White Reparations

February 2, 2003

SEVERAL GROUPS ARE DEMANDING REPARATIONS from the US government. This group and that feels that it was slighted in the past, by the US government, and it feels that it is entitled to compensation for its inconvenience. It should be remembered however, that the US government is not responsible for making life convenient for anyone but the White Europeans who created it. That is the purpose of a government: to make life easier and safer for the people who created it.

The slaves were brought here as property, and as property they had no rights. The Black people in Africa who sold the slaves to us, felt the same way. The Africans, who today are still practicing slavery in Africa, still feel the same way.

The Black Africans could have been held in slavery forever, if the White man had chosen to do that, but instead, the kindhearted White man decided to be nice to the slave and free him from slavery. Not only that, but the White man also, stupidly gave the Black man the greatest gift in the world: US citizenship. There was nothing that a Black African could have done to earn that gift, but it was given to him. He was captured in Africa by Blacks, and he would have been killed by those same Blacks if we had not taken him off their hands by buying him. We saved his life, and we gave him US citizenship, and we have given him over $3 trillion in welfare payments. We certainly do not owe him anything else, but he is demanding reparations.

We had internment camps for Japanese, Italian, and German immigrants during World War II. This was done in the national interest. The German and Italian prisoners understood this, but the Japanese not only did not understand, they demanded (and got) reparations.

Well, let’s take a look at the only legitimate claim for reparations that the US government could possibly be responsible for. That claim comes from the very people whose interests the US government was always supposed to be protecting: the White American.

By right of birth, the claim to protection of its interests falls to the race that created this nation. All of the original US citizens were White. Let me repeat that. All of the original US citizens were White. Not most of them, or a majority of them, but ALL OF THEM. From that day until the 1960s, America was a White nation with at least four-fifths of the population being White and in 1960 it was nine-tenths White. While over the years a small percentage (never more than 20%, and usually no more than 10%) of other races had been tolerated in this land, that is all it was. The people of America never considered them "real Americans". The few non-Whites inside our borders lived in their own parts of town, separate from the Whites.

While this situation has today been classified as terrible and unjust by the Media Lords,(1) and therefore, through their control, it has been so classified by the government, it is clear that it was neither terrible nor unjust. It is the very same thing that you would do if you had a guest staying in your house with you. You do not give him the master bedroom, and he does not have all the same privileges as the regular members of the family. You put him in the guestroom and you expect him to defer to all the other members of the household in the way the house is run. He is a guest, not family. Nobody calls this arrangement terrible or unjust, because it is not. Neither was it unjust for White people to have their own neighborhoods, businesses, schools, restaurants or stores, where they could live, work, shop and socialize together in the land that they created.

This is perfectly clear to any unbiased observer, so I will not belabor the point here. Now, what happened to this White nation? What changes have been forced upon her, and what have been the results of these changes?

I submit to you that the White race has been unjustly abused, robbed, and placed into indentured servitude by the US government. The White race has lost it home, its school system and its right to exist -- let alone flourish -- in this country that it created.(2) Look at a few of the things that the US government has done to us. It has:

  1. Made White neighborhoods illegal! It is AGAINST THE LAW to not sell a house to a non-White in a White neighborhood. Against the law. To have a White neighborhood! The basic right to your own choice of association has been stolen by the US government.

  2. Made segregated schools illegal.(3) This offense is perhaps even more grievous than previous outrage, for it hits us in two ways:

  3. Changed our immigration laws so that the White race would be overwhelmed(4) by non-White immigration, and forced into minority status in their own country in less than a century from the time that the laws were changed in 1965. In less than a century and a half from 1965, the White race will have moved from being 90% of the population to being effectively exterminated from this land.

  4. Forced businesses to hire a diverse workforce. Totally rejecting the rights of business owners to hire whomever they choose, the US government has used legislation and civil law suits to dictate the racial make up of all large businesses, and even distort the promotion process in order to send non-Whites to higher levels than they deserve on their own merits. This has led to workforces that cannot communicate well with each other due to language problems, and to workforces that are split along racial lines whenever the job doesn't require the mixing of the races together. (Lunch and break rooms are segregated by choice, and the off duty time is usually spent with members of one's own race.) It has more importantly stripped the White Americans of their right to reap the benefits that their own forefathers created for them.

  5. Spent millions of our tax dollars to create propaganda that is used extensively (5) in our schools, and in all forms of media to promote the idea that the White race has no meaning, no purpose, no culture worth preserving, no right to self determination, no right of association, no right to the land that its forefathers created for it in the USA.

  6. Spent trillions of our dollars, which we were forced by law to give to the government, in support of other races in the form of socialized programs. This has led to an explosion of the non-White population size, while creating government dependant enclaves that are growing larger every day. It is subversive to our way of life, creating an increasingly socialistic government, and promoting the displacement of the White race from this land. We are forced to pay for this crime with our money, and will continue to suffer as the victims of this crime that we ourselves have paid for.

The net result of all of these actions of our government is that the White race is being displaced, and dispossessed. Taking a wrecking ball to a building would do less harm to it than what our government has done to our once great and peaceful land.(6) The government's own numbers on the changing demographics in this land show that our White country is fast becoming a non-White country, that has little love for our heritage, way of life, or our very existence. Our schools have become propaganda centers for the propagation of anti-White mythology, nearly devoid of teaching of the necessary skills our children need to compete in a high tech world. Our businesses are forced to import high tech experts from other lands to run the very industries that we created. Our laws are now written in such a way that Whiteness is a handicap when reaching out for justice. Hate crime laws are applied nearly exclusively to White perpetrators in cross-racial crimes, while the vast majority of cross-racial crime has White victims!(7) All efforts to right the wrongs that the government has perpetrated against the very race that created it, are labeled as "hate speech" and ridiculed, propagandized against, and even being agitated for to be criminalized. (If it were not for the First Amendment, there is no doubt that this very document you are reading could not have legally been written!)

The American government has never attempted to exterminate a race of people before. Today there are more American Indians alive than when Columbus came to this continent. The US government certainly did not try to exterminate them. But it is trying to exterminate White people today.

What is your existence worth? What are your schools worth? What are your neighborhoods worth? What are your children worth? What is it worth to you to have White great-grandchildren? You are having all of these things attacked by your government today. They will all be destroyed, even if we have no further attacks upon our people, but only allow the ones already launched against us to come to full term.

If White folks do not qualify for reparations today, no nation or people on earth have ever qualified. You not only are under a lethal attack, you are forbidden to even discuss it openly in general conversation. As you watch your civilization crumbling around you, because of your own government's actions, it is time that you ask yourself what you are going to do about it? Are you going to continue to play the game, watching TV and going to work, paying your taxes and whining, "Ain't it awful?" Think back to what your forefathers would have done; men like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Patrick Henry. Maybe they will show you the answer!


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