Love or Hate?

IMAGINE WITH ME FOR A MOMENT, that you have just discovered something shocking: your tap water, and that of your whole neighborhood, contains a pollutant that will produce genetic defects in your children and their children. It also might cause cancer or heart disease. As you attempt to spread the word about what is wrong with your water supply, the Water Department attacks you and your reputation, in an effort to try and shut you up. You suddenly find that there are groups of people who are already organized trying to shut you up. The television networks are doing documentaries on you, and all those like you, who are trying to fix this problem, telling the world how terrible you are. They call you names, and say that you are filled with hate because you are creating all this turmoil. The water supply has been certified by the government as being fit to drink and you are described as being evil for saying otherwise. The schools are providing "courses" to all the children, including your own, in which the water supply is described as being wonderful, and stating that all those who say otherwise are evil people. How would all of this make you feel?

Unfortunately, that is very similar to the position that many Americans find themselves in today. They have discovered a problem that will cause death to their children's children, the destruction of their society, and an end to their way of life for all generations to come. The more they study the facts on this problem the clearer it becomes that a solution must be found before all is lost. To anyone with an open mind, the problem is easy to see, once it is explained. Alas, it is rare to find such a person. Most people are overwhelmed by the media, the government, and the schools; all of which are pouring out tremendous amounts of propaganda promoting the idea that no problem exists -- except for the inconvenient people who are speaking up about what is happening. Each day, in a hundred ways, we are told that the "water is just fine" by the propaganda machine, and each day more real casualties to that "water" are hidden from public view by the news media.

Arrayed against our survival as a people, we find groups like the Anti-Defamation League, which are mostly led, supported, and populated by Jewish folks, who are proud to state for the record that they are Jewish. These groups are doing all that they can to slander the good name of those who speak up about the problem we are facing. We continually witness these goups attempting to attach vile, incendiary names, like "hater," to all who are White patriots, and who love their people. If one in turn speaks up against these antagonistic groups he is called "anti-Semitic," even if he does not have any ill feelings whatsoever about the Jews, or other Semitic peoples.

Given this backdrop, you are now faced with the problem of deciding whether you are going to just believe the government, and the hate-groups like the ADL, or are you going to think for yourself? Are you going to continue to "drink the water," like the propaganda tells you to do, or are you going to stop "drinking the water" and start making sure your friends, family and neighbors all know about the danger?

I am reminded of a story about a doctor who went to tend to some stone age people in a jungle. He had one patient that had a forearm and hand that were weak and beginning to atrophy. The doctor identified a pinched nerve near the neck and wanted to relieve the stress on it. The patient was not at all open to the idea that anything in the neck area could effect his hand. None of his friends would buy the pinched nerve story, because it went completely against the common knowledge of his tribe. It was only when he realized, that in fact that he had nothing to lose by trying, that he finally submitted to treatment, and regained the use of his hand and arm.

Whether one is ignorant, due to the lack of availability of knowledge because of living in an environment that is devoid of science, or even a written language, as was the case with our jungle friend, or due to having misinformation being put out in massive doses, as we have in America today -- overwhelming one's ability to discern the truth -- the result is the same: One will suffer from that ignorance. There is a great amount of information available to anyone who is willing to search for it. There is absolutely no doubt that the "water is bad" no matter what the government or the ADL says. But if you should study that information, and you should realize the truth, you will come under attack for your understanding, the instant you open your mouth to speak about it.

Obviously, I am not speaking about water. If your tap water should turn out to have poison in it, you could get all of the local news channels to cover the story without trouble. Unfortunately, not all dangerous conditions are so readily inserted into the discussions going on in your nightly news. What I am talking about is the subject of race. The news brings up the word "race" repeatedly, but it does not ever talk about race itself. It will only disburse the propaganda about race, and the stories that support that propaganda. The actual historical effects of race, and diversity, are never discussed. The actual crime statistics, based upon race, are never discussed candidly. Instead, the propaganda that White people are racial haters, who commit large numbers of crimes against non-Whites, is pumped out, accompanied by stories of the few actual crimes committed by Whites against non-Whites. At the same time the real story that over 90% of cross-racial crime is committed by non-Whites, against Whites, is completely covered up.

The fact that, throughout the entire history of mankind, no racially diverse society has ever had its members live in harmony with each other, is never mentioned on your nightly news. It is not mentioned on weekend talk shows, in your newspapers, in your schools system, or even on so-called "right wing" radio talk shows. It is a fact that is irrefutable, but its discussion is taboo. The rape and murder of White people in our society by non-Whites is happening in such large numbers that it should be common knowledge to all White folks. (See Black Crime.) But instead, those stories are covered up, just like the Wichita Massacre was.

What happens when you have a problem that cannot be discussed because of a taboo? That problem goes untreated. It continues to fester and grow. If you ignore a lump that you find in your body, does it make it stop growing? No, it just gives it an opportunity to reach the terminal point before you even begin treatment. The only way to correct such a problem is, upon discovery, immediately and aggressively go after a solution. The one thing that you must not do is to ignore it, and pretend it is not important.

I submit to you that today we have a problem that is at least as threatening to our societal body as cancer is to a human body. There is a great deal of historical precedent to establish beyond any reasonable doubt that diversity is a deadly condition for any society. If that assertion is correct, what we are doing in America today, with all our sugary sweet casting of rose pedals in celebration of diversity, is nothing short of societal suicide. It is the intentional destruction of the great land that our forefathers fought and died to create, and to preserve. It is nothing short of the sabotage of the future of our children's children for a cause that none of our forefathers believed in. (See A John Jay Jewel.)

In the 1960s we turned the wheel of government over to an alien people who are antagonistic to all that America stood for previously. Look for yourself at the United States of the 1950s compared with today. (See Turning Back The Clock.) Look at the goals and the positive spirit of that era with the goals and negative view of the world today. Where will the USA be in 50 years? It is clear to almost everyone that America will be a nation with decreased earning potential, a decreased standard of living, and a population that is no longer White. In fact, the USA of 2050 AD will resemble Brazil, both in racial makeup and standard of living, far more closely than it will resemble the USA of 1950 AD. In 100 years we will have moved our nation from the world's financial, and military leader, that was relatively racially homogeneous and harmonious, to a nation that will be at war with itself, racially diverse, and economically poor.

The choice to move down this path was not made by the American people. The vast majority of Americans were against the changes made in the 1960s, but they were law abiding citizens. When the government made those unconstitutional changes to our nation, through the courts, the American people did not revolt, because they honored the law. Looking back, that was a big mistake. What they should have seen was that if the legal system has jumped its track, it is itself no longer worthy of respect or adherence. It was instead worthy of overthrow, just as the system of control by the King of England in the eighteenth century was worthy of overthrow. Hindsight is 20/20, at least for some. Perhaps we can learn from our ancestors' mistakes and rectify the problem today instead. I certainly hope so.

When you stand next to a cliff and look down hundreds of feet, you can feel the result in your stomach of what jumping off would do to your body. You know that when you reached the bottom, you would be smashed into an ugly mess and your existence on this planet would be over. Nobody has to convince you that if your car is heading for that cliff, you must do everything that you can to stop it from going over. You can figure that out for yourself. Right now the good White people of the USA are standing at the edge of just such a cliff. Groups like the ADL are pushing them as hard as they can towards the edge. If they look down they will see the potential obliteration of their people, their nation, and their way of life. In parts of the country today, it has already happened. (For example, in several areas of the Southwest, Cinco de Mayo is a MUCH bigger holiday than the Fourth of July is, and in Los Angeles, the number one morning talk show, by more than 2 to 1, is hosted by a man who does not speak English at all.)

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that today we invest far more money, time -- and even more importantly -- lives, into managing and controlling the fallout from increased diversity than we did in 1950. If we view in our imaginations, what it will be like 100 years from today, if there is a White land that is 90% homogenous, as it was in 1960, we will see a nation that will still be a power in the world, holding its own with technology (probably in possession of one or more extra-terrestrial colonies), and that will have a good standard of living. The American people will still love Western Civilization, and will be proud of traditional American culture and values. It will be an America that we can all be happy to bequeath to our children. If, on the other hand, we continue on the course we now are walking, in 100 years, there will be only a handful of White people left, with 90% or more of the population being non-White, the nation will lie in ruins, fragmented and at war with itself, poor, backward, and very much like the nations to the south where similar racial conditions have produced those very results. You will find in such an America no more love of Washington, Jefferson or Plato among the masses, than you will find for those great men in Argentina or Columbia today. Maybe even less.

If he desired to do so, it would be easy right now for any American to embrace diversity. There is no reason for him to have to wait 50 or 100 years to absent himself from the dreaded White America. If he truly thinks diversity is a strength, and he honestly wants his grandchildren to live in a diverse America, he can have all those benefits immediately. If one wants to live in a land where English is no longer spoken, he can move to Mexico with the Spanish speakers, or to Brazil with those who speak Portuguese. He can even stay in the USA, and move into the Barrio of one of our American cities. He can enjoy the non-White world of a Black community with a small investment of capital. The opportunity is right there, right now, for anyone who wants to "enjoy" diversity. However, if you look, instead of seeing White Americans rushing to take advantage of this golden opportunity, they are rushing to get away from it! There is even a name for this very common occurrence. It is called "White Flight."

Diversity is clearly not popular, and not something that White folks are pursuing on an individual basis. They are aware of what lies at the bottom of that cliff. While many will lie with their mouths, like Bill Clinton does, that diversity is wonderful, and that all should celebrate it, with their feet they tell a completely different story. As the old adage goes, "Actions speak louder than words." Bill Clinton sent Chelsea, for primary and secondary school, to a White private school, and he chooses to live in a predominately White neighborhood. Teddy Kennedy lives among White folks. The White school teachers, who hypocritically drive around with Celebrate Diversity bumper stickers on their cars, mostly live in White neighborhoods. (See the Savage and the Teacher.)

It is clear that anyone who claims that diversity is a wonderful thing is lying. He may be lying to himself, or he may be lying to you, but unless he has moved his personal assets into a predominantly non-White neighborhood, he is being completely dishonest. His actions show that he knows destruction is waiting at the bottom of the cliff. He is avoiding the cliff for himself and his immediate family. But at the same time he is pushing you and your descendants towards that cliff as hard as he can. All the while he is calling people who are warning others about the danger our nation faces, "haters." I suggest to you that the ADL and all people who say that we should "Celebrate Diversity" are the real haters. They want all of your children, and their children to lie dead at the bottom of that cliff. It is time for all White folks capable of thinking an original thought to open their eyes and see the hypocrisy, that is being set up as the "ideal" in our country right now, for what it is. The "Emperor Has No Clothes," and racial diversity has no up side. Either we face the truth, and pursue a solution to this problem, or we jump off the cliff. It's up to you.

One last tip: Please Don't Drink The Water.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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