists who were leaders in the feminist movement as well as many women who have entered the business community. The feminist movement was a driving force in the "sexual liberation" of women, which only intensified the view of men that women were sex objects. Interesting that you should use the word "whores" to describe these feminists. The net result of the feminist movement has been to severely decrease the chances that a women getting married will be a virgin, and to increase the chances that she will have the morals of the type of women to whom you referred.


Record 86
Name: Tariq Khan
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Australia
Time: 1999-08-08 01:09:00
Comments: Hi Al, this is me again. The more I understand feminism the more I realize what a conspiracy of mammoth proportions it is against men. But alas, most men still don't take it seriously enough. The most sickening of all is "politically correct/feminist controlled" media. I will let you in on a secret. Wanna be rich and famous soon? Write a book (any type fiction/non-fiction) which systematically degrades men and exalts women and get ready for reviews which call it "fresh" and "authentic". Include the mandatory bit about the mutilation of male genitals by females and it will also be "refreshingly funny". I just hope sites like yours do wake up men to what is going on. Women around the world are getting governments to pass all sorts of laws in their favour while most men don't even know what is going on. Please do continue this important work. You have my full moral support.


Your insight is right to the point, accurate in every detail, and very much appreciated, as is your moral support!

The media, in any democracy is the single most powerful entity there is. Especially when one of the media is a device as mentally controlling as the television. It is clear that those who control the media are leftist and are in full support of the feminist cause. There is no other way that so much damage could have been done so quickly to our once stable and strong families.


Record 85
Name: Veteran's Wife
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: PA
Time: 1999-08-06 04:01:00
Comments: Dear Al, 'Am continually amazed,,, how one "darned website" has caught the attention from people across the globe. Was not aware how America's busy-body legislations have slammed India's culture with both barrels. So much for diversity and tolerance! These mens' responses have prompted a question in this reader's mind, concerning politically fashionable ideas on how India has treated it's pooooorrr women. If the feminist's are quoting the Rg Veda, like they've doing to Aristotle's Politics, (only read portions, but was surprised to learn...) stands to reason, India's grandmothers were not (all) despised, and brutalized vi(iii)ctims of their nation's grandfathers. Gee, would not the same follow suit within Islamic cultures, as well? At the risk of sounding like some lil'-Miss-Polly...seasoned men may assert, that nothing can be done to reclaim what's right. Respectfully, I disagree. What one person can do, via internet--and snail-mail... Meanwhile, the namby-pambyists are busy lobbying foot-ins, barging into a men's houses, (he wasn't even home) and going through their things. You're right about the junk that's being pandered on television--while viewers passively consume, for hours on end. Even those "science" programs are politically warped. Susan B.


Your words are pearls. Thank you for placing them in my guest book.

I feel that one most disgusting thing above all others that feminism has done (aside from slaughtering 30 million babies) is to heap contempt upon all the wonderful wives and mothers of the past. All those great women, who raised well their families, usually large families, are the reason we are here today. To degrade those noble women by telling our daughters that those women were stupid, unfulfilled, slaves is as low as anyone can go.

I agree with you completely! The feminists care not for culture, history or truth. They will twist and mold all of these and more in order to promote their lying cause. With the media in full support behind them, there is great need for all people who are aware of what is going on to speak up in whatever manner they have available to them. We must all be silent no longer!


Record 84
Name: Myers Davis
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Tennessee
Time: 1999-07-21 10:41:00
Comments: Outstanding information!

Myers, thank you for signing the guest book and for your kind words. -Al-

Record 83
Name: Anupam Singh
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: New Delhi, INDIA.
Time: 1999-07-20 00:47:00
Comments: Dearest AL, You and Tariq Khan(#84) seem to have taken umbrage to my letter. My friend, I never meant to insult your culture (I do realise that you are a patriot) but whether you like it or not that is the "culture" that is being forced down the throats of the third world, and the majority of Americans themselves seem to believe in it ("you are not a real man" unless you are pro-feminist).

I suppose it is obvious that I am frustated, tell me, don't I have reason to be? If you keep up to dated with current events, you may have heard that in the recent Kargil crisis,700 Indian soldiers(mostly aged 22-23) have died an inglorious death at 7000 mts. above sea level,;so have the pakistanis-this is not about who's at fault--ultimately both sides have lost young men---but the Damn Press still thinks it (and us) needs to thank the "men and women of the Indian Army--though it is a fact that in India--not one woman is in active combat(fortunately we have not risked the safety of our borders with Pakistan,China, atleast till now!). The maximum sympathy is also being shown for widows of dead soldiers---tell me now,what the hell is a man supposed to think?

The fact remains that women in our country our being "artificially propped up" by Parliamentary legislation and stupid anti-male Law courts.

Why I said "we cant do anything"----is because we(men) have no unity--we know it--history is cyclical they say, let's see when this wheel comes full circle. PS:1: Women may have "higher verbal" skills etc.(Shakespeare, anyone?) but the fact is that the greatest living writer in the English language is still a Man--V.S.Naipaul--feminists can check up on that. PS:2:Dearest Michelle (#85), I am not a Muslim, but I still say Shut your mouth and go and see the "middle east" for yourself and then pass judgement, The SHARIYAT gives more than Equal rights to women--penalty for Rape is Stoning to Death! You know you are not a man's equal ,however if you love to live in fantasies rather than reality, so be it, but women will never rule the world.

My Dear Anupam, I merely wished to point out that your negativity, while quite understandable was not going to be productive. A depressed man cannot even break paper chains because he has no will to do so.

Your complaint about what passes for American culture today is certainly valid. I just wanted to point out to you that the culture I grew up in is not the one which has taken over America today. The average American has had little to do with creating this culture. The greatest failing of the normal, average American today is his stupid addiction to the television. If there is one single thing which allowed the cultural cancer to run wild in America, and therefore the world, it is the television. Those who control the television have no love for real American culture. They are primarily responsible for all of the changes that you and I find so distressing. Since many Americans have unfortunately bought in to the destructive ideas put forward by those who control the television, you of course are right in condemning them for it. But remember that your people are also buying into those same stupid ideas and they are just as responsible for their mistakes. What you and I need to focus on are those who originated and propagated the ideas in the first place! They are the real villains!

I too am sick and tired of hearing about the "men and women" of the armed services, when in reality it is only the men who have done anything of consequence in the military. It is all part of the same package. The constant wearing away of resistance by the continual dripping of water. It is always there and slowly forces people to change their minds, not through logic or information but by mental control.

A woman in the military is a useless wife and mother. She can't be there for her family as she should be. So, I don't have a lot of sympathy for any man who marries one. A widow of a soldier on the other hand I have a great deal of sympathy for. So, I agree with giving them the honor and sympathy they deserve. They made a great sacrifice in the defense of your country. The sick and twisted part of the equation is that we are told we should both treat women as something special (which I agree with) and we are supposed to treat women just like men (which is ridiculous). That leads to confusion, and confusion, is just what these propaganda specialists love. Confusion makes people pliable because they have nothing solid to hold on to, nothing with which to compare and evaluate by. Logic and reality are made to look wrong in the politically correct way of viewing things. If you cannot rely upon your own powers of observation, then how can you tell what is true and what is false? You grow up and you see that girls are completely different than boys. They think differently, they are weaker and less aggressive. You know this from personal experience. Then along comes the government to tell you that your observations are all wrong. You are forced to think in such a way as to accept falsehood as truth and truth as falsehood. Once the evaluation of truth is taken away from your own powers to observe and analyze, and is instead put into the hands of the government you are doomed.

Women in the workplace are being artificially propped up everywhere they exist. How else would they even be there? The men are kept off balanced by the crazy laws that have enforced the acceptance of women in places where they don't fit in or belong. You are absolutely right that men are going to have to join forces and rid our society of the ones in government who force things like feminism upon us.

The edge that females have in verbal skills is mostly lost by the time students reach the university level. Women do process language differently than men and many of them make excellent translators. There are plenty of men who are very good with words, and we do not need any women working in any area to make that area function at a maximum level. Women add nothing of consequence to any workplace which men could not do at least as well. Being able to get your point across is all well and good, but you must have a point to get across first, and Shakespeare certainly stood head and shoulders above any other playwright on that score. Men are more prone to be geniuses than women are, and that includes the area of verbal expression. On average, women can find the right word for what they wish to say easier than the average man can. They learn to read easier and younger than males do. More males have to go into remedial reading courses in the younger years. But, as I said, by the university level the males have caught up in their reading skills and their natural competitiveness tends to push them right past the females in all areas of academic endeavor. Even though the colleges promote having females in every course of study, men still dominate them all, if not in numbers, at least in position. In areas where women can almost hold their own with men (e.g. law) they congregate in large numbers.

I think your message to Michelle can stand on its own.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! -Al-

Record 82
Name: Sam
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-07-19 12:10:00
Comments: Al, It's been a pleasure reading your responses to the posts here. I must say-- you're good! What I find utterly perplexing, though, is why things that are so obvious to people like you and me are a source of so much slipping and sliding to others. It's as if they live in another universe. But I guess such is life. I wish I had more time to contribute to the guest book, but the demands of life make it difficult. For now, I'd like to back up and add to your response in post 82 where you stated that younger women tend to have higher verbal and reading skills, and men have far better math and science skills. The results of this difference have been obvious to me from my own experience. I am an engineer (which requires higher math and science skills) and am currently attending law school (which requires higher verbal and reading skills). The percentage of female students at my law school is a little over 50% (of total students), while the percentage of female engineering students at my alma mater has stubbornly held at around 20% for the past several years. Moreover, these statistics are typical for universities across America. As far as intelligence (as measured by IQ tests) is concerned, I think the sexes are, on the whole, nearly equal, although the very most intelligent people in the world are probably almost entirely men. However, from what I've seen, men (whether they're engineers or attorneys) are clearly more competitive than women. Men by nature tend to be status seekers; women tend not to. And I think that's interesting. I'll be posting again at some point. Until then, keep up the good work.


Thank you for the kind words. I am not as perplexed as I once was as to why people are so confused on what should be very simple issues. What is the single most powerful thought, and behavior modifying, device in America today? What do most Americans rely on to determine what is right and wrong in the areas of society and politics? Is it not the mass media generally, and the television specifically? The owners of the mass media, for almost this entire century, have not been mainstream Americans. They do not have their roots in Europe, as America does, nor are they Christians, as most Americans are. Is it the least bit surprising then, that they have been using their power to mold America into something new, something foreign and something which completely fails to fit the needs and wants of the majority of Americans?

The power of the television is more responsible for the destructive changes in our society than any other single force. It took centuries to change Rome and pull it down, because they did not have television to speed the process along like America has. We have been conquered in mere decades, because of the ability of the television to amplify change with its regenerative feedback.

Every single destructive change that has occurred over the last 40 years has been imposed upon us through the propaganda of the media, which distorted each of these issues. A story which supported their agenda received front page billing, and was written in a very positive manner. Any story which opposed their agenda, was routinely covered up completely. If it should make it into the news, it was written in a very negative manner and/or buried way back in the "who cares" section of the news. After the news has finished its nightly propaganda session, next the nightly television "entertainment" propaganda sessions begin. They are just as blatantly pushing the same agenda, because they are owned and controlled by the same people. It is not an accident and it is not going to fix itself.

Anyone who watches television on a very regular basis is going to mostly believe what the media owners want them to believe. The vast majority of citizens liked their society of the 1950s. Today, nearly every one of their most cherished and important beliefs have been eradicated. Their world class schools have been destroyed, many of their safe and crime free neighborhoods have been turned into drug infested war zones, and their system of ethics is, well let's face it, gone. You would have been hard pressed to find many Americans on the street who believed that abortion was an option in the 1950s. They thought it was murder, and so did the vast majority of doctors. Today, thanks to the brainwashing of the media, there is great support for abortion. Even those who don't like it still tolerate it.

Abortion is only one issue, but there are many other issues, including feminism. People are confused on these issues because they have turned their minds, and their families' minds over to those who own and operate the media. It is as simple as that.

Your insights into the professional world are most appreciated. They match very closely what the book Brain Sex has documented. Most leaders are both intelligent and competitive, and that is why men have always been the predominate leaders throughout history in all societies. Society mirrors biology. Societal sexual roles came from the biological differences between the sexes. Throughout history, it is not a question of the society forcing the roles upon the sexes but rather the sexes forcing the roles onto the society. That is why the older system worked so much better. That is why marriages used to last and they don't any more. That is why feminism has caused so much harm to everyone it touches. Feminism IS FORCING ROLES UPON THE SEXES! It is the very thing that it claims to be fighting against. It is forcing women and men into doing that which is not natural. It can never work in the long term. It will fall of its own weight.

Feminism never could have come this far on its own either. Look at the stance that the media has taken on feminism. Where do you see any criticism of it, even in its most radical forms? Instead you see news shows on all the local stations being anchored by females. Female reporters are everywhere. Every time there is an issue that might affect women, the media runs to the lesbian controlled, numerically insignificant, National Organization of Women to find out what the "women's point of view" is. In television "entertainment" shows, they put women into every unnatural position they can think of in order to make feminism seem more natural. In the media, total support is all that you will ever see for feminism. Is it any wonder that the movement has been so effective in destroying our society?

In my opinion, anyone who uses the television as entertainment (especially for children!) should have his head examined. And anyone who uses television to keep informed on issues is a fool. It is like drinking from a poisoned fountain and expecting health as a result. The truth is not available on the television and that is a plain and simple fact.

Thanks for your supportive and insightful comments! -Al-

Record 81
Name: Michelle
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-07-15 11:15:00
Comments: I am really offended by your website. You talk about how men are superior to women. Who are you to say what a women should and shouldn't do with her life? If a women wants to work in the workplace instead of being a homemaker, that's her choice. If she wants to play sports, that's her choice. If she wants to get an abortion, that's her choice. If she wants to enter the military, that's her choice. No one has the right to tell a women what she can and cannot do. If you don't think that women should have any rights in this country, then I suggest that you get the hell out of this country and move to one of the middle eastern countries where women are treated like slaves!

Michelle, you are somewhat confused and it is distressing you. You see I am attempting to stop people like you from forcing their ideas upon America. If the government were not involved in the feminist movement it would be a non-issue. Most women would love to stay home with their kids and raise them correctly. It is people like you who have created the situation where many of these women are confused into thinking they "have to work." We have a school system which is programming our little girls into thinking housewives are idiots and useless women. We have a court system which forces industries to hire and promote women, not based on merit but upon gender. That is oppression and totalitarianism. It is also suicidal for our country.

I never said that women could not play sports. I only said that they do not play sports as well as men. It is a fact and you are not a very observant person if you believe otherwise.

You greatly error when you make the erroneous claim that a woman has the "right" to join the military. No one has the right to join the military. Only those who fully qualify can be selected to go into the military. The military is NOT a social experiment. It is the only defense our country has from aggression from outside our borders. It must be the strongest it can be, and that means only the best, and most physically fit can be accepted for service. It is clear that women do not measure up because the military has repeatedly lowered its standards to allow women to enter. That is treason pure and simple, because it weakens our military. People like you don't care whether America is defended. You only care about yourselves and your agenda.

You also error in your claim that a woman has the right to kill her child. No one has that right. No one.

It is completely ignorant of you to say that my page proclaims in any way that women have no rights. Women have always had rights in America and those rights which they have always had, I defend enthusiastically. A woman has the right to walk her streets in safety, even at night. A woman has the right to be provided for by her husband. A woman has a right to be a homemaker if she chooses and to be home when her children are. A woman has a right to expect to be treated like a lady in public. These are the rights a woman always had in America before the feminist infection hit. I support those rights completely.

Just because your ideas have been forcibly installed the last few decades by our tyrannical courts does not mean that you have taken final possession of my country. You have no right or authority to ask me to leave the land of my birth and of my ancestors. I will stay and I, or my children will see your insane feminism fall into the dust where it belongs.


Record 80
Name: Tariq Khan
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-07-12 12:02:00
Comments: This is in response to our friend Anupum Singh (letter 83). I agree with almost everything you have said except the bit about "we can't do anything". My friend, we can and we should. Anti feminst movement is not all about this site maintained by some guy "Al". It is about educating men and raising their consciousness about the prejudices and discrimination against them. Only then men will unite and once united they will become a force to be reckoned with. Also keep in mind that every movement at first is weak and seems hopeless ( study the history of feminism )but with persistence it gains strenght and momentum and achieves results. I m not saying this all is gonna be easy but if we quit trying we will MAKE SURE that nothing will happen. Warm Regards.

Well said Tariq!

-Some guy named Al- :-)

Record 79
Name: Anupam Singh
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: New Delhi, INDIA
Time: 1999-07-11 13:38:00
Comments: If there is one thing I positively despise, it is American culture, not only has it ruined the lives of Americans themselves, it has also crushed our 5000 year old culture. The greatest disease we have imported from the "developed" world is the Feminist movement. Any anti-male law(and other man hating prejudices) that is passed in USA, soon reaches India-as it is a "progressive nation. "With the highest divorce rate on planet earth and a multi billion dollar porn industry, you have probably slipped into the worst moral decline ever known to mankind(oops, "human kind"). Forget it Al, you can do nothing with the help of a darned website.

I trust it is just your frustration speaking. You have to realize that feminism is completely unnatural and that in the long run it must fall. This web page will help any who have their brains turned on, to realize that more people out there can see the insanity of feminism than they might of thought before. That can bolster up their courage to actually voice their opinions in public. Once enough people stop pretending that feminism should be taken seriously and start ridiculing it as it should be, you would be surprised how quickly it can be driven underground where it belongs.

Oh and by the way it is not American culture you have a problem with. It is the mass media's culture which has been created for the most part since 1960 by those who own the media. The American people originally opposed every one of the destructive changes which has happened since then. The controlled courts force things like feminism and abortion upon us, without our consent. I believe a revolution is in our future where these wrongs can be set right once again, and the real American culture will reappear.


Record 78
Name: Feminist
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Ohio
Time: 1999-07-09 12:59:00
Comments: You said in your website that all feminists hate men. Not all of feminists hate men. And you say that you don't hate women, but on your website you talk about how us women are inferior to men. You talk about how every women should be a homemaker and should be taking care of her children. You can't convince me that every women on the planet would automatically make a wonderful homemaker just because she's a women. I find it very insulting that you think women shouldn't have the right to vote. I get the impression that you don't think that women are as intelligent as men are. Well, it is a proven fact that women, in general, are more intelligent then men. Deny it all you want, but it's true.

A term like "all" is of course going to cover the fringe elements who do not understand what it is they are talking about. There are no doubt some stay at home moms who never have had a job outside of the house and never will who consider themselves feminists. When I use the term "all" I am referring to the prohibitive majority. I hope this clears that up for you.

All serious feminists do hate real men. They hate men who rule, men who lead, and men who refuse to be dominated by the feminist agenda. They may be sexually attracted to males, but they hate masculinity. You can see the hate in the names they try to label men with and you can see it in their actions. The feminist movement has been driven by the man-hating lesbian NOW leadership, who have provided us with such witty slogans as, "A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle." That is man hating in my book.

There are women who are terrible homemakers. There are women also who are retarded. Do we then set up our society for the incompetent and the mentally defective? We do if we are feminists. But the saner members of society realize that our laws and customs must reflect the vast majority's capabilities and tendencies not the tiny minority's. Again, the vast majority of women would make excellent homemakers, and they should be given that opportunity. Feminism is doing all that it can to remove that opportunity and that is what I am fighting against.

If the truth is insulting to you, it is unfortunate. Women have demonstrated a clear inability to vote with their brains instead of their hearts. They have put men into office of a liberal mind, and slowly destroyed our system of government. Today we are on the verge of slipping into chaos, followed by a police state, thanks to our soft hearted women. Women are intelligent. In some areas their brains work better than men's. In others they are not as good. Men and women are different from each other, mentally and physically. Live with it because it isn't going away. We even know why now. (See the Bottom Line) Women have an emotional makeup which helps them to be great mothers. They are softer and easier, wishing to "make nice" and wishing for everyone to "just get along." They (again, the majority of women) will not make the hard choices required to run a government free from the socialism that is destroying America today.

Actually the female IQ is slightly lower than the male IQ but it is negligible. Females tend to score higher in verbal skills and in reading, especially in the earlier years of life. Males are far better in math and science skills. So, the facts are out there to see. Denial of the facts, if it is to come will be from yourself.


Record 77
Name: Paul
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Australia
Time: 1999-07-06 04:35:00
Comments: Al- I was not very clear in my previous letter (No. 79). When I said "site", I meant "manhood forum" (which is one part of the site) which is still down and which is where men were postings. I don't like that site much, anyway. It is more of those sites which concentrate on making men "better" so that this world can be a better place. Their main interest is not in addressing prejudices against men. This is the reason I believe that may have shut down the forum intentionally, because lately the comments there were not along the lines of their mainstream philosophy.

Thanks for the clarification Paul! -Al-

Record 76
Name: lise
Website: Not mine, but a worthwhile site on abortion issues
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-07-03 09:57:00
Comments: I haven't read most of your site yet, so I don't feel like I'm in a position to comment on it yet. Suffice it to say, I believe in equality, NOT superiority of EITHER sex. If a woman WANTS to have a traditional role, then that's fine to me. But some women are happiest in and have more to offer in non-traditional roles. I did read an article in which you implied that if women were denied the right to vote abortion would still be illegal. Actually, most polls show that women as a group tend to be MORE pro-life than men. And, of course, let's not forget that most abortionists are men and that it was the all-male Supreme Court that gave America Roe vs. Wade. Speaking from personal experience as a pro-life activist (female), the pro-lifers I encounter are disproportionately female, including many women who had abortions and endured a lot of physical or emotional trauma from the abortion. See The Women Pro-Choicers Ignore and Feminists for Life (which includes both very liberal and very conservative feminists) for more on female pro-lifers.

Lise, you do spend a lot of time telling me how you haven't read my page yet and then go on to pass along your opinions. This page is not directed towards denying freedom, it is directed at removing the totalitarian enforcement of the feminist religion upon the citizens of the United States. You can personally support females doing anything you care to, but the second you bring the government in to support your point of view you have moved away from traditional American freedom towards the Marxist totalitarianism. This page is here to help combat that wrongheaded and destructive action.

You make the same silly mistake that most antagonists of this page make. I never said that women were responsible for abortion. I never said that women were responsible for any of the ills created by the feminist movement. What I have said, over and over again, is that FEMINISTS are responsible for abortion and all the other catastrophic results of the feminist movement. It is not that complex of an idea. It is a simple distinction to make. Yet, because of the media control of Americans' thought process it is very difficult for Americans to wake up and realize that "FEMINIST" DOES NOT EQUAL "WOMAN." While I consider feminists to be the very bottom of the human barrel I consider women to be the very pinnacle of humanity.

To assert that without the feminist movement we would have had legal abortion anyway is about as intelligent as saying that without Martin Luther we would have Lutherans anyway, or that if the English people had never existed, the English language would not only exist but it would be just like it is today. The only reason that any large numbers of people, male or female, support the feminist sponsored abortion tragedy is because the media, and government have worked hand in hand to promote it. Before Roe vs. Wade, the vast majority of men AND women were disgusted by the idea of abortion. While I dispute your claim that men support abortion more than women today, it doesn't matter if it were true. What a poll tells you is how effective a propaganda campaign has been after the fact. What the real question is, is how was Roe vs. Wade made possible? It happened because male and female feminists rammed the concept down the American people's throat through the use of a combined effort of a choreographed propaganda campaign, associated with government strong arm tactics. Feminists brought us the slaughter of abortion, and no amount of feminists after the fact, claiming to be anti-abortion, will ever bring back the 30 million dead babies already gone. Pretending that feminists are anti-abortion will do nothing but confuse the issue in the soft brained public who gather their news from the controlled media. Feminism = abortion and abortion = feminism. To deny it is a lie. -Al-

Record 75
Name: Paul
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Australia
Time: 1999-07-01 07:23:00
Comments: Hi Al, Please also include an article on "Feminist Censorship" in your site. I believe it is a very important topic. Feminists go to extreme lengths to censor (hide) truths which may go against them. I wasn't fully aware of this phenomenon until I read the article at David Throop's site (The Men's Issues Page). I have also experienced it first hand recently when a site called "Manhood Online" was dropped. It was up and running for months until guys kept talking about things like masturbation, and hugging each other. But as soon as they seriously started discussing issues which affect them the site was suddenly shut down. I DO believe that was no coincidence. So please an informative article on this is necessary. many thanks

Paul - You can rest assured the powers that be will do all that they can to stamp out opposition to their cause. Where possible they will be happy to silence the opposition. However, if a page is removed from one ISP it will merely pop back up on another one. It is fortunate that our ability to produce new sites is currently greater than their ability to shut them down. I am happy to point out that Manhood Online still exists! -Al-

Record 74
Name: Karen
Referred by: From a Web Ring
From: Oklahoma
Time: 1999-06-27 22:49:00
Comments: Hello have a great web site. Hope it stays here for a long time to come. I agree with 99% of what you say. With the exception of women not voting or being involved in politics. I am actively involved in politics in Oklahoma. Was in office at the County level from 1995-1998. Am running for another office next year. My husband and I have been married 27 years. We have successfully raised 3 children ....2 girls and 1 boy.We are conservatives in our belief. One of the things I tell people is that the most important job I have done in life was be a Mother. It is an honorable and sometimes very hard job....especially when you are trying to do your best for them. My husband and I have always done for our family what we thought best....not what any so called "experts" thought...and not afraid to use and enforce the rules in the Bible. The feminists have deceived many but not everyone. I still believe there is hope for America. They may have won the battle but not the war. One thing people do not do is study the issues enough...if they did it would open a lot of eyes. As far as women in office is concerned, its not for more than it is for every man to serve. It is a brutal battlefield, but much of life is anymore no matter who you are. It takes thick skin and one had better know what they believe. I did not enter politics until my children were grown. I have no regrest nor does my husband about it. When I had children at home however, I would not have considered it. They were first prioity. My husband was in the Navy and gone most of the time they were growing up. None of them produced children out of wedlock or became involved in crime or drugs. We consider that very successful in this day and age. When I was in office, there were times my constituents came to talk to me. Most of them, of both sexes were very nice to deal with. Some, of both sexes were very emotional. They would try to intimidate and/or threaten me. It never worked. Women were just as guilty as the men. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and keep up the good work.

Karen,thank you for taking the time to sign my guest book and for your kind words. I applaud your work on raising the next generation! My wife was a Navy wife for many years and I know the hard job that is.

It is nice that we can disagree on the issue of politics and still remain friends. I was not so fortunate with the Ringmaster of the Ring of Conservative Sites. She saw my views on feminism and politics ( Banning the 19th Amendment, Cruella De Ville)and dropped me off the ring. (My number of hits has gone up since then so it didn't do my site any harm.) The feminist point of view, even the conservative feminist, is completely antagonistic to the societal arrangement which our forefathers created and bled for. Even though we may disagree on one important issue, it is always good hear support for the homemaker. Thanks! -Al-

Record 73
Name: Naeem Iqbal
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-06-12 06:16:00
Comments: Hi Al bro, this is me again. How come you have deleted all the previous letters? Only last 10 are available. Come on, disk space is not that expensive. And if it is then please consider making your main page less graphic to save it. The reason I m insisting so much on having a complete ( or at least reasonably complete ) guest book is that it contains many points of view. And visitors to your page can understand how others feel and think about what you are presenting ( which is by and large positive responses ) Otherwise its just you telling whatever you think. Please, its just a suggestion. And I know its easy to sit on one's bum and make suggestions which may not be practical for others. You remain someone I admire.

Naeem my friend, I have not deleted any guestbook entries from my web page since it started, except obscene or repetitive (or both) entries. (The guestbook is provided by Guest World and is not even contained in my disk space.) If you go to the bottom of the page you will find a box where there are two buttons displayed: "Next 10 Guests" and "Previous 10 Guests". If you click on "Next 10 Guests" you will see the next 10 entries. Also in that same box is shown which entries are being displayed currently: "Current Record Range -- Displayed is 77 to 68." There is also a window which allows you to enter a particular record number and you can go directly to that entry. If you want to read the entire guestbook in order you could put a one (1) in that window and go to the first entry, and as you reach the top of each page you would then hit "Previous 10 Guests" and it would take you to the next page.

A while back I did take the guestbook down for a while, (without deleting any entries) as I was creating my other web page and the guestbook was becoming a lot of extra work. But I decided to put it back up because I agree with you: it is good to let the feminists make fools of themselves in public by putting their opinions in black and white. The reason that I respond to them in my guestbook is because the feminists have had an unanswered monopoly on the news media for well over thirty years in the USA and I have listened to their lies and angry male-hating diatribes for the last time without speaking back. Now they will have to listen to some common sense for a change, painful as it is for them.

Thanks for the concern about my guestbook. I am sure there are other visitors who have the same question about it. -Al-

Record 72
Name: Veteran's wife
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Pennsylvania
Time: 1999-06-11 13:13:00
Comments: Dear Al, After reading your response to Jim's letter, (#73) whew! You must be one busy man. Just want to say, again, thank you for--not only having the best site--but making available, for all to read, the most interesting, intelligent guestbook on the net. More of that "intuition" stuff, again. Can't help but have the feeling, that real men (and real women) are coming away from your site with a (permanently) renewed sense of courage; and so, are better armed in defending themselves, their marriages, their nation's sovereignty, against the femu-leeches, who push for namby-pamby laws, which effectively suck the lifeblood from our constitution--by needlessly endangering our troops, (in a conflict which is not really America's problem) while compromising our military's readiness, setting citizen against citizen and imposing unlawful searches of private property. If such is not an alternative strategy used in the War on Democracy, (on Men) then what is! Down the road a ways, if your (purpose and hope evoking) site turns out to be among the front-line tanks that stormed the gates of Gorgons' Gulag; and so, enabled the prisoners, still languishing within, to free themselves... In years from now, remembering how demented policies over the last decades of the 20th century were being restored back to (natural) reason, tomorrow's history will not surprise a certain old woman in the 21st century. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for helping people (including myself) in getting the heck out, and away from, that terribl(y obnoxious)e place.

Susan B.

Susan, allow me to thank you for your kind assessment of the value of my web page and guestbook, and also for your intelligent and insightful commentary on what the feminists are doing to our nation. As the feminists are centered completely upon themselves, caring not a whit for the harm that they are doing to the society in which they live, or for the destruction of millions of women's lives (not to mention the lives of the men whom feminists REALLY couldn't care less about), the traditional American is left with nothing but frustration and anger at having their wonderful society forcibly taken from them. These traditionalist men and women are not focused merely on themselves. Instead, they are focused upon society, the family and other external essentials, which in the long run are the best and only guarantee of personal safety and freedom of action.

It makes the work that I have put into the Chauvinist Corner seem all worthwhile when I read posts like yours. I thank you. Your husband is a very lucky man! -Al-

Record 71
Name: Lise
Referred by: From a Friend
Time: 1999-06-10 08:25:00
Comments: I agree with very little on your webpage, but I won't address those issues here. I would like to point out something. Yes, I enjoy being a sexual person. Sex is power. I enjoy being admired. But I am not just a sex object. Women are much more than that. We are not Barbie Dolls. We can look like them at times; we, however, think, have opinions, don't need a man to determine our worth. This is something you should have included. Unless your experience as a GI Joe has left you wondering what is left after plastic.

Lise, As my wife and I are celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary, I have to chuckle at the feminists who never agree with the answers on my page, but have no answers themselves. What they want to do is to continue to allow our families to disintegrate in order for their petty little political agenda items to continue to be forced upon others.

I never owned a GI Joe, they came along shortly after my boyhood days. There was nothing plastic about my tours of duty as a member of the US Navy or the wonderful woman who, as my wife, shared those years with me. So, your concerns are misplaced.

I find it interesting that you list "power" as your primary Reason for wanting to be sexually admired. Power over Whom? Men of course. (I know the NOW gals are trying to use their sexual power over each other but they are pretty twisted.) That is the traditional way of human existence. The sexual part of a marriage is something which covers minor irritations. It is a joining of the soul of a man and woman in love. It is deeper than mere attractiveness. While it is a strengthening agent for marriage, feminists wish to use sexual attractiveness as "power" in the workplace, in government and other inappropriate places. Leading a man on, teasing him with the thought of potential sexual favors, is dishonest, or even worse if not dishonest, contributing to the destruction of his family. Sexuality is either going to be a positive, marriage enhancing part of a woman's life or it is going to be perverted into a plaything where women are truly nothing but sex objects, prostitutes for business, and political advantage. The feminists are pushing hard for the latter. Is it any wonder that they have called wives, "prostitutes"? That piece of deceit, in their minds, makes what they are doing seem less repulsive.

At no place on my page did you find any statement that women are only sex objects. In fact it is a clear indication that you missed most of my page to even suggest it. The fact is that women are sex objects and want to be. Take a walk along any beach or visit any swimming pool to see that it is so. Feminists say that women are not sex objects and do not want to be considered such. They are liars and I merely pointed it out. Of course that is not all that women are, but it is a part of the package which feminists are afraid of. In Women, the Foundation of Civilization I show how women are a great deal more than merely being sex objects.

Women have a great many natural abilities and critical talents, which are put to extremely important use in the role of homemaker. As a wife and mother, she manages the household, administers the social calendar and supplies the nurturing and crucial instruction that the children need as they grow and mature. No simpleton could possibly do that job well. It is a shame that feminists have promoted the lie so effectively, that women who are homemakers are less than women who have a career outside of the home. The fact is that no one, man or woman, is as important as the homemaker-mother who will raise the next generation for our nation. -Al-

Record 70
Name: Gavin Larsen
Referred by: From a Friend
From: New Zealand (I am Currently in Hardwar,India.)
Time: 1999-06-01 03:28:00
Comments: Dear Al, Don't worry (and this goes out to all men), women cannot ever rule the world. Let me tell you the story of a donkey (you can read feminist)that once challenged a LION(man). Said the donkey, "You are not the lord of the forest. I am. And if you don't believe it, we can have a fight and prove it. The Lion simply disappeared into the forest (like men have learned to live with the women libbers). A fox was watching; she could not believe what had happened. She went to the lion and asked, "What is the matter?" He said, "Have you gone crazy? If I fight with the donkey, and she is defeated, she loses nothing. But Donkeys are donkeys; If I am defeated, I have something to lose. She has nothing to lose; she can challenge."

Inferiors are always angry and ready to fight. The more you achieve (men), the more superior you become, the softer you become. Down throughout history you can watch it happening, the same drama again and again. Anger remains in poor/inferior people/races/sexes. Hence, all revolutionaries depend on anger, superior people are never angry and thus, they are not interested in fighting, when you have nothing to lose (like feminists), you fight. Why not fight? Either you gain something, or you don't lose anything. In every way you gain something (like attention, feminists live on that, that is why you have so many letters from sick feminists using all kinds of unprintable cussing).

For the past three to four decades, feminists have been denying that men are superior. I feel that this is totally foolish, are they mad? If men are not superior, why are you so worried? Be finished with this topic, militant feminists have wasted their whole lives (apart from changing laws, for biology cannot be changed). Such intensity is idiotic-one thing is certain-that deep in the unconscious they (feminists) are still seeking, and they are not satisfied, otherwise they would have enjoyed, lived their lives; satisfaction can come only out of a yes, a tremendous positivity. If we join hands and counter attack, I think we will also be acting like donkeys, ignore the feminists, that is their worst punishment.


I try and get the unprintable cussing left by the feminists out of my guest book as quickly as possible. It is certainly true that the feminists are frustrated and very negative. They seem quite unhappy don't they?

All that you say about feminists is true. You might be surprised to hear me say this, but the only real problem is not feminism. The real problem is the government, and those who control it. They have decided that the superior must be forced to be inferior. They have decided that the natural is unnatural and the normal is not. And in their deciding they have also chosen to enforce their twisted views upon us all. Of course it will not change biology but it can very easily destroy this country and many other countries who follow our lead. While we may not have to join hands to beat a "bunch of women", we will have to join hands to defeat tyranny! Come let us fight tyranny together!


Record 69
Name: Jim Wong
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Los Angeles USA
Time: 1999-05-30 21:53:00
Comments: My dear brother Al, You don't know what a great place your site is for today's mostly unhappy men. Don't you dare close this site or I will personally come after you ( Just kidding ).

On more serious note, I have noticed few sites being shut down, but I think that is to be expected. I have also noted with some unease that you haven't updated since last November. Why? Please also consider having a "forum" of some kind where men can regularly post their thoughts.

It is surprising how many men still don't take feminism seriously. The other day, I posted something on manhood online and was met with callousness and in fact opposition. I think most men out there have come to terms with feminism. In the end I thank you my friend and brother for providing this much needed site. May God bless you.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and of course for your kind words. I have no intention of closing this page down. If AOL for some reason should deny me access to this URL I will merely move my page to a new location, but I will never take it down completely. You see, in reality it is a page which I created for my wonderful wife and therefore it is her page, and as long as I live I will never take her page down. Feminists have made my wife's life harder because she loves her family and has dedicated her life to making her family as happy as can be. She is the most wonderful girl I have ever known. After all that unselfish dedication, she has had to listen to the feminist jerks call her names and say things about her that not only are untrue but that are also very hurtful. This page is my defense of my wife for her wonderful giving spirit and beautiful nature that I, and our children have been lucky enough to be beneficiaries of.

I reached a point where my web page felt "complete." Of course no page is ever really complete, but I had covered most issues that I felt I needed to. I have moved on to another web page on another issue that I feel strongly about and have devoted my energies to that for the last year or so. (So much to write about, so little time.)

I think, at least for the time being, this guest book will have to do for a forum. I just don't have the time right now to moderate a forum.

Thanks again! -Al-

Record 68
Name: Vikram Singh
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: India
Time: 1999-05-27 20:51:00
Comments: Dear Al,

Hi It's me again. If you read up on newspapers regularly you would already know that India and Pakistan are on the brink of yet another war(two Indian Air Force planes were shot down by Pakistan today).As expected, the Indian Dykes are keeping mum. The men have to fight for their country and have to face death, while their wives are unfaithful back home and will receive handsome pensions after their husbands die.

Men have always given their lives to protect their women and children. The saddest part of it today is that it is not even appreciated anymore. While men are on the frontlines, the females are at the rear. The men are dying but the news talks about the "men and women" of the armed services as if they were all doing the same job. Something's got to give. -Al-

Record 67
Name: Melinda
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: New Zealand
Time: 1999-05-22 10:22:00
Comments: You have a lot of sympathy for men. Just for your information, I was ditched by my boyfriend (he refused to marry me) because he felt housewives are parasites. The fact that I would keep a wonderful home and be a wonderful mother just did not appeal to him.

Now, why don't you get your house in order first?


I am sorry that you think that I do not have just as much sympathy for women as men on this issue. You are wrong! When I started this page, I chose the subject because of my wife and the pain she has suffered from thoughtless fools who have made cutting remarks about how great she is as a homemaker. The "career" woman is not satisfied with merely abandoning her own family but she must try to shame others into doing the same. My web page is an effort to point out the absurdity of these thoughtless people and to highlight the real value of the glorious treasure that a good homemaker, like my wife, truly is!

Alas, men can be just as gullible as women. Boys are taught in school the same stupid nonsense that the girls are. Many boys grow up believing the absurd feminist lies just like the girls do. Your ex-boyfriend is a brainwashed fool. As painful as it is, you are better off without him. Real men are harder to find today than they used to be, but they are still out there! I hear from men all the time who would love to have a woman who is just like you.

My house is in order. I have been married for 22 years (almost 23) and my wife has been a stay at home wife with our kids. I have supported her financially, emotionally and every way that I could. I am very proud of my wife and I consider my marriage the most important part of my life.

What we need to do is to join in a common attack upon the source of your problem: feminism! America, and all of the countries who follow her lead, will never get her house in order as long as feminism is the official state religion. We have to shut down the propaganda mill in school which teaches boys and girls that our wonderful wives and mothers are parasites. Homemakers are just the opposite of parasites! Homemakers are the most giving and important of all creatures on earth. No home should be without one. In fact no real home can be without one!


Record 66
Name: Shubojit Mukhopadhya
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Calcutta,India.
Time: 1999-05-22 10:15:00
Comments: Dear Al, you are getting a lot of letters from India, I'm not surprised. The feminist movement has hit us really hard. You know,one solution to the problem could be that men and women, or "womyn" actually have equal rights and be treated equally by society, unfortunately, the life of men continues to be much harder. Not only have the feminists changed all the laws that were unfair to women they have made laws unfair for men, and the laws that were traditionally against men have been allowed to remain so. There are only men in active combat in the Indian army (women are in the technical field), yet whenever the army fights off insurgency in Kashmir or elsewhere, the press thanks "the men and women" of the Indian army." A few questions need to be asked; Why must women always get custody of the children - even though men do at least as much for the children if not more? Why must the man always have to pay alimony?(even when the wife is divorced on grounds of adultery-the unlucky few who get caught, that is) for men to get alimony under Indian law, the man must prove that he is physically or mentally incapable of earning a living-no such requirements for women. You marry a woman, if it doesn't last, she leaves, leaving the man penniless and childless. Under Indian Penal Code(IPC)there is a section called 498-A: it is for prohibition of harassment for Dowry. Under this provision, the woman can, on a mere complaint to the police, get her Husband and In-laws arrested. The "offense" is non-bailable and the Mother-in -Law will eventually be let off, as there is a "sympathy" clause for women, but the husband and father-in-law will rot in jail for at least 6 months. This law is abused rampantly everyday, yet the Government is a silent spectator. There are a million organizations which an "abused or battered" wife can approach for help, but none exist for abused men ("don't be silly, men are not abused by their wives"). Do you know Al, that men can actually be CONVICTED in a court of law for adultery, and not women ("what, Indian women and commit adultery, you must be joking"). A woman can choose to live separately without divorcing and still claim "maintenance" for herself and "her" children. Men cannot inherit the property of their wives ("otherwise men will kill their wives for the property"), whereas women can. It is an often repeated statistic that a woman is raped in India every two minutes, the fact that 2 men are murdered every 2 minutes, is of course, unimportant; more and more children are taking to drugs, sex etc. at a very early age (and in a conservative culture like ours, it is all the more disturbing) because motherhood, sorry, "parenthood" is now all about "quality time."; women can be sexually harassed (i.e. it is recognized under law), whereas men (unlike in western countries) cannot. There is reservation in medical colleges for women in south India (Tamil Nadu) and in village Panchayats (village Parliaments/Legislatures); they are also proposing a "women's reservation bill"-33%reservation of seats in Lok sabha (National Parliament for women), if you can't win elections on your own, how are you equal? Schools must now spend an equal amount of money on "women sportspersons" even though they are not as good as men and no one, not even the girls themselves come to watch them; the school books are also being made "gender indifferent", ("As all the Freedom fighters, war heroes, poets, writers, scientists etc. are men and therefore, young girls are made to feel inferior from an early age");there are "free ladies nights", but no free "Lads" nights in pubs, Bars, Nightclubs etc., and "stag" entry is not allowed; men STILL have to pay for their dates; I could go on and on, the list is endless, however what is most shocking is that the Feminists are still not satisfied and the movement has only intensified further. The problem Al, is two fold; 1:Please don't take offense, but it is your sick country that is responsible for all this crap(though real men like you still exist, and that is heartening to know). 2:Second,most Men have become wimps and cannot come out of their Chivalrous mindset. The women have been and still are taking advantage and worst of all, they are still complaining. We are on are way down, let's face it. The feminist bitches are taking over a world that MEN made with their superior brains and hard work.

Dear Shubojit,

I am outraged by the feminist laws in the USA but it appears that feminism has mutated to an even more absurd creature in India than it has in my country. As far as who is to blame for feminism, in the movie, Star Wars, Obie Wan Kanobie said, "Who is worse, the fool or he who follows the fool?" Unfortunately, we are all to blame for not standing up to feminism at its first appearance and at every step it has taken since.

I think chivalry is good. I think women should be treated differently than men. (e.g. For a woman to commit adultery, unlike a man, she is usually after a relationship, rather than just sex, I think that female adultery is even more of an infidelity to a marriage and should be punished at least as strongly if not more strongly than for a man.) The feminist claims that they do not want women treated differently. They want women to be just the same as men. Then they push for all sorts of special treatment for women, calling it "equality." What a joke. And the joke's on us.

The only question is, when will men revolt? When will they finally reach the point of having had enough of this absurd abuse and take their rightful places once again? I hope it is soon!


Record 65
Name: Paul Sideways
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Salford UK
Time: 1999-05-17 08:06:00
Comments: Al, this is basically in response to some of your guest book entries which suggest men should give up trying for their rights. I believe we should never give up. And we do a "REAL" chance of winning equality again. All we need is for men to come out of a certain "gentlemanly" frame of mind. This must first happen in West (USA) because every successful trend nowadays first starts in USA and is then aped by the rest of the world. The alimony laws that one of our Indian brothers has referred to were not present in India few years ago. But they have been aped by Indian government which like most "modern" "democratic" governments of the worlds is starting to ape West/USA. So far feminism owes its spectacular success to softness on men's part. Men let women have their way. Especially in West and it sort of becomes a value system for the rest of the world to follow. Al, you will be surprised to know (if you don't already)what a powerful country USA is. And I m not talking about financial and military strength. I m talking about influence you folks have on the rest of the world. And when an average man in the USA gets angry about injustices and also shakes off his "gentlemanly" mentality and fights for his rights things will start to happen and rest of the world's men will follow the suit.

Paul, you are absolutely right. In the USA we have a lot of work to do. We have turned our government over to others and stopped thinking for ourselves. We have fallen into the trap of "niceness." We are accepting the ridiculous because it sounds "fair." The fact is that "fairness" often isn't. Being fair can cause more problems than anything else.

In the name of fairness America has destroyed our homes, our schools and many of our neighborhoods. We have forced our tax burden up to the point where families have to really sacrifice in order to keep the mother in the home for the children. I do not want equality between men and women. It is an absurdity to expect equality between such different things. I instead want the best for both sexes! I want men to have a life where they are happy. I want women to have a life where they are happy. I want men to have the advantage in the workplace because that is where they will NATURALLY thrive and be the most productive. I want women to have the advantage in the home and neighborhood, the opportunity to be with the children and to create a home for their families because that is where they will NATURALLY thrive and be the most productive. I want a return of the masculine and the feminine into our society. Not equality but complementation. The male and the female, different but both superior in their own sphere.

As it was, so shall it be. -Al-

Record 64
Name: Mark Butcher
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Australia
Time: 1999-05-17 05:18:00
Comments: Al, what's the point of having web sites? You are never going to achieve anything. Patriarchy is over -- we went without even giving a fight (how can men fight the "oppressed sex"?). Al, we're the last generation of real men -- see the school books the little ones read these days ("Pol. Correct") and you will know what I mean. Young boys are being turned into wimps.

Either we be quiet or we fight the dykes! -- What say?


I'm with you mate! Let's fight the dykes! Don't think for a minute that women aren't out there watching the men and wondering what is wrong with them, getting walked all over by women. A warrior never finds difficulty locating a mate. It is the wimp, the liberal feminist-minded male who is never really respected or trusted by women. It is an unnatural condition for a man and women know it. For thousands of generations women have had their hearts won by the masculine male who takes charge. They don't want an abusive male but they would love a strong one.

The schools have a number of issues that we are going to have to deal with. One of them is the feminist propaganda being put out. They can tell a boy all day that the bouncing, giggling girl sitting next to him in class is the same as he is but he knows better. So, does she, believe me.

More important, even than the schools, is the government. As long as the government allows sexual harassment suits, and discrimination suits, there will be no solution to this problem. The government is forcing egalitarian feminism upon us all as a state religion, with torturous penalties for the heretic. That is where the real enemy is. Remove the government yoke from off of our necks and feminism would be gone in very short order.


Record 63
Name: pratap Singh
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Kashmir (INDIA)
Time: 1999-05-17 05:06:00
Comments: Dear Al, I totally agree with you on everything(except a few things) however, we are fighting a battle that we shall never win. I have absolutely no hope for the male of the species. People in the west might regard India as a man's world, but believe you me-it's not. Do you know that one soldier (man) dies in Siachen Glacier everyday?-that's where I disagree with you on the point of women joining the army - they should die just as men have to. Women contend that cooking and cleaning in the household are done by women --is that torture or is compulsory conscription torture?

It is a known fact that men die sooner than women, then why do men and women have to contribute equally to the pensions? Why does custody of children invariably go to women, the only thing a man cannot do is breast feed his children (and millions of women don't even do that to maintain their figures!). YOU call a policeman a police "officer", yet all the dirty jobs are done by police men. As for domestic violence, many, many men are also victims- yet they have nowhere to go-"take it like a man"-this is the way they are socialized - also, there is no National Council For men.

What does a man do in these circumstances ,marry a house wife (who will be a parasite as in India domestic help is quite affordable, even for middle class families) and risk loosing half his hard earned money in alimony-or marry a "career woman" and leave the children with an Aaya (Nanny). The concept of "quality time" is anyway grotesque-(as the recent shoot out in Colorado might indicate) and to answer the Feminist question -Why can't the man leave his job?-it's because society still considers a house wife-nee,homemaker a respectable means of making a living, but not a "house husband."

Al, do you know in India a man can actually be convicted of committing adultery, and not a woman? Homosexuality is punishable with ten years in jail, but lesbianism is not even recognized ("no penetration") and therefore, not punishable. Laws are made for women and they have and will continue to exploit them in their favour.

I'm a pretty good looking man (at the cost of blowing my own trumpet!) but marriage these days is too risk prone for men and therefore, I have decided against it. Don't misunderstand me AL, I'm not a misogynist, I love my mother, But today's women (and I don't put the blame entirely on them -it's considered to be shameful not to have your own "identity-i.e don't change your surname") are not marriageable

. Well, Al that's about it we are loosing a battle that should never have started - (it was a man's world because men made it -science, architecture, religion, medicine, poetry, literature, any field, you name it).The only way we (Man kind, not "Human Kind") can cope is by treating them as equals--Let there be forced conscription for women as well(thats equal),let the police "officers" (women) do an equal share of the dirty work (that's equal")-let the number of occupational deaths be equally divided amongst men and women, Let women also support their husbands and children finincially (that's equal).My point is when they are truly treated as equals they will start toeing the line once again and realize that men's lives are much tougher and they are better (and safer) off in the kitchen.


I can see that you are very frustrated by the feminist movement. It may surprise you to hear that there are a great many women who are also frustrated by it. Many women would love to have the security of a home, with a faithful husband to provide for her, where she could raise the children safely. Deep inside most women there is a very powerful maternal instinct, and they have to fight that instinct in order to practice feminism. (Feminism is completely unnatural for a normal, non-lesbian woman.) A normal mother wants to be there to raise her child. Also the normal woman is not bent on rulership. She wants respect, and she wants her opinions considered, but she has no problem with a man leading a family if is does it right. Patriarchy is so completely natural to both men and women, it is amazing that we have allowed ourselves to be talked out of it in favor of a makeshift, tinker-toy constructed idea like feminism.

You raised a great number of important issues! You must take heart though. As time goes on, one of two things will happen: either the feminists will get their wish, and all women will be forced to face death in war, just like men do, and nearly all women will end up as single mothers, and life will become unbearable for all the normal women forcing them to rebel and demand a return to Patriarchy; OR men will wake up, push the lesbians out of the way, and take charge like they should have been doing all along. Problem solved.

The one thing that women need to understand is this: they should fear feminists a thousand times more than they do the male chauvinist. The male chauvinist will never send them into battle, rip their children from their arms -- to put them into a state run daycare center -- or break up their families. Feminists do those things every day!


Record 62
Name: Mohammed Ahsen
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Miami
Time: 1999-05-16 09:25:00
Comments: I think you may be a genius. It is very difficult to think independently in this manner and see the truth when the whole west, nay, the whole world has embarked blindly upon political correctness. I can fully understand if your views are unpopular. The absolute "truths" of today's radical feminism would have been too, a century ago. But just because your views are unpopular doesn't mean they are wrong. At least in my opinion they are not. Will say again you may be a genius. No flattery intended.

I thank you for the generous evaluation you have made of my mental capabilities. My only real claim is that I understand that which worked in the past was better than that which is not working today. For too long in the West we have assumed that which is newer is automatically better. Tradition is cast aside, to make room for guesswork. While Tried and true is laughed at and ridiculed, trial and error is applauded and followed. As our families fall apart and our children turn to shooting their classmates, it is perfectly clear that the abandonment of our traditional family and sexual roles has been at the heart of many of our most serious problems.


Record 61
Name: A Veteran's Wife
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Pennsylvania
Time: 1999-05-14 13:32:00
Comments: Dear Al, Were you even remotely aware that applying this critical topic in order to teach yourself html would result in the finest web site on the net? Call it "female intuition" or whatever, I believe you're for-real.

May not know much, but I know this: Patriarchy values women far more than some quasi-Marxist-state ever will or care to; and it's a darn shame that the evidence of this TRUTH is all too seldom available to the majority--who are about maxed out just trying to make ends meet, while being taxed up the... for programs that just plain don't (and won't) work.

I'm also delighted to be learning that (father-headed)family-concerned people are no longer keeping silent, but are making their views, their (careful) research known.

Thank you for posting your web site.

May God, the Heavenly FATHER, bless you and yours.

Susan B.

p.s. Unlike men, who HAD to fight in Vietnam, women have been spared the experience of dodging bullets while wearing the same wet and gruddy clothes for WEEKS on end.

Thank you Susan! I appreciate the kind words, and also for your thoughtful insights. If more people would look at the big picture they would realize that feminism and Marxism talk a good game but play like a scratched record. Feminists do not care whether women are happy or not. Feminists couldn't care less if women are put in harm's way. Having women put into military uniform does not improve the military, it weakens it. Having women drafted into the military, which is the logical next step for the feminists, will force our young women into situations where they will be blown to pieces, captured and repeatedly raped, while all the while they will hold their fighting units back. No supporter of Patriarchy would dream of such an outrage. Western civilization has always protected the women and children, for that is the future of the society. Feminists are at war with mothers and children, and therefore they are at war with the future of our civilization. What could be more of a sign of value placed upon a woman, than when a man says, " I will die in war that you might live"? Conversely, what could more clearly show the disdain that feminists have for women, and their welfare, than that they want to make women cannon fodder?

Thanks again for your kind assessment of my page. -Al-

Record 60
Name: Darren Ferr
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: London
Time: 1999-05-03 13:40:00
Comments: Though I do not completely agree with everything you say and sometimes do find your opinions rather extreme THAT'S OK. If women can make extreme statements than it is ok for men to do so as well. Also, what is this wife business that you brag about? Do you try to make other men jealous? (Kidding) On that note, does your wife have an unmarried sister who is like her? (he he)If she does I don't think she is still unmarried. Kind regards to you, sir, on the excellent website.


You must  not judge all appearances of extremism merely by the surroundings within which they are placed. The average male or female of a century ago would be classified as a wild and fanatical sexist by today's standards. That does not make them extreme, however. I choose to view those wise men and women as rational and correct, and that sets the views of today into a clear and bright light, showing them to be the true extreme and fanatical ideas. Our society has embraced insanity and therefore sanity appears to be mad.

I consider myself the luckiest man of all time, for I have a wife, who could walk in the company of the gods and make them jealous. We are closing fast on our 23rd wedding anniversary and it is as sweet, nay sweeter by far, than it was when we began, and it seemed perfection even then!

My wife's last unmarried sister appears to be on the way to the altar. Disappointing I know.

I thank you for your very kind words concerning my web page! I hope that it provides a place where those who know better, but can't find others to agree with them, can see that all of the world has not yet looked into the eye of the Medusa of feminism, and been turned into unthinking stone.

I wish you well my friend!


Record 59
Name: Robert Shaw
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Somewhere in the land of captives and cowards
Time: 1999-05-01 09:25:00
Comments: Hello there Do you know what these terms are 1)dss 2)nvrs 3)fras 4)bhs ? Well I will tell you. dss = divorce settlement syndrome in which a husband who loses everything which he worked for so long gets so frustrated and depressed that he kills his wife. nvrs = no visitation rights syndrome in which a husband is denied meetings with his own children by mothers or courts on false complains and husband kills his wife fras = false rape accusation syndrome in which an innocent man whose whole life is shattered by false accusation of a rape by a woman, kills that woman. bha = come on you should be able to guess that: battered husband syndrome for which I offer no explanation.

Al, do u think these syndromes will ever be recognized or accepted? Well, I don't hold my breath but hey its possible.


I don't think that we will find any sympathy from the feminists for any of the syndromes you mentioned. A "fair" feminist divorce settlement is for all of the property, the custody of the children and every penny that the man makes for the rest of his life to go to the poor female who had to put up with such an animal as a male. We are told that a woman must be believed if ever she claims a man (unless she is accusing Bill Clinton!) attacked her, and of course the sweet female sex never would batter her spouse. Since the offended party in all cases is the female, by definition there is no hope of a court recognizing any of your syndromes. The twinky defense maybe, but never 1)dss 2)nvrs 3)fras 4)bhs!


Record 58
Name: Sam
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Maryland, USA
Time: 1999-04-28 11:56:00
Comments: Al, Allow me to offer my congratulations on your excellent website. You have successfully mustered the courage to do what few of us have been able to do-- that is, come out publicly concerning the truth about men and women and their proper roles in society. It is pitiful that so many in our day and age among both men and women, have, through their docility, abandoned the wisdom of ages past and accepted the FEMINIZATION of society to the point where men and women are regarded as being interchangeable and qualities masculine are thought of as being nearly obsolete. I firmly believe that if women were to take the place of men and become leaders of society, within a relatively short period of time society would relapse into a primitive state, and become vulnerable to dangers from within and without. It is for this reason that people like you are held in admiration for forwarding the truth that it is men who have the intellectual capacity to break through new frontiers and push society forward, and are consequently better suited than women for public and religious life. A woman's primary duty, on the other hand, is to the well-being of her family and graceful submission to her man. Nothing other than REASON and NATURE has established this state of things and we must hope REASON and NATURE will prevail once again In the meantime, keep up the good work and KEEP THE FAITH! (Why do I get the feeling I'm playing an old game?)


Thanks for the kind words. They would not have to pass so many laws and create so many committees if feminism were natural and workable. As it is we are playing a stupid game, that can only end badly for all concerned. It is an old game, for feminism has reared its ugly head many times over the course of history, only to fall dead of its own useless weight. It will do so again, rest assured. -Al-

Record 57
Name: Arjun Ramphal
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: New Dehli
Time: 1999-04-28 00:01:00
Comments: Al Bro. I have learned something from your site and others similar to this one. I well and truly believe that a radical feminist is always a lesbian. Normal women simply can't hate men as much since nature has made men and women such that they cannot live without loving each others and feeling for each others. They may get anrgy with each others from time to time but constant and unconditional hate is not possible between them which is what the radical feminism teaches. One cannot be a true blue modern radical feminist without being completely callous about men and that can only happen if the woman in question is a lesbian Regards


The leaders of the feminist movement are mostly lesbian. They hate men and especially the power they perceive that men have. They lust after that power and position. It is all that drives them in life. They hate normal women who focus on children and family, and worst of all, men! A woman who dedicates her life towards making a man happy, and who actually relies on him for her entire support, just drives these lesbians crazy with rage. It is quite clear that lesbians hate the normal woman far more than they hate men, which takes some doing. The radical feminist is disgusted by the traditional woman.

Thank you for your insights! -Al-

Record 56
Name: Mark
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: England
Time: 1999-04-27 00:22:00
Comments: I have visited many similar sites on net and they all are mighty fine but how come we don't see any real results in real life? The male-bashing in the media continues. Anit-male laws continue to pass everywhere. I also note with regret that these sites do not attract as much traffic as some of the most useless sites. But something is better than nothing. I just hope all these sites will eventually Make a "real" difference in "real" lives of the men.


When I first gained access to the Internet, I searched for antifeminist sites. I found none. So, I created the Chauvinist Corner. Now there are bunches of sites dealing with male issues. I don't know of too many that are as hard core traditionalist as mine but there are a few. It is getting better.

People often will not stand up and be heard unless they know others feel the same way that they do. I know that many Americans are sick and tired of how feminism has taken over the workplace and destroyed the American family in the process. My page is one point of agreement for those people. Here they can see that they do not stand alone in their disgust at the damage done by feminism.

Pass the word, we are coming back strong!


Record 55
Name: Iqbal Naeem
Referred by: Net Search
Time: 1999-04-26 00:36:00
Comments: Dear Al, I m originally from Pakistan but have visited your nice country many times. I m amazed at the "depth" of the unfairness of the laws which prevail in your country. How can it be that a woman can marry a rich man (who may have inherited or made his money before marriage) later divorce him and walk away with a big chunk of his money? Isn't it some kind of theft or correct me if I m wrong. How can you equate forcible penetration of a husaband ( which may be wrong and perhaps should come under the category of some kind of violence) to rape, which is traditionally a forceful penetration by a strange man and which does really cause much more physical and emotional scars. How can a woman get a man drunk and have sex with him without him being fully aware of what he is doing, and then fall pregnant against his wishes and then make him pay child support for a long time? How can unproven accusations of 19 years old girl secretary can bring her male boss"s entire reputation and career to its knees? Something needs to be done about all this. And his trend is spreading and becoming fashionable everywhere. I do not believe all women are evil. Most of them are not. But the truth is hidden behind political correctness. Please continue this important work. It seems Web is the only place where truth can be told openly in this manner.

Iqbal, you raise some very interesting questions. Unfortunately the web is the only place where this subject can be treated in a fair and open fashion. The leaders of the PC movement do all that they can in order to stop anyone from pointing out the flaws in their pet movements, including the feminist movement. You will find the same group of people who have blocked open discussion in the major news networks are behind many of the attempts to censure the internet, in the name of "saving the children." They produce software supposedly to filter out XXX material, but it also, as an aside, filters out "hate speech," which just happens to include open discussion of any topic that is not PC. You need not threaten violence or say horrible things about someone else to have your site censured as "hate speech." All you have to do is talk about what they don't want you to talk about.

America needs to wake up and realize that they have been taken over by people who do not care about traditional families or government. Instead the PC doctrine is enforced through the courts and the once free county is control like a bunch of sheep. -Al-

Record 54
Name: Paul Mc C
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Scotland
Time: 1999-04-25 07:51:00
Comments: I think this is a great page! I am also very annoyed at the way society is going, thanks to feminist politically correct bulls___! I had a very hard time in school as the teachers saw fit to concentrate their attentions on the girls and practically ignore and even persecute the boys. I hate the way we see the masculation of todays young females. They think it is alright to play boys games and swear and curse as men do! This is repulsive! Also the way they try to dress as men do. It is so unnatural. Men are men and women are women. That is a biological fact that the PC fascist feminists cannot and will never change! Keep up the good work and help to save the futures of our sons and daughters!

Thanks Paul! I couldn't agree more. -Al-

Record 53
Name: Trina
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-04-23 18:14:00
Comments: GO TO H___ YOU STUPID A__, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trina, I recommend that you pay a visit to the article Sticks and Stones where I discuss the fact that liberals, who have no facts to support their position, hide behind name calling to try and shut up the opposition. It appears that is the only tool you have in your toolkit. -Al-

Record 52
Name: Esuku
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-04-22 14:47:00
Comments: Who are you to judge your opposite sex like that?! I am a man, let that be known. I was brought up by men, and still have a good idea of women. I know that what you are telling me, in my eyes, is wrong, but I also realize that whatever I tell you will not change yours. i know that, it is simple to figure out. In fact, I do not know why I'm even doing this; perhaps I just want you to hear, from a man, that your mind has everything backwards. Women are not to be hated, they can be the sweetest thing you ever encountered. I find them trouble sometimes, but I can't live without them. After all, what is life worth if you can't enjoy it. Trust me, women are like us, exept for the fact that they have breast and different sexual organs. I feel that I and doing my best friends a big favor for doing this, and I feel it is just right. May you find the right path, and come to your senses. Women are wonderful creatures. I just wanted you to hear it from a man. Thank you for your time, and don't go around saying this too loud. You might wind up getting your ass kicked. Thanks! -Esuku


It is a shame that you spent so little time visiting my page and actually seeing what was there before sounding off. As I have said on my page, women are not to be hated, and they are the sweetest things to ever be encountered. I have been married for nearly 23 years to the most wonderful woman in all of the world and I can't imagine living life without her, because she is my very best friend. So, you can tell me nothing about how wonderful women are.

I am so very glad that you are wrong. Women are not men with different plumbing. They are people who have different brains as well, and that is why they see the entire world differently than men do. It is why women will always be a mystery, a wonderful mystery, to men.

When you have to stoop to threats to make your point, you have already proven you have a worthless position which you are defending.-Al-

Record 51
Name: Gloria
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-04-20 15:52:00
Comments: I don't know if I consider myself a feminist, but I do disagree whenever one group of people consider themselves superior to another. I realize that there are many differences between men and women, but we cannot resolve our differences and come to a peaceful arrangement if we do not first put everyone on the same level. "Feminists" and "Chauvinists" exist for one reason: they are unhappy with society's view on the roles of the sexes. I believe that if one group is unhappy with the current situation, we must begin again and again until the human race is satisfied. I know this will not occur in our lifetime, but I am hopeful that someday the general populace will have established a society where no one group has exclusive power over another. I have lived long enough and seen enough pain to know that anger and hatred will never pass as a way of life. I know that my words might not change the opinions of those reading this, but I feel that I must state a new side to the argument. Thank you for your time.

Gloria, Thanks for signing my guestbook. Society, as we know it, cannot function with everyone at the same level. It is not possible for everyone to be at the same level. The communists proclaimed, "equality for all," and yet even their iron-fisted attempt to force all humans down to the same mediocre level just did not work. You admit differences between the sexes. I insist that differences matter. The best a society can do for its people is to provide freedom. That means no affirmative action plans, which limits the freedom of an owner of a business to hire whomever he wishes to hire without the government getting in the way. That means that the government must not assist if a woman wants to enter the masculine world of men and compete with men in the workplace. She has no right to ask the government courts or legislature to change the workplace to suit her delicate disposition. If she can't tolerate the way the workplace is, she should have to leave just like a man would.

Where feminism has gone completely wrong is in their creating a totalitarian, communist-minded, attitude in our government. Instead of allowing society to shape itself according to the differences between the people, our dictatorial government now is trying to force all of us into the same PC mold. Of course it will never work. The harder they try the closer we approach the Soviet system of government, and we all know that was a failure.

You are wrong Gloria, as to why chauvinists and feminists exist. Chauvinists have always existed and always will exist because that is the way nature build the human animal, not because "they were unhappy with society's view on the roles of the sexes." Feminism exists because lesbians had no place in society and agitated to create discontent within our society with the natural way things were before. The only reason that the feminist movement was able to gain any ground at all is because men, instead of being the ogres that feminists claim they are, were too soft and gave the women what they thought the women wanted. Now women and men are stuck with an unworkable situation, that only the lesbians are completely happy with.

Chauvinists existed before feminism was of any concern whatsoever. Chauvinism is the natural state that any society will mold itself into unless a concerted effort is made to do otherwise. Most men tend to be more aggressive than women. Most men tend to be more competitive than women are. Those are qualities which make men excel in business and government. Forty years of intense propaganda by the feminists has still not produced anything close to equality even in something as PC as the US Senate. You may want to move passed that as being insignificant but it is critical to my point. If feminism were natural, half of the Senate would be women right now. The only areas where women are even close to being equal in standing with men in the work place is where the government has propped them up, or quotas were instituted.

If, as you say, happiness is the criteria for structure of society we should immediately, without a moment's delay, dismantle feminism and return to the chivalrous chauvinist 1950s where women were happy homemakers and men were the heads of their households. These natural roles were far more satisfying to men and women and families were for more solid than they are today. Children were raised by their parents and not state operated day care centers. Mothers could spend time with their children which was gratifying to the mothers, and a necessary aspect to normal child development.

Yes, such a change would make the lesbians scream to high heaven as their twisted world is taken from them and there are other women who would not be happy about the change, but the vast majority of women and men would be far happier, and the number of kids who decide to go kill their classmates in school would be far smaller. Our society is crumbling to make the lesbians happy, and I oppose that. Perhaps you should too! -Al-

Record 50
Name: feminist
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-03-18 11:17:00
Comments: feminists have never burned their bras. this is a fallacy created by the media. your an intelligent powerful man you should know everything. c'mon get your facts straight.

Your ignorance is not something you should flaunt about so. Some feminists did burn their bras in public demonstrations. More importantly, many feminists began going around in public without wearing a bra, symbolically "burning" their bra. The fact is that women started going braless as a "statement" because of their agreement with the feminist movement. Nice try but if that is best you can come up with you must have a pretty weak case.

And to blame the media is hilarious. The very instrument which made the absurdity of feminism possible should not be blamed for promoting any negative images of feminism. That is like blaming Luther for opposing the Reformation, or his name sake for opposing civil rights. It just ain't so.


Record 49
Name: Jai Kumar
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Chennai(INDIA)
Time: 1999-03-14 07:33:00
Comments: Dear Al, I seriously fail to understand what actually goaded some deranged peverts who initiated the feminist movement!! I'm a strong believer of natural laws.Laws immutable&laws infalliable,And I also believe that if they are tampered with, it leads to an unpleasant revolution.Nature since time immemorial has clearly demarcated roles for men and women ,it is only the peverse Dykes who felt that men's roles were superior. It is impossible to point a finger at any one entity who established Patriarchy and that makes it natural.Home makers are EQUALS of men not inferior to them.As for women in the army,it is too absurd even to comment. For every job that a woman takes ,a man loses a JOB--THIS MAY SEEM disgusting but it is TRUE.Women can remain homemakers(or career "persons") and readily find husbands where as house husbands find no spouse,MEN have no choice but to work,to support their spouses and children even in careers that they may ABHOR. In short,I see no logic in this Nauseating "movement"-which has given women long suffering from an "identity crisis", a negative popularity (if mothers don't have an identity, then I don't know who has "mother land". mother earth"-the list is endless) but at the cost of disintegrating society-which they are obviously blind to; let alone owning up to the responsibility for it. Ask yourself a question--ARE WE(MEN AND WOMEN) HAPPIER NOW, OR WERE WE HAPPIER IN THE PRE-FEMINIST ERA?

Dear Jai,

There have always been the disgruntled lesbians who could never fit into normal society. Without a man they always appeared strange, and unnatural. Financially they were at a disadvantage because they added nothing of value to the next generation, society cared little about them or their wishes.

So what suddenly caused the feminist movement, the lesbian movement, to become mainstream? The twentieth century has been a tumult of change, inspired by those who did not fit in, who were not mainstream. If you look at Karl Marx, and those who worked with Lenin you find the same people (several of Lenin’s cohorts had lived in New York City previously) with the same background who propelled the disruptive movements in the 1960s in the USA. They used the media to make it happen for their own purposes.

The United States in the 1950s was a mostly homogeneous nation, of people who believed that a woman should be in the home with the children. They disapproved of premarital sex and divorce. The society was solid and traditional. Then suddenly the disrupters moved in. They attacked all things traditional. They made anti-communistic efforts to appear evil, and the communists to appear as poor victims. They made the homogenous nature of the nation to appear “plastic” and useless. They made the homemaker to appear unfulfilled and useless, and the “career” woman to be important and far above the family oriented housewife.

It came as a hammer blow. Suddenly the traditional point of view got little, or no press. When you heard any mention of traditional values in the news it was in a negative connotation. Suddenly television shows started popping up, like “That Girl” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” which featured career women, and you saw fewer shows like “Lassie”, “Walton’s Mountain,” “Bewitched” and other shows featuring a stay at home mom. All drums of the media started beating the feminist cadence. Most women at first were disgusted with feminism. They thought the lesbian leaders were just incapable of getting a man, and laughed at them. But over time, when the media never showed the scorn that the feminists originally generated, women and men began to start taking the lesbian feminist movement seriously.

As you say, natural laws provide the foundation for Patriarchy. Insanity provides the foundation for feminism. It is only a matter of time before any society which allows its men to become so effeminate that they let women rule over them, will fall into oblivion. When the children are allowed to raise themselves, and to be taught their view of culture by the ones who own the media, as is happening today when children watch television, the culture in which these children were raised will die!

It is clear that women today are over worked and less happy than were the women of the past. What sort of insanity is it that drives women into the work place and then lays the entire burden of the home on her too? Yet that is what feminism has done! Look at almost any bachelor’s apartment and you will see a messy, unkempt house. That is what happens when housework falls to a man. It doesn’t get done. If he isn’t going to do it for just one person, you can guess how much interest he is going to show in doing it for a house full of people. Women today still do the vast majority of the housework across America. They also do the vast majority of the child-rearing. They are doing the job of homemaker which is so much of a full time job that the saying is proverbial, “A mother’s work is never done.” They are also out there in the workplace trying to compete with men who are focused only on their workplace jobs. If that is not a formula for unhappiness for women, I don’t know what is.

It is clear that feminism is a flawed and dangerous philosophy. I only hope that we come to our senses before our societies fall into the chaos that they are rushing to so quickly.


Record 48
Name: Josh
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: a planet swirling around in space
Time: 1999-03-12 00:27:00
Comments: Hello brother!!! I am sick of all this feminist crap,I do believe in equal rights for EVERYBODY not just females. I am glad to know that I am not the only man on this pathetic planet to realize men are seeing discrimination by these feminists. Men and women ARE different. Some things are only meant for a man things like WAR man, the average woman can't even protect herself from the average guy and women think they can go out and fight like TRUE warriors....I am young but not stupid. Is it just a coincidence that just about everything has been in the power of a man? Or is it the fact that women are not supposed to be the "dominate" ones? Look in the history books and on every part of the earth, men were the conquerers and inventors!!! I have more respect for the KKK than women who want to tear the entire race, its time for a good game of RUGBY!!!:)

I don’t have anything to add my friend. You have said it all. Thanks for your input!


Record 47
Name: Father Anil Wilson
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Goa(INDIA)
Time: 1999-03-01 00:09:00
Comments: Hello AL, I have been with St.Michael Church in Goa for the past 16 years. Recently,Aids awareness campaigners came to me saying that I suggest "safe sex" to adolescents (condoms etc.)and remove the guilty feeling that comes with abortion.It has been a most tumultous period for me, virginity before marriage has become a joke in our country(thanks to the global outreach of american society) and is misinterpreted as repression of women, women have also left behind their nurturing role and therefore,young unattended children have taken to illict sexual relations before marriage,alcohol etc.Women are being encouraged(by a handful of feminist women who are really powerful) to have successful careers,be "independent"and disregard marriage as one of the least important priorities in life.Unfortunately,many men are also agreeing to their point of view. Recently,I was also asked by a NGO working for Lesbian and Gay rights as to why the church is against them and why is their so much "hetro-sexism" in our society. I have prayed to the lord for strength yet I see the situation getting fast out of hand.Dear Al,this scenario is not peculiar to the christians of India, it has also done a great deal of harm to my Hindu,Muslim and Sikh brothers as our religions may be different but Indian Culture is common to all and is becoming too westernized,too soon.Dear son,I hope you will not take umbrage to my references on America-a few good men like you exist but religion has no hold on american society and since it is the most prosperous country(only economically) on earth,it's values(or lack of them) are reaching those places where people still respect their GOD.I hope American society comes full circle,it is the only hope for us as we are affected by demonstration effect India may not be rich but her family system is very very good and I hope can still be saved.

Father Wilson,

It is clear that the feminist movement has targeted the church as its greatest enemy. The Christian Bible, and even Tradition, have made a water tight case against feminism. That is a fact which has not escaped feminists’ notice. They have targeted the church with their heaviest weapons. From outside the church they attempt to use political propaganda to pressure the church to give up its truth in order to conform to the political climate. They also use political pressure to make members feel as if they are out of step with society, and perhaps should leave such an archaic, and sexist organization. From the inside they even do more damage. They form groups to petition for change. They demand female priests and church officials. They want feminist heresy to become sacred doctrine. They even “retranslate” the Bible, distorting its original message from a patriarchal and anti-feminist one into a pro-feminist message. As they redraw the roads on the churches ancient “road map of life’s journey” they demonstrate their total disregard for Christianity. They are not Christian. They are not even tolerant of Christianity. They are openly hostile to traditional Christian beliefs.

And what does this say about the image of the church to the world, of which it is supposed to be the light? Groups, in support of homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, and the slaughter of innocent babies in the womb, openly approach the church with their blatant disgust of church doctrine, with expectation of changing the church’s stand on its truth. It is the world defining light for the church. Is this sane? I have watched most Christian denominations cave in to the feminists. They either are ordaining feminist pastors and priests, or they are seriously discussing doing so. With the Bible and Tradition both condemning feminism, it is clearly a collapse of the Christian church when it give feminists what they want.

I salute you in standing for what you believe to be true and not casting truth aside in order to appease the liberal hordes. They will never be satisfied. If they had all that they demanded today suddenly handed to them, they would be back tomorrow with new demands. The only thing to do is for supporters of traditional truth to stand firm, not stepping backwards an inch, and then moving forward to take back what has already been ceded the other side. If society is to survive, it must crush feminism, while uplifting women who are homemakers into a position of honor once again.

Feminists are tenacious and aggressive, but they are morally bankrupt and if strongly opposed their movement will collapse. That opposition is what my web page is focused on generating. I thank you for contributing your personal experience to that cause!

I wish you the best.


Record 46
Name: Radhika
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Mumbai
Time: 1999-02-28 00:48:00
Comments: You stupid s___ face, I'll sleep with a hundred men (and women) if I feel like, who the f___ are you to tell me anything, If I get pregnant along the way, I WILL GET AN ABORTION>It's better to abort an unwanted baby rather than bring her into the world. Women will rule the world in the near future, it's been a man's world for too long the balance HAS BEEN SHIFTING AND WILL PERMANENTLY SHIFT IN OUR FAVOUR. And screw all those emotionally blackmailing fat housewives who have no brains of their own.

It is sad indeed that such a twisted mind is running loose in society, killing kids and hating normal women. Your lesbian tendencies make normal life impossible for you, so you swing about in hate at all the normal happy people. Vulgarity will not make your life normal. Hatred will not make your life normal but it is all that you have, that and your delusion of female rule. It is truly worthy of pity. -Al-

Record 45
Name: Dr. (Mrs.)Anita Pratap
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: India
Time: 1999-02-28 00:36:00
Comments: Hello Al, I want to tell you first and foremost that I used to run an abortion clinic in Mumbai. I grew up with the Bra-Burning feminists of the 60's.However, I have now quit my "profession"-I am 37 now- as all I had been doing for the past 8 years was aborting, rather murdering babies of school girls who engaged in unsafe premarital sex and wives who had become pregnant with babies out of extra marital affairs. The virgin wife is now a joke in India. Why is it that if a newborn baby is killed, it is murder and if a baby is aborted, it is not? I fully support Pope John Paul-11 in his anti-abortion views.

Closet Lesbians and gays(it is still not legal in our country) are adopting babies-in America and England it is legal- Do you think such babies will ever grow up into normal adults?

More than Men I think feminists are against women-they hate mothers, wives who want nothing else except nurturing their families. The problem is that the feminist movt. has really hit us very-very hard, and will make our country another America(no offence meant)as far as family system is concerned.

Lastly, feminists hate the fact that women are treated as sex objects--if women wear tiny, micro mini skirts and the like to attract male attention, how else do they expect to be treated?

Hi Anita! Thank you for your candid thoughts. I think that the strongest opponents of abortion are the ones who have practiced it for some time and then it suddenly hits them what they are doing and they pull back in horror at what they have been doing. It is easy for a woman today to get caught up in all the high sounding rhetoric of the feminist, proclaiming that women have been oppressed forever and if only feminism were to be accepted everything would be so much better. Along with that goes the simple but unavoidable reasoning that a woman has a different price to pay for sexual misconduct than men do, and the only solution to that price, the only way to make women "equal" to men sexually is to have legal abortion to wipe away the price that biology has put upon women for illicit sexual activity. Yet the only fly in the ointment is that a human life must be sacrificed each time that price is "wiped away." I can think of few things which would decimate a feeling woman more, than her having the realization, after the fact, that she has killed her own child after having an abortion. I am sure that you have seen that reaction in some of your patients.

Feminism is a heartless monster which is at war with children and at war with the normal and natural instincts of women and men. It inebriates the mind with high sounding rhetoric, and myth, and then points society in a direction which can never work. Over 30 million babies have been sacrificed to this religion of feminism and all its myths. And that is in the United States alone. World wide I have no idea what the numbers are but they must be staggeringly high.

I am not offended that you do not wish to move your nation in the same direction as America has gone. I am offended that my country has gone where it has! I am hopeful that someday we can undo the harm which has been done. My one true hope, which grows weaker everyday, is that it will not take a bloody revolt to fix things.

Your words are pearls and I thank you for sharing them in my guestbook! I wish you the very best! -Al-

Record 44
Name: Michelle
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: fhgfhfgh
Time: 1999-02-27 15:38:00
Comments: F__ YOU A__H__!!!!!!!!!!

It is refreshing to see a feminist using her entire brain cell with such focus. :-)

Have a nice day. -Al-

Record 43
Name: Carl Brother
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: England
Time: 1999-02-27 11:20:00
Comments: Al, I don't like the name of your site. Anti-feminists are not chauvinists. A chauvinist is one who considers women inferior to men, you, Al, like me, do not. You and I only subscribe to distinct yet equally important roles for women and men in society. Death and damnation to all feminists and salutations to women who are proud to be homemakers.

Carl - you have missed the point of the title of my web page, which is the same as the logo: to infuriate the twisted mind of the feminist! It drives them crazy to think of a man in charge. A second point is that women ARE inferior when it comes to earning a living, running a country, pro-athletics and a number of other areas. Men should be in those roles and women should not. That, to a feminist makes me a full blown Chauvinist.

On the other hand, I, like you, think that women are superior to men in the areas of homemaking, child-rearing and family maintenance. It is the feminist jerks who have belittled the role of homemaker to the point where only a "Chauvinist" can say that a woman's place is in the home, even when that means that a home is not a home with out a wife and mother in it. Every person must go through childhood in order to reach the point of being an adult. And only a woman can provide those years with what a child really needs by way of day to day nurturing. That is the single most important human role, job, or career that exists today or ever will exist.

So, my beliefs make me a dreaded Male Chauvinist in the eyes of the lesbian hordes but I wear the title with pride! Thanks for dropping by and sharing your view, with which I agree! -Al-

Record 42
Name: Melinda
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: California
Time: 1999-02-27 11:04:00
Comments: Die Bastard, Die. Sons of Bitches like you are becoming an extinct species. Women will win all the custody cases, sexual harassment lawsuits, and lead the us army to defend "her" borders. It's a woman's world now, if you don't like it then die. Who the f___ are you to decide if a woman is a wife or not if she doesn't change her last name? Men are Mr. before and after marriage, so why the hell should women be Miss or Mrs? The future generation of children will treat women with the respect they deserve, I assure you.

Don't you find it just a little bit funny that the best you can come up with is to insult our mothers by calling them such a name? My mother has always been treated with respect. She didn't need feminism for that. It takes a feminist like you to try and disrespect her, but you aren't even in her league.

That is exactly where feminism lives at. It hates mothers. It loathes the idea of a woman waiting at home with milk and cookies for the kids to get out of school rather than letting the little time wasters take care of themselves.

Hey big talker, who is going to kill us? Time will not do the trick because biology remains when ideology has died. Biology is on my side because biology says women will bear and raise children. Check out history and you will find that is what most women have done ever since there were women. Biology says that men will be aggressive and dominant. Checking history... Guess what? Men have been dominant in every culture which has ever existed! Are you so misguided as to believe that you can physically overcome men? That is too ridiculous for comment!

Movements come and go. A hundred years ago, they would have laughed at the idea of a woman voting. (Since women are the ones who voted in Clinton, and still support him, that was a wise point of view!) A hundred years from today they will probably laugh at the female vote again. Someday when your stupid movement is nothing but a sad footnote in historical records, and women are once again happy in their roles as homemakers and wives they will laugh at the idea that silly people like you ever existed. -Al-

Record 41
Name: Vikas Mehra
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-02-27 10:47:00
Comments: Mon ami AL, I'm not surprised that you have become agony aunt to so many males from India. The feminist movement has hit us really hard and shows no sign of letting up. Who is inspiring so many young women all over the world -Mary Wollstonecraft(The rights of woman), Simone De Beauvoir (Le Deuxieme Sex) or the greatest feminist book ever written-"The Female Eunuch"?

Is the bread winner-homemaker role not equal? How come like minded men(and women)like us have to interact on a web site? Why can men not be allowed to express their opinions openly in newspapers or magazines-are they the sole property of lesbian feminists? I think the situation in America(and by demonstration effect, in the rest of the "civilizing" world)is pathetic and has gotten out of hand. Why the hell are so many men supporting these women? I think the institution of marriage should be abolished.

A "double income" and thus "equal" marriage is hell for children-I say that from personal experience-my mother is a doctor and me and my sister(who is ironically, a feminist herself)were raised by a Bai(nanny)-she's the one I call mother, not the bitch who gave birth to me. "Tota mulier in utero"-woman is a womb-that's the only role my biological mother has played in my life. While my opinions may seem to be inspired by my life as a neglected latch key child, I assure you, they are not.

I'm not a misogynist ,but I do despise, loathe, abhor, detest ALL women who pursue careers and have children and leave them to rot in day care centers or with a nanny. The feminist movements goal of creating a unisex world may succeed some day(with women entering even the army now),but you cant alter a man's biological make up. There has to be a male backlash someday, I only hope it happens in my life time. My advice to all like minded men (don't get married to working women if you wish to father any children, you may not realize the torture you and your "better half" will inflict on your children.

As nearly as I can tell, feminism has been brought to you by the same lovely folks who originated communism. In the USA, our government is controlled by those who can manipulate the masses to gather in votes, mainly the mass media: television, newspapers, magazines and even movies all work together to propagandize for ideas. They all play off the same score card and promote the same agenda. That agenda is leftist and it is constant, just like the ocean waves, wearing away the resistance of the normal people and their normal ideas. Feminism was promoted into power by the media and those who own it. No American politician can be elected without some help from the media. Those who do not support feminism to some degree will not be elected, because the media will paint them out of the election. So, when the next batch of laws comes out, (surprise!) they increase the support of feminism. Judges are appointed by these politicians. The media insures that the appointees will be supportive of feminism. Suddenly "sexual harassment" suits are going the feminists' way. All sorts of special programs and support laws and ruling come out. School teachers can no longer even voice the opinion that a girl should aim at being a good homemaker, without fear of being fired! That is why you will not find this anti-feminist dialog going on in any newspaper or magazine. It is clear to me that the media, and its leftist owners are the root of the problem. Until they are removed from their position of control, feminism and several other leftist causes will continue to flourish here, and pollute the rest of the world, as well. I highly recommend that you do a web search on the topic of who owns the media and you will put your finger on who is at the heart of feminism! -Al-

Record 40
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-02-27 09:06:00
Comments: Dear Al, I've read the letters of other Indian men who have visited your ashram (yes, I do think it is an ashram). Though you have said that the feminist movt. will eventually die out, I have no such hopes. It's on the increase everyday(at least in Urban India).I plan to come to georgetown univ. for my MBA, but I don't think I'll ever be able to adjust to the "politically correct" atmosphere therefore I'm abandoning the idea. It will be a sad day for USA and indeed, the world if a conniving bitch like Ms.Rodham-clinton becomes the president of America and that seems a realistic possibility with all the sympathy she has been getting for being the "suffering" wife, nobody seems to say a word about "loose lips" Lewinsky. As for women not changing their surnames, it's absurd as it hardly makes a Feminist statement; All surnames in the world are essentially male, so how the f___ is one challenging patriarchy? The family name is one's father's surname, and even if some wise women (some of these sorry bitches dwell right here, in Mumbai) take their mother's surname, it's still stupid as one's mothers surname is the mothers father's surname; PATRIARCHY ALL THE TIME SISTER! Al, give me some hope-a time period perhaps, by when this disgusting phenomenon called FEMINISM will finally die out.

Feminism will eventually die out because it is an unnatural movement. It can only survive as long as it is artificially propped up by the government. Men and women strongly opposed feminism when it first hit the USA but the government forced it down our throats, and have been forcing it down our children's throats for a generation and a half. That is the real threat and the source of the real problem. Feminism will die as soon as the government stops supporting it. What intelligent men should do is work towards creating a government which is not so oppressive and which will allow people to choose for themselves how to live their lives and feminism would be gone almost instantly. That is our challenge! -Al-

Record 39
Name: Shaun Wright
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: South Africa
Time: 1999-02-17 01:27:00
Comments: PAL, I mean you AL, do something. My girlfriend (now my wife) wanted to change her surname to Wright and wanted to quit her job to look after the family (we have two little girls). But there is so much feminist propaganda that she WAS NOT ALLOWED to do either of the above by the council of women's empowerment in Natal (where I come from). It's like one doesn't have a choice as to how one wants to lead one's life anymore, Free world my arse.

Why doesn't somebody put these DYKES out of their misery and let men and women get on with their lives.

Ps: Why are Miss & Mrs. so outrageous nowadays, My mother is Mrs. Wright.

Dear Mr. Shaun Wright- Is that Natal, South Africa? I suggest you buy a one-way ticket out of there while you still can. If the feminists don't get you the communists will! Anyplace where the feminists have that much power is in deep trouble already.

The idea that a woman would not be allowed to change her name to that of her husband is outrageous. I think that in the USA, women who do not change their names to the same as that of their husbands, are not really married anyway. They have other concerns which they place ahead of their families which makes them second-rate wives, and soon to be gone.

To force mothers, by law, to abandon their children by not staying home with them is something which only a totalitarian government would sanction. Who in the world are the members of some council to tell you and your wife how to raise your own children and how to live your own lives?

The reason that Miss and Mrs. are so repugnant to the feminists is because these titles indicate the marital status of women. Can you imagine the terrible humiliation of actually allowing people to know whether or not you were married when you gave your name? There is no moral reason why women would want to hide their marital status. It is a traditional difference which our culture has between men and women, which the feminists just can't stand. They live in a dream world where they actually believe that men and women are the same and should be treated the same in every way. It is ridiculous and impossible but they demand it nonetheless. The term "Ms." Is not even a word. It is an abbreviation for "manuscript" but other than that "Ms." is short for nothing at all. It is a word which stems from a twisted and tortured attempt at being equal with men, with no real meaning, just like feminism itself.

I have been watching what has been going on in South Africa since the change of power there and if I had a wife and two daughters I would be getting them out of there as quickly as possible before something dreadful happens to them like what has happened to so many others of your people. Crime is skyrocketing and things are only going to get worse.

I wish you and Mrs. Wright (to blazes with what the Feminists say!) the very best of luck! -Al-

Record 38
Name: Asif khan
Referred by: Geocities
From: Pakistan
Time: 1999-02-17 01:10:00
Comments: You idiots in the "western world"are [wimps*].Come to Pakistan,I'll show you how to control women.
* rephrased to eliminate vugar phrasing

I have to admit that I had my friends come and read this one. We had to chuckle, not because what you say is ridiculous but rather because there is a certain amount of truth to what you say. Our men have become far too weak and given far too much of our power to women. It does not make either sex happy when men stop being men. Thank you for your input! -Al-

Record 37
Name: Umang Goswami
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: India
Time: 1999-02-17 01:09:00
Comments: I think women who work full time(they do have a right to work if they want) should not have any children.If women want to join the army,Fine,become CEO's, fine again,they are equally competent;BUT they should not have children and then leave them to total strangers, that is very cruel,as children badly need their mothers at least until they reach adolescence. I dont mind if my Boss is a woman,no problem at all,but I DO mind if my wife is pursuing her career at the expense of her (and my) children.Agreed,even men can stay at home and look after the children,but no woman will ever marry a "house husband."Two ambitious people cannot hope to raise a happy family,it is a myth. I don't hate feminists like most men visiting this site, but I still feel that they should not make home makers feel that they are dumb and unproductive human beings.The services of housewives may not figure on the GDP,but it does contribute (a lot)in raising a future generation of happy,and confident adults.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your opinions! -Al-

Record 36
Name: Manas Malhotra
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: India
Time: 1999-02-17 00:52:00
Comments: A big Hello to all those men (and women)who agree with my Guru namely, Al. Al, do you think this perverted movement will continue as it is or maybe intensify, or will men finally get together and fight back? Does this nauseating scheme of things have any chance of coming full circle?

Thank you for the high praise! I do think that it is a certainty that feminism will be thrown down in the end because feminism is unnatural. It robs men of the their manhood and women of their womanhood. If you tell a fish that it can no longer swim, you will not be ultimately successful. A fish will swim whether you like it or not. A man will be a leader and a woman will nurture children whether feminists like it or not. Additionally, society can never survive the act of abandoning the children to babysitters and daycare centers. A collapse is certain, and with the collapse, women will fall back into the position that they held for thousands of years, while men try to rebuild the civilization once again that feminism destroyed.

My hope is that men and women will awaken and pull themselves Back from the brink before it is too late! -Al-

Record 35
Name: Amit Dawra
Referred by: Yahoo!
Time: 1999-02-16 10:26:00
Comments: Dear Al, As an Indian male I can fully understand what you guys are going through in AMERICA. Though this may sound funny, as the general image of Indian women is that they are comely, sweet and make obedient? wives. But the F___ing truth of the matter is that the feminist movement came to America in the 60's and to India it has come in only in a period of 5 years and F___ed the happiness of Indian males. Ms., not Miss or Mrs.; sports"person",chair "person", and they don't even change their F___ing surnames after marriage anymore. Now there is inverse oppression in Urban India and women even have reservation to the tune of 50% in Engineering and medical colleges. Sexual harassment laws, "Rape within marriage" are all biased in favor of the "harassed" sex. Even promotions in jobs are given to women unfairly to make up for the "centuries of oppression ." The divorce rate in Bombay and New Delhi (where I come from) have increased 6 times from 1995-1998. I just don't know what the F___ I should do. The F___ing whores have even entered the Armed forces, Pakistani soldiers laugh at our men ,saying that we are scared and thus, have sent women to fight in the army. The "Bharat Ratna"(the most prestigious sports award in India) was given to a F___ing Bird just cuz she's a woman. In my college , in Delhi university, The "womens cell" has it's logo as "MEN ARE LIKE JARS OF MAYYONASE,THEY COME WITH EXPIRY DATES". THERE IS NO "MEN'S CELL" AND EVEN IF THERE WERE WE COULD NOT EVEN THINK OF RECIPROCATING THE SWEETNESS. I SOMETIMES FEEL LIKE CONVERTING TO ISLAM AND LIVING IN U.A.E!!

Dear Amit, Now don't sugar coat it. Tell us what you really think. :-)

You have gone through the same painful and destructive changes in your country as we have in this country but you did it in a much shorter time. That makes the pain more intense, and the possibility of men, and even women, rising up against the outrage is therefore that much more likely. It is a fact of life that slow change can be easily tolerated, even if it is as horribly destructive as feminism is. But a rapid change is harder for people to take and they may do something about it! I hope so for your sake. In America, we seem to be just laying here and taking it. -Al-

Record 34
Name: Robin
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-02-03 18:24:00
Comments: Thanks for reinforcing my stance as a feminist, and for giving me one of the biggest laughs I've had all day. Pass along my sympathies to your wife.

Robin, thanks for sharing your lack if insight with us. It is quite common that the feminist laughs hysterically at that which she is afraid of and refuses to understand. I would suggest that you read the following Guestbook entry from a very enlightened lady.

Oh yes, my wife says that you should keep your sympathies for yourself, you will need them far more than she. -Al-

Record 33
Name: Helaine-Annie Roy
Referred by: Net Search
From: Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Time: 1999-01-29 12:18:00
Comments: After having read all the comments made by the other visitors I couldn't help myself but post a note. First of all, I would like to congratulate you for your website. I find it very informative and to the point. Your point is consistent throughout your site. To understand where I speak from, you have to know that I was very feminist from age 8 until I reached 24. After that, I started to cool off from all that feminism crap. I realized that my feminist point of view on life and the sexes had sprung from my family life. I mean my mother wasn't happy, my father was a tense and violent man. I was never as good as my brother for him. My brother was never there to help my father with the chores around the house. I would try and help him. I wanted to be with my father. But, he'd always complained that "only if your brother was more like you and be there with me..." I learned early that, in order to be loved by me father, I had to work hard and be like a man. Only then, could I get pieces of recognition. Of course, that was wrong, but you don't think quite logically when you are 4 years old. That brought me to school with only one thing in mind: to succeed and do all the things guys do! When I was 16 years old, I enrolled in the army. It seemed quite a logical thing to do, since all the men in my family had done their military service... See where I'm leading at? Being a feminist (especially a radical feminist) stemmed from my personal drama, not by logical thinking. Many feminists have such personal histories: Simone de Beauvoir, Kate Millett, Susan Brownmiller, Andrea Dworkin, Germaine Greer... I can't see women as I used to see them. It is feminists who devalued traditional women, not ordinary women or men. What amazes me now is how young men are brainwashed right now... Guys want to be nice. They say they'll support their woman's career and help do this and that. They think they are sweet when they do such. But they don't see the link between radical feminist and the state of our society: abortion rates, contraceptive failures, heart breaks, cynical personalities from personal suffering, single mother (great independence!), divorce, kids with more than two parents, rise in homosexuality, irresponsibility, violence, date rapes, rapes, domestic violence... I personally don't think women today have the choice between work and staying home with the kids (as some of you might say). It maybe especially true in Quebec where feminism hit really hard. Because of a very religious past, the Tranquil Revolution thought it was necessary to evacuate the baby WITH the water from the bath... Result: all our social policies, culture and political climate have been in tune with feminist demands. A woman today who wants to stay home with her kids is seen as a lunatic regressive traditionalist anti- feminist! After all, we have provincial funded care...(5$ a day). The truth is the economy needs women to work. Women do not have the choice between working full time and sending kids to babysitters or staying at home and care for your kids yourself. I was talking recently with some of my coworkers, one who's pregnant and expecting for this spring. I asked her if she had the choice to stay home and care for her kid and work full-time, what would she chose. She said that she'd rather stay home but she does not have the choice... Free society, hein? Non, mais vraiment! Je commence à croire que c'est une mauvaise blague! So, to all of you who believe women have choices, I'd like to say that it isn't true. Right now, we do not have choices, or if we do have choices: firefighting, army, nursing, teaching or plumber, abortion or not, the pill, IUD, condoms,calendar, spermicides... Please! Enough is enough. Play me another song.

Keep up the good work Al.

Merci Helaine-Annie! You have elequently stated your heartfelt position and I thank you for it! I too feel that it all must be a bad joke, but too many take feminism seriously instead of laughing. I hope you will drop by again. -Al-

Record 32
Name: Great Spangled Fritillary AKA Lynn Gibson
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1998-05-21 15:48:00
Comments: I've been visiting this page for sometime now and it is my opinion that many of the ideas on this page are EXTREMELY dated. The concept of sexual duality annoys me as much as the suggestion that one race is more athletic or more intelligent than another is race. It drives me positively nuts. I do not believe in sexual duality anymore than i believe in the superiority of one race; it's a ridiculous idea. Gender is a social, not a biological construct, that's why men are conditioned to act like lunky brutes where as women are conditioned to be creampuffs. I do not think that men are unable to nurture and be compassionate, it is society that tells men to behave the way they behave. You cannot say that all women are weak and unable to defend themselves, there's a lot of women who could stand on their own two feet without having to be defended by a man. Furthermore, take a look at all of the sprizthead magazines when you go to the supermarket. Is it any wonder so many women are wimps? Look at what they're being taught, you, sir are not helping the situation one bit. Also, I think that the extended family is a lot better than the nuclear family. Nowadays we lose touched with the rest of the family except when it comes to terrible events like a death or something, we put grandpa and grandma in the old folk's home and that's not right. The kids could benefit a lot from staying with grandma when they come home from school. She could tell them stories about her life and what it was like years ago and teach them values. The aunts and uncles and other relatives should get involved with taking care of the children. It's better than leaving the kids with strangers. There are circumstances in which two parents have to work and why should a woman just stay home all day? What if the woman wants to have a life outside of the home? If two parents have to work it just seems to make more sense to stay close to other relatives for help. It works for timber wolves. the nuclear family can be so Isolated. What makes families stronger is more unity. In conclusion I do not believe that the whole purpose of women is just cooking and cleaning and serving men, i think that that is a ridiculous idea. Women have been fighting for too long now to have what little independence they have earned taken from them.


You may disagree with old ideas but that does not invalidate them. I should think that the concept that humans must breathe in order to live predates any idea that is on my page, and yet behold it is truth. The wheel was invented long ago, and yet it is still a sound idea. So are the ideas on my web page!

This page is not about race, although feminists keep trying change the topic to race. (Anything rather than face the facts concerning the very real, and quite undeniable gender differences which exist in mankind!) I recommend that you read the Absolute Bottom Line to put your confusion to bed for good. Women are born as different beings than men are, down to the very construction of their brains. The difference is present at birth before any societal programming has been performed! Females are weaker than males and they desire different things than males. I am speaking of the vast majority of women not the small number of lesbians who run the National Organization of Women. In small cultures where they have tried to eliminate the differences in boys and girls it didn’t work! Boys took the dolls that they were given and used them for guns. Girls were incapable of being as aggressive as boys. It is genetic in spite of your ignorance on the subject!

Your tone of ridicule towards women is disgusting! Women are not wimps but rather feminine. A man who acts like a woman is a wimp. A woman who acts like a woman is a prize! Get used to it because it will NEVER GO AWAY! You can’t change it because it is inherent in the species.

As for the women’s magazines in the store, who do you suppose is buying them and making them profitable? It isn’t the men! And after listening to the comments that men make to their wives in the supermarket, it certainly isn’t the men making their wives read that material. Women like it! They also like romance novels. Get used to it because it is built in and you and all your feminist friends will never change it. If humanity still exists, 10,000 years from now, women will still be more delicate than men and men will still love football or something like it. Get with the program! You are trying to block the sun with your fist and expecting to put out its fire by such a futile gesture. This is Biology Baby and it ain’t going away.

An extended family includes the nuclear family in its center. Today we cannot even hold a nuclear family together, and grandma and grandpa are half way around the world. With serial polygamy so common the extended family is barely more than strangers to most kids. Leave it to a feminist to try to idealize something that will seldom be, in order to destroy the one thing that must be: the nuclear family! A child who has a mother and a father living in the same house, is far better off than one who has no father, a part time mother and fourteen grandmothers and aunts. Are good grandparents a blessing? Of course and I certainly think that a child is better off when he has good, moral grandparents to share stories and guidance. But they will never replace a mother at home with her children on a daily basis. (I agree with you completely that what this society does with our elders is abominable! Our greatest source of experience and personal historical knowledge is thrown away every time a senior citizen is locked away in a home.) While the very idea of turning your kids over to strangers completely disgusts me, and of course relatives would be far superior to a day care center, yet it still remains true that no relative is going to be a good replacement on a daily basis for a mother at home.

In the Myth of the Two Income Family, I show how that in almost every case where a woman earns a second family income, it is not for the money, and it certainly is not a question of “having to work,” as you and other feminist keep trying to claim. In most cases it is a dishonest claim because feminists know better! It is not the money, it is the perceived higher status of living like men instead of like women. Instead of raising the stature of the mother and the wife, feminists have run the image of the happy homemaker into the ground! They have ridiculed the woman who dedicates her life to her family. They have called her a donkey and a fool. The woman who has worked long hours, spent sleepless nights over her sick children and played games by the thousands with her little ones, is laughed at, and even hated by the feminists. This is outrageous!

Do you seriously think that there is too little support for your ideas of feminism in our government, schools and industry? If so, you are completely ignorant of the totality of support that is given to the insanity of feminism from the oppressive government of this once free land, the public school system, and nearly all US companies. You claim that women have little independence. This is completely ludicrous! Women today are free to be as independent as men are. If they choose not to be independent and instead take another path, and you are determined to affix blame for that choice, don’t blame anyone but the women. I do not blame them, but rather applaud the women who choose to put family above the self-centered philosophy that you seem to think is so wonderful. I also applaud the men who are willing to sacrifice to give their wives the opportunity to raise the children in a two parent, single income home. That is the true ideal, and that is what the vast majority of American families could be, if the feminists would get out of the way and let it happen. But feminists would rather see society crash into total chaos than do anything to support families. When that chaos comes, you will see all women look back to these times of freedom with wistful tears, crying because they no longer live in an era where they are free and safe enough to raise their children.

You think that women have been fighting for independence. This is quite amusing! Marching and whining does not qualify as fighting. Women were given all that they have in the area of independence, they took none of it themselves. It can be taken back as quickly and easily as it was given. If you feminists don’t wake up before it's too late, you may suddenly be caught in a vicious backlash from the men who are reaching the point of having had enough of your lies, and crybaby tactics, while destroying the next generation, through abortion and mothers who abandon their children for a career. -Al-

Record 31
Name: Jenn
Website: whatever
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1998-05-15 19:56:00
your guestbook has been signed by a discusting number of males. i still have a couple questions. for one, why do you oppose feminism if it has no affect on you? why must you attack people like this? and i have to point something out for you, since you are so oblivious to it - non-feminist does not mean anti-feminist. i actually consider myself an individualist. i care only about my own needs, i don't need to care for children to feel like i'm accomplishing something. sex is not nescesarily a childbearing procedure. we're not that primative any more. grow up, the rest of the world has.


Thanks for taking the time to count the  number of males who have signed my guest book, even though you found it disgusting. Only a feminist would look at men sharing their opinion as being disgusting. It is that very arrogance which inspired this page!

As to why I attack the idea of feminism, if you had read the articles on my web page you would already know that feminism destroys families, and therefore our society, by not raising the next generation to civility. Feminism is unfair, bigoted and hostile to all that I hold dear. Other than that, I can't imagine why I would oppose it. :-)

As for your non-/anti- point which you seem to think is lost to oblivion, it is answered in I'm not a Feminist. But....I suggest you read it so I need not repeat myself further.

I thank you for the candid admission that your philosophy is completely self centered, as is that of all feminists. That is why it is so destructive to any society which embraces it. It might help your understanding if you took note of the fact that babies are completely concerned with only their own needs and it is only the act of growing up which changes that. So perhaps you should keep that in mind when you speak of "growing up."

Thanks for dropping by and validating my page in such a fine way! -Al-

Record 30
Name: Linda H.
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Venus
Time: 1998-05-10 08:32:00
Comments: Fine, caveman. Let's repeal the 19th Amendment!! You're absolutely correct in asserting that the Founding Fathers had no desire to see women involved in government. But while we're at it, we're also going to have to bring back slavery (among other things) since the original Constitution sanctions the ownership of people with African ancestry. Let's bring back debtors' prisons, too!!And we're also going to have to dismantle much of our military and national defense: read T.Jefferson a little more closely, Mr. Modern Conservative!!

Miss Linda, So nice of you to drop in. It is too bad that all you got from your visit was being steamed up about women's suffrage. I have made my case for repeal of the 19th Amendment. If you care to make a case for bringing back slavery, debtor's prison, dismantling the military and national defense, you will have to do it on your own web page. Thanks for dropping by. -Al- Caveman extraordinaire

Record 29
Name: Colleen
Website: Colleen's Feminism Site
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Time: 1998-04-24 07:07:00
Comments: Interesting point of views, interesting content. Though I do feel your definition of feminism is distorted and that you have extremely overgeneralized feminism.

Colleen, thanks for dropping by and sharing your opinion. Think what you might, as feminism has grown, so has divorce. As more women reach for equality, more of them fall below the poverty line. Feminism, no matter how you define it, narrow or wide, is a destructive force on society and especially on women and children. -Al-

Record 28
Name: Amiable Loafer
Referred by: From Geocities
From: Spain
Time: 1998-04-21 04:40:00
Comments: Er... wonder if I am missing something. Your argument seems to run as follows: (a) It is a scientifically confirmed fact that men have the edge over women in muscular strength and aggression. (b) Therefore, girls should not play with toy guns, women should not be encouraged to engage in the highly competitive field of work, much less the military, but should instead fulfil their nurturing role as homemakers while men go out to work. Right?
Well, the following naturally occurs to me in response: (a) It is a scientifically confirmed fact that women have the edge over men in language processing and production (ask any neurobiologist: they can even do it with both brain hemispheres!). (b) Therefore, boys should not be taught to read or write, men should not be encouraged to enter the highly linguistically challenging field of work, much less politics, but should instead fulfil their aggressive role by hitting each other on the head with clubs while women get on with the business of making laws, writing novels and creating web sites. I do not actually agree with either of the above arguments, but I fail to see why one is better than the other. They are both equally illogical. But as I say, maybe I am missing something.

I recommend you read the Feminist Flow Chart. It might help. Your attempt at simplification to the absurd is quite amusing. It certainly goes without out saying that women can process a lot of language, and humorists have never lacked for material on how much women talk. Of course that says nothing towards the content of the material that is processed. I should think that you are totally amazed that these women who are so superior to men have been held in subjection for all of history. Of course you ARE missing a great deal. After the entire point of my web page (do the words "family" and "children" ring any bells?), common sense is the thing that is most obvious. -Al-

Record 27
Name: Ana H.
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1998-04-14 10:34:00
Comments: As long as we have narrow heads, we are going to fight. That goes to feminists too. And BTW... the more I read pages like this, the more I realize that men like you understand women as well as monkeys understand physics, i.e. NOT AT ALL. You will love and praise women in chilvarious manner as long as they are under your feet and doing what YOU think is right. I didn't know God was down on Earth yet. I agree with many essays, the chaos of marriage and other things, but there is a great amount of garbage, simply because you are the monkey trying to convince everyone that you understand physics. Twist and distort the life of women today, Al. I've been a woman in this life far longer than you ever will, and you will never understand the petulance that you so blindly preach in your Holier-Than-Thou view against women who take different paths in life than the ones YOU like. I am a very sensible woman and I don't need to pretend or lie to do what I do today. You are no different than gender feminists, full of so many of their "virtues".

Yours truly, Ana

Narrow heads? Monkeys? Really Ana, name calling and such is a clear indication that your position is weak. I recommend that you read my article Sticks and Stones. -Al-

Record 26
Name: kristen
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1998-04-08 07:50:00
Comments: I think that your page is very well-organized and informative. I agree with you that women should not be in the army. I also think that men are more aggressive and competitve than women, but I think that all women should have the choice to work, or stay home and take care of the kids if she wants to. I work in a scientific research lab, and my husband supports what I do. I do not work because I am trying to compete with men, or because I need more money, but because I enjoy doing it. I don't have any children or plan on having any. I also agree with you that some feminists are completely ridiculous. Trying to control everything and making fun of women who want to be homemakers is not a solution, but neither is saying that all women should have kids, stay home and be housewives. I was a housewife , my husband was very loving and supporting, but I decided that I wanted a job. I think that once feminists realize that homemakers are just as important as working women, then society will improve. What do you think of my situation?

Kristen- I enjoyed reading your note and thank you for the kind words concerning my page. As far as the subject of feminism is concerned, we appear to agree more than we disagree. If only women who have never had children, and never will,  were working, the number of working women would be small enough to be of no real concern. Alas, not all working women are as thoughtful as you. And you can be certain that there never will come a day when feminists will admit that homemakers are as important as women who work outside the home. It is like the Pope admitting that Martin Luther was right all along. -Al- 

Record 25
Name: Juli Lavooi
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: A whole lot of places
Time: 1998-04-04 16:56:00
Comments: I am a woman, and I agree with your web page 100%. I did not know very many people had the same views as I do, especially men. Most women don't either. I'm glad I found other people who do.

Juli, It is women like you who hold our society together, while the feminists just pretend that what you are doing is not the most important job in America today! Thank you! -Al-

Record 24
Name: maddie
Referred by: Net Search
Time: 1998-03-19 14:44:00
Comments: Here's a question. I just left my husband because he beat me several times for wanting to work outside the home. We don't have any children yet, and if we did I would have loved to have stayed home with them. I don't know what to do. Suggestions?

Maddie, glad you dropped by. No man beats his wife for any reason other than he is a sick man. (I refer you to The Chauvinist Corner's Axioms of Life item #1.) It is fortunate that you found out about your husband's sickness before there were children to be abused by him.  -Al-

Record 23
Name: Cheng Shian Wen
Website: nil
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: nil
Time: 1998-03-02 04:46:00
Comments: Hi it's me again.You are very right, however, where I live, despite compulsary miitary training due to the " good iron do not become nails,good sons do not become soldiers" mentalityin my country which also has a small population. We still suffer from lack of manpower at some button pushing posts. However, most of the dying is done by us males.Luckly where I live, extreme femisists are rare. Thanks toour leaders who think rationaly. There are little or no double standards. In my society you must qualify for the job. Gender is not a factor. I guess that's why there are more female parachute packers than males in my country, as they are neater. It is all about rational thinking and choosing the right gender for the job, instead of giving a"fair" chance to both genders by setting double standards.Oh anyway, VERY NICE PAGE.

Thank you for your thoughts and kind words!  Thank you also for the information on your country. Singapore is in a very different situation than my country is in. The population of Singapore is about 3.5 million in a total area of 250 square miles. Your country spends about 4.3% of its GNP on defense and has a troop strength of about 54,000 soldiers. My article on women in the military is mostly directed at the US military. The US has absolutely no need of using women in the military at all. The US population is over 267 million  people,  living in an area of 3,787,319 square miles, with a defense budget of $253 billion ($253E+09). We have just over 400,000 soldiers, just under 400,000 sailors, about 380,000 members of the Air Force, 170,000 marines, and nearly 27,000 in the Coast Guard. We have more than enough qualified males to perform all jobs in the military and therefore have no need of having any women in the military for stuffing envelopes, let alone parachutes. Come again soon! -Al-

Record 22
Name: shianwen
Website: nil
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Singapore
Time: 1998-02-23 06:47:00
Comments: Button pushing in the army in some bunker far away for women is fine. But carrying a weapon to fight in the front line is not only absurd, but also reduces the ability of the unit to fight,leading to mission failures and extensive loss of life.

Thanks for dropping by! You are absolutely right about women in the front line ranks being an absurd concept! And unless you are out of qualified men, it is stupid to put women in the bunkers pushing buttons, when you can have a far more versitile option at your disposal: What if the bunker is attacked or overrun? Do you really want a bunch of women defending it? I do not think so! -Al-

Record 21
Name: Chad Morris
Website: Should Women Have the Right to Vote?
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Norman, OK
Time: 1998-02-12 21:47:00
Comments: Thank you so much for your web page. It is nice to know that someone in America knows the truth. I especially like your piece on the 19th Amendment. I have a page on the 19th Amendment that I encourage your viewers to read.


Thanks again


Thanks for dropping by! I just visited your page and I thought it was great! Keep up the the good work. -Al-

Record 20
Name: Muller du Plessis
Referred by: Net Search
From: South Africa
Time: 1998-02-10 04:18:00
Comments: I really love this page. It was the only one of its kind I could find. A BIG Hi to all the MCP's out there.

Muller- Thanks for stopping by the Chauvinist Corner! I am glad that you liked it and hope that you come back early and often!  -Al-

Record 19
Name: Big John
Website: American Personal Freedom Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Time: 1998-01-31 09:04:00
Comments: This maybe the best page on the net.

Thanks for the kind words! I think that there is nothing more fundamental to having a safe and solid society than the family. If women abandon the family in search of a career, there will be little safety, or security, for anyone in the long run. Thanks for dropping by! -Al-

Record 18
Name: John Dreyer
Website: Conservative Politics Network
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: St. Louis, MO
Time: 1998-01-12 22:08:00
Comments: What a great site. It is just testimony to my belief that regardless of race, religion and politics, there are only 2 types of people in this world, MEN and WOMEN. If more members of our society could understand and appreciate this fact, and simply respect and accept these differences, many of the modern social problems related to gender would clearly not exist.

John Dreyer

Thanks for dropping in John! I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for the great link too!

Record 17
Name: Caesar Squitti
Website: Anti-truths: Truths, Half-truths & Lies.
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Thunder Bay, Ontario CANADA
Time: 1998-01-03 20:53:00
Comments: Deprogramming the World: Abuse and Anti-truths. C.1997 My name is Caesar Squitti a writer who discovered the negative side to truth, the anti-truth, in addition to correcting the current philosophical definitions of truth, half-truth, and lie. I have done some 10 years of research into feminism, defining such groups as radical-negative-feminism, and documenting their deceptive use of "half-truths" to polarize the sexes and the family. I invite to view the information on page three of Providing a link to this site would be appreciated and you are welcome to use the research material to once again promote positive family relationships. It is evident that the entire field of abuse, male/female, or parent/child, has been totally mishandled to the point that it has been manipulated to polarize our society. We have regrettably fallen victim to the deceptive half-truth, or anti-truth, a truth that is a deceptive lie because it is a truth that is part of a greater truth. In the arena of child abuse, models that have been developed by many social and governmental agencies, have polarized the issues by only examing only fathers or parents who abuse children. The logical error is that the scope has generalized and created stereotypes and second ignores children who abuse there parents, other children and themselves. In the arena of male/female abuse the errors are more obvisous. Current models focus strictly on violence...which is merely one form of abuse in some cases. Violence can be in response to other forms of abuse, and can be part of complex behavior games, (ie: Dr. Bernes "Games People Play." Tragically we have allowed half-truth based models to exploit our society further aggravating the problem. The systems that have been designed to deal with these problems are in fact contributing to the problems; a paradoxical effect. There is many things to learn from these unfortunate errors. We should not generalize about groups of people nor of individual situations; each is unique. Social programs that address social problems should cross over from merely stopping a negative and promote the positive; if that is indeed there purpose?

Caesar Squitti

In addition to the link to your site above, I have placed one on my links page because I always like to see someone using their mind for thinking as you have. It is such a rare thing to do these days. -Al-

Record 16
Name: Sasha
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1998-01-01 15:50:00
Comments: I would like to thank you very much for your homepage. My interest in feminism has been rising for awhile now, but there was always this little doubt in the back of my mind - "Come on. No one REALLY thinks all this trash anymore, do they?" Now, I can see, as you have posted it up on the web, that people really still DO believe all the utterly disgusting things I couldn't believe people still did. Your page really quieted any doubts I had. I'm going to submit your page to some of the web pages I visit in hopes of further inspiring those of us who might still be doubtful... Hopefully, by the time my daughter grows up, she'll be able to know no one still holds these types of beliefs anymore - and I will have been one of the strong women that helped fight for her to be able to have that knowledge.

Well, Sasha I thank you for dropping by and for the chuckle. It is true that the radical feminists have managed to bring the strong arm of the government down on those who disagree with them but there are no fewer male chauvinists today than there were before the thought police stepped in. You think that saying that you are strong, makes you strong but it never will. Feminism is unnatural and will self destruct when adversity hits this country. Is is a peacetime  pastime that will never survive a real crisis. If you want your daughter to be happy, teach her to be a good homemaker and make sure she marries a Real Man. Otherwise, you are teaching her to believe in fairy tales.

Record 15
Name: Jolina Crimm
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Casper, Wyoming
Time: 1997-12-10 22:51:00
Comments: This might come as a shock, but I am a feminist who agrees with some of your comments. For the most part, women are naturally more nurturing and children cling to their mothers. On average, we are not as physically capable as men. Ideally, if a woman wanted to do a traditional "man's" job, she should not receive special treatment. Yes, a lot of feminists are cock-eyed in their beliefs. Yes, a lot of them are not facing the facts. Feminism will not die, though, because of people like me who take a sensible approach to the whole thing. Men and women are different, but women do have personalities. Not all women are the fragile, nurturing stereotypes that you make them out to be. Some of us are naturally competitive. In general, males may be more so, but that is really a personality trait, and doesn't have much to do with gender. By the way, if you visit any feminist sites, you might notice that they have pages on them about mothering, breastfeeding and marriage.

Thanks for dropping by. If all feminists were as you are this page would never have been written. Unfortunately, unless saner minds pull in the reins on the fanatics who want to kill homemaking as a profession, push women into the military, police force etc. and continue to sue companies for absurdities, the backlash will ultimately kill your movement completely. You error in assuming that men are not naturally more competitive and aggressive because of their gender. It is the abnormal woman who is as strongly driven as the average male is to compete. They exist but are not the norm. -Al-

Record 14
Name: yatsu
Website: Anti-Feminist Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Mars
Time: 1997-12-07 19:30:00
Comments: Bravo, Bravo. Some of your articles *really* hit the spot...exactly the kind of things I want to tell people. Well done, Al.

Welcome back! Thank you for the inspirational comments! I hope that some of the misguided feminists will see the error of their ways before it is too late! -Al-

Record 13
Name: Zorko Luka
Website: tribute to "real" women
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Slovenia, Europe
Time: 1997-12-03 12:01:00
Comments: Thank you for this really cool page. Reading your articles is a pleasure for anyone who likes women, but hate feminist-chicks. It shows that there are two types of women: 1. Real women, which can be independent and strong, but still feminine. 2. "Woman-liberating", frustrated, nonsense talking, only by biological definition, woman. Keep on the good work! P.S.:Sorry my english is not so good.

Glad you came to visit! -Al-

Record 12
Name: Tom -- Golden Stag of Life
Referred by: From LinkExchange
From: Arlington, VA
Time: 1997-12-03 05:30:00
Comments: Totally great web page. Sometimes I have found the most subversive act possible is using the word "Men" when one is talking in general conversation. I'm active in Men's Movement and New Warrior, which, while not sexist, are organizations which are PRO-Male, although sometimes too apologetically for my taste. Chest Hair Rules! (Or something ultra-macho like that!)

Thank you for dropping by and signing my book! It is, in my opinion, impossible to be "pro-male" in any meaningful way, and to not be sexist . The masculine and the feminine cannot truly interrelate as equals but instead only as two equally important but different parts of a whole. As women attempt to take over the roles which are inherently male, men are pushed out of our society's life, into oblivion. At some point they will become angered. The longer it takes men to fix this problem, the more intense will be that anger. There are dark times ahead. -Al-

Record 11
Name: Dana
Website: Why atheist (feminist reasons)
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Mandeville (close to new orleans)
Time: 1997-11-30 12:17:00
Comments: I know that everyone who reads this message will not want to visit my page, but just give it a chance because I read all this chauvinistic stuff on yours, just to hear opinions of people like you. My page is NOT a bible bashing website, so I hope it won't offend any religious people. Anyhow, if you love women so much, then why not let them make their own choices? Try putting yourself in a women's place. I find your pictures offensive, a big hairy "man" dragging a busty woman in a bikini around is disgusting. If I were a guy, and that is what a man was supposed to be, I would refuse to be a "man". And if you plan on e-mailing me at all, don't give me any of this you need a god nonsense, because I've heard it enough.

Thanks for dropping by. My page is meant to offend feminists, because their selfish philosophy offends me. If you click on the main picture on my page it links to the explanation of the little guy with the club and his woman. I do not object to women having choices. Feminists do! They condemn anyone who supports women who choose the role of homemaker. Logically it is the first and best possible choice for most women and people like you want to force them to make a different choice. You will note that my page is not a religious page. The only religious trip I take my visitors on is a single small area which demonstrates the complete absurdity of “Christian Feminists.” Many atheists were motivated originally to their non-believing position because the Bible is in complete support of patriarchy. I happen to be in support of patriarchy because it works, historically and biologically and feminism does not. Come back anytime! -Al-

Record 10
Name: Matthew L. McCarty
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Kilgore, TX
Time: 1997-11-15 22:22:00
Comments: Excellent Web Page sir! One of the best I have EVER seen and perhaps the most important one on the net. Keep up the good work and you can be sure that I will forever fight against those evil forces which are set against us.

Thank you for the positive support for my page! The family is the foundation of any society and feminism is at war with the family! So many women and men never have a chance for a happy marriage, and their children never get to share in the daily love from their own two parents at home because of feminism. America has to wake up before it is too late! -Al-

Record 9
Name: Steve
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Australia
Time: 1997-11-05 18:42:00
Comments: Al, THanks for the Email! I think you'll agree, Feminism has been around since time began, and currently we are going through a passing phase which will extinguish itself within the next few decades and then things will be back in harmony again. Until then, sit back and watch feminism destroy itself without us men lifting a finger!

Feminism is an unstable philosophy which can only self-destruct, but it is impacting the American family in very serious ways. I only hope the foolishness fades before our society does. Thanks for dropping by! -Al-

Record 8
Name: susan
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: richmond, va
Time: 1997-11-04 21:27:00
Comments: If there are differences between the sexes, why the value judgement? I admire your honesty and your ability to make a very attractive web page

I think the point of my page is clearly a judgement against feminism but in support of women. I thank you for the kind words! -Al-

Record 7
Name: Ivan Gonzalez
Referred by: Net Search
From: Colombia
Time: 1997-10-23 14:30:00
Comments: I really against chauvinism. I love women

I love women too, that is why I am a chivalrous chauvinist! -Al-

Record 6
Name: Yatsu
Website: Anti-Feminist Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Lansing, MI
Time: 1997-10-20 21:29:00
Comments: Word on my brother. Preach the word. I agree with you on your should work on advertising the page so more people can see. Nicely done. Good points.

It is great knowing that feminism has not been completely successful in their disinformation campaign! Thanks for dropping in. -Al-

Record 5
Name: Jennifer
Website: Wynn115's homepage
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Toledo, Ohio
Time: 1997-10-06 22:26:00
Comments: Just curious, would you consider a woman who has no intention of marrying, or ever having children a failure to her gender? After all, while she's at work, there are no children to be neglected. Just wondering where *truly* independent women stand.

Jennifer, The number of women, at least non-lesbian women, who can be sure of meeting your requirements is too limited to be a topic of serious discussion.(e.g. How many women never have sex in order to completely avoid the risk of having children?) -Al-

Record 4
Name: David K.
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Pacific Northwest
Time: 1997-10-06 12:33:00
Comments: Hello Al, I finally made it to your page. Let me read some of it and I will get back to you. Dave

I hope you enjoy your visit! -Al-

Record 3
Name: Larry Petersime
Referred by: From LinkExchange
From: Charleston, S.C., originally
Time: 1997-10-05 19:16:00
Comments: Interesting site. My wife isn't a computer type, but has enjoyed articles I've read to her. I think you've got a site I'll spend time on.

I am glad that you and your wife dropped in! This page is made in hopes of promoting marriage for life, happy and filled with love and respect for each other. Feminists will never understand that concept and are only angered when they are confronted by it! Come back early and often!!-Al-

Record 2
Name: Joe Pierre
Website: Conservative (Right-Wing Radical Redneck) Page
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Salem, Oregon
Time: 1997-10-05 02:12:00
Comments: Glad to see you have a Guest Book. Watch out for Lpage, though. If they crash, they take your entries with them. I finally made my own Guest Book. All the entries go through me, so I can correct misspellings, punctuation, and screen the foul-mouthed teeny-boppers out. Good luck to you!

Thanks Joe! I love your page, and hope everyone that passes this way will pay it a visit! -Al-

Record 1
Name: Dot
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Northwest
Time: 1997-10-03 15:08:00
Comments: What a Wonderful Web Page and how refreshing to hear a REAL man talk about taking care of his woman. I'm passing the word.

Thanks Dot! -Al-

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